A Thanksgiving message from Hugh Giordano of the Philadelphia Green Party

Hugh Giordano, the Philadelphia Green Party’s 2010 candidate for state representative in the 194th and local union organizer, wrote the following on his facebook:

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving. We must remember that there are many out in this city and state that did not have such a happy Thanksgiving. Families who who can’t pay their bills, have no healthcare, bad jobs or no jobs, poor education – Or live in the street and shelters. Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks, but we must remember to care for others besides just family and friends.  If we all showed even half the love to human kind as we do our primary family, the world would be a better place.?

Happiness is more than just “material” wealth. Happiness comes when you can bring it to those around you, even strangers. It is a life that is fulfilled when you make changes in human kind for the better, not just making lots of money to buy “stuff.”

It’s not a fight of who can sit at the lunch table anymore, but a fight of who can actually buy the lunch.

Working people must stick together. We are all friends in the same fight for equality.

Giordano ran a strong campaign in 2010, getting 18% of the vote in his first time ever running for office.  He is planning on running again in 2012 and is currently working to build the Philadelphia Green Party as a voice for clean politics and the workers and poor of the city.

News & Notes

We’ve been organizing our 40th high school reunion and its amazing how we can track down many missing classmates thanks to the internet and some good memories.  Time flies when you’re having fun.

The rain lately has no one complaining.  Two good soakings may, hopefully, save the crops and replenish our rivers and streams.  Kayaking has been tough this summer as river levels were at low August levels in June.

Former Yankees owner George Steinbrenner died this morning from a massive heart attack.  You mean he actually had a heart?  I thought that was a cold bank vault in his chest.

Attmpts to clean up public perceptions that our state judiciary is corrupt got another setback when the Allegheny County Clerk of Courts got the judge switched on a rape trial.  The victim of the crime was a relative of George Matta II.

Fellow blogger Bernie O’Hare shot himself in the foot recently when he made some racist statements about Northampton County Democratic Committee people.  Bernie claims it was humor but there are certain limits which one doesn’t pass when writing and Bernie went way past them in this piece.  It was beyond bad taste, it made me cringe.  Mike Laws is African American and the picture Bernie posted supposedly of him was downright racist.

Dan Onorato’s campaign isn’t gaining any traction in my area but Tom Corbett is trying the best he can to lose the Governor’s race.  The AG said that unemployed Pennsylvanians are happy collecting their checks and are too lazy to go back to work.  I suppose living on half pay is just so glorious in this labor market people are just plum crazy to look for work.  Maybe Corbett needs to be out in this job market where there are five unemployed people applying for every opening.  I’ve heard of some job openings with hundreds of applicants.  Onorato finally jumped on him about the flub yesterday but where is the commercial?  Dan should have had a TV spot up and running on this within days.  If Corbett keeps making Pennsylvanians bitter about his being out of touch with reality they might go cling to guns and religion.

When will our state legislature begin getting serious about regulating gas drillers?  They cut the DEP budget yet again (as if DEP would enforce anything anyway, lol) and now people are discovering heavy industry setting up in their neighborhoods without any zoning enforcement.  Here’s one outraged homeowner:

“I can’t put a chicken coop in my backyard but people can put heavy industry all around the township. I don’t understand that,” the retired Dallas school teacher said. “It doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t seem fair.”

I thought private property rights were one of conservative’s most cherished issues.  Now that energy companies are trying to wipe out any vestige of control over what can be done to or on or under your property they’ve sold out to the corporations.  Isn’t it bad enough that a conservative Supreme Court has ruled that your land can be taken from you and given to a corporation for their own profit but now the corporations are trying to get the right to drill under your property and pollute your water source without your permission.  Representaives Marc Gergely and Garth Everett have introduced a bill allowing this in Harrisburg.  Gergely is a Democrat and Everett is a Republican.  The bill allows gas companies to pool which means even if you refuse to sell your mineral rights they can drill anyway.

Scientists say the Obama Administration is continuing to put politics above science.  Is this the change we needed?  Oops, that’s no change whatsoever.

Yeah, that’s great Joe Sestak’s won the PA primary..but….

You know, that is great that Pennsylvania was able to show that we can choose a progressive that can stand for real values that working people are fighting for. However, I don’t personally feel so excited myself. But unfortunately, what does it say for the common man? Will Sestak actually want to do something for the regular working man and vote for labor? Will he turn his back and become a corporate Democrat like Blanche Lincoln or President Obama?

Final Day of the Fundraising Quarter – Can You Be Number 50 for Joe Sestak?

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I just wanted to remind everyone that today (Wednesday) is the final day of the first fundraising quarter of 2010.  The fundraising totals reported by federal candidates will help determine their relative strength as we head toward Election Day 2010.

Please contribute as generously as you can today.

For instance, you can contribute to Joe Sestak’s campaign for U.S. Senate via my Expand the Map! ActBlue page.  On it, Joe has 49 contributions.  Can you be contribution number 50?

(Remember: every contribution you make to Joe via the Expand the Map! ActBlue page is not only a show of support for Joe but an investment toward recent Republican Arlen Specter’s long overdue retirement!)

Support Joe Sestak Before the Fundraising Quarter Ends THIS WEDNESDAY!

{First, a cheap plug for my blog Senate Guru.}

The pivotal first fundraising quarter of 2010 comes to a close this Wednesday, just three days away!

While Arlen Specter continues to backtrack on decades of Republican water-carrying, Democratic Congressman Joe Sestak has made great strides toward ensuring that a real Democrat wins the Democratic primary and Pennsylvania’s Senate seat in 2010.

You can help further Congressman Sestak’s effort with a contribution today via the Expand the Map! ActBlue page.  Every dollar he’s able to report before the end of the fundraising quarter will demonstrate his campaign’s strength against his recently-Republican opposition in the Democratic primary (Specter) and his Republican opposition in the general (Toomey).  It makes a big difference and a real impact.

On the Expand the Map! ActBlue page, Congressman Sestak is just 3 contributions away from the 50-mark and $155 away from the $1,500-mark!  You can help him cross these thresholds with a contribution today.

Please hop on over to the Expand the Map! ActBlue page and support Joe Sestak (and our other Democratic candidates for Senate) before the quarter ends!

Bank’s Backdoor to stealing from Consumers

(Tom Knox style – promoted by PA Eagle Eye)

Rep. Paul Kanjorski (D-PA) was instrumental to the passage of legislation to curb some of the predatory and unethical atrocities credit card companies commit on consumers.  There are many upsides to the passage of the bill, but one downside is what the Bill failed to include, which was the fictituous and manufactured fees that banks charge their customers dubbed as “service fees.”  Large banks such as Bank of America, Sovereign, and PNC that charge such fees should be issued subpoenas by Congress to hand over records regarding executive correspondence on this issue and the development of such practices.  I received an email stating “do A, B, or C before June 22 or your account will be assessed a 40 dollar fee.”  I called and explained to the customer service rep that this is essentially stealing, and he said “ummm ok if you think of it that way.”  I said, “ummm no most Americans think of it that way because you are taking money from them and manufacturing reasons to do so.  A service fees denotes service, and you have not given me no where near 40 dollars in service.”  

Of course, asshole tellers don’t care.  They have sympathy for no consumer.  Since im on a rant on the issue of stealing…. I read an article in the Post-Gazette today on Tom Knox, the 20 million dollar man for Governor.  It would be a cold day in hell before I voted for someone that exploited the poorest of the poor thru payday lender loans.  Furthermore, Knox while running Crusader did not apologize for it at all, claiming “he didn’t know” that the fees rolled over when loans could not be paid by consumers.  Do you honestly believe that executive businessman Tom Knox did not know the fees rolled over on consumers when they couldn’t pay… sprialing them into deeper debt?  What does he think, we’re all stupid?  Luckily, Onorato and Cunningham are far better alternatives than Tom Knox.  Im sure Mr. Knox will be dealing with Morgan and me more as we head toward 2010.  Here is a link to the article kiddies:


Until next time, same bat time, same bat channel!