Bill Clinton says that US fails at AIDS prevention

Bill Clinton says US fails at AIDS prevention. When you look at Bush policies of abstinence over safe sex with condoms there is overwhelming evidence to prove he is right. And while I, and the rest of the African American population, hate him for the racist Jesse Jackson remarks that he spouted about relating him to Obama and comments that he spewed in order to scare the white West Virginia/Kentucky Clinton voters from voting for Obama, the first black candidate, during the primary, I believe he’s correct by that statement. Even though he betrayed the African American community in order to scare up votes for his wife, he has something going.  Washington D.C.’s African American population, in the same town as the President of the United States, has a massive amount of African Americans that are exposed to HIV, and in Alabama, 80% of African Americans are infected with HIV. Why? Well, there are going to be a lot of whites that are going to flinch at the accusation of other whites being accused of racism, but forget what you learned from the racist regime of Reagan and Bush. Racism covered up AIDS (and crack) as issues that were destroying the black community. Try to dispute it. The African American community knows it’s true; just go to the community and ask any African American in the community. The Reagan/Bush regime didn’t give a f**k about the health of discriminated and disadvantageous groups. However, many whites are too afraid of being called racists to stand up on the sides of African Americans and stand against discrimination, institutional racism, and preferential hiring practices. Leave Barack Obama out of this conversation. The African American community has seen this as a problem for so long, but so many whites wanted to stay out of the conversation of equality that we need in order to protect minorities and other disadvantaged groups. That’s why we are here. We had to keep the problem to ourselves, because there were too many whites that didn’t care about our problems in health care for discriminated groups being treated as second-class citizens. Many whites were too busy running away from our diverse communities in the cities, because of the subliminal fears they had received from the media that perpetuated that all black men are criminals (if a white person does something wrong, do people think all white are criminals? No!). Now, a massive amount of black men and women are dying of AIDS and the Bush Administration ignores it. F**k Bush.

Read this article about Clinton on site, Faith in Public Life:


Has CNN’s Black In America documentary help teach the public about the black experience?

CNN recently aired a documentary as a 2-day program, called Black In America, that talked about modern-day, everyday racial struggles, sacrifices and successes of African Americans. CNN anchorwoman Soledad O’Brien, whose biracial, did seem to have tried to best to make it resourceful. However, there is controversy about whether cable news channels are more focused on ratings than social cures. There is general consensus that this channel did not have the best intentions when it created the program. In the political blogosphere and in the African American community, there were low expectations about whether CNN’s documentary would contribute positive publicity of the black community; when the media has provided historically negative publicity. There are some that believe that the program not only provided negative publicity to the African American community, but that it also aired its “dirty laundry” to the entertainment of a majority group. There is also a belief that  the program was made and produced by mostly people from a majority group for entertainment-based ratings sake, specifically to compete against FOX News.

Black In America seemed like it tried to at least start public discussion, good or bad. Now whether it could be considered exploitation of one group of people for the possible amusement of another is questionable. However, after the documentary, Black In America had an on-air, post-program meeting of the minds with a few acclaimed black leaders, Maya Angelou, Whoopi Goldberg, etc. to talk in incremental detail about what needs to be done to fix the long-standing problems. And there are a lot of problems: how to get America’s off its denial of the continuing dilemmas that African American still faces regarding modern-day racial inequity. How communities and institutions can participate in helping and leading black youth towards social mobility, equal education and black progress– and away from the statistical trends towards prison and HIV. In some ways, it’s good to have a program that makes an attempt at airing racial issues (except when it has stupid corporate fast food advertising peddling garbage to the viewers at the same time)during a time in American’s history when many people in the majority group think saying they’ll vote for an African American for president will abstain them from having to participate in acknowledgment of the real issues that affect race- diversity, tolerance, integration, supporting racial equalization to provide education opportunity for minorities in our schools, standing against “white privilege” and majority-oriented preferential hiring practices, not teaching American youth how to hate, etc. Anyways, what this should have done was to get black people, white people, Hispanic people, all people, etc. to start caring about our communities and treating the problems of our brother as our own.


For each of the videos, click on them and scroll through the right side of the Youtube bar to pick the segments of Cnn’s Black In America clips that you want to view.

Black in America: Women and Children (Part 1 of 9)

Black in America: The Black Man (Part 1 of 9)

Barack has crossed the threshold to become the first African American Democratic Nominee

CNN Projects on Jun. 3rd, 2008 at 9:00pm: Barack Obama has just crossed the threshold and has become the first African American Democratic Nominee to the American presidency. This is absolutely historic. He has just made history and has opened the door to future minorities towards setting their sights on the American presidency. No matter what happens from now on, Barack has marked a milestone and has beaten a powerful dynasty towards the nomination for the most powerful job in the world. Get ready for an onslaughter against the 3rd Bush term policies of McBush. No one thought Obama would actually beat the Clinton machine and get here. Now that he’s here, he has to reunite a party and group/craft the biggest American coalition in history. Will Hillary concede? Will Hillary reject the possible VP slot? We’ll have to wait and see.