News & Notes March 21, 2012

Welcome to spring.  

Women are taking to Governor’s facebook pages for reproductive medical advice.  This seems obvious since so many of them pretend to be experts on the matter.  For some reason the posts are filled with sarcasm…  If you’d like to save on doctors bills here’s Gov. Gasbag’s page.

Speaking of our demented Governor he got more bad press nationally over comments he made up about voter fraud.  He defended the poll tax Voter ID law by claiming some Pennsylvania precincts have reported 112% results.  It’s never happened.  He must make this stuff up as he goes along.  No one can be this stupid can they?

Between Jane Orie’s ongoing trial (she’s doing what she does best:  lie through her ass) and last week’s federal indictment of former Sen. Bob Mellow AG candidates are asking how Tom Corbett missed all of this when he was AG.

DEP is asking a gas company to help families whose water contains methane.  One of the most valuable facts I learned from talking with New Mexico’s geologist is the imperative that sand seal every gas well being fracked.  The problem here in Pennsylvania are the many coal mine shafts and orphaned oil and gas wells remaining from several centuries of mining and drilling.  There’s no one who knows where they are so its impossible to seal these new wells.

I’m trying to win a DFA scholarship to Netroots Nation and would appreciate votes here.

Aryanna Strader (PA-16) got good coverage from Howie Klein this week.

News & Notes July 26, 2010

Kirk and I enjoyed seeing Beckett’s “Endgame” Saturday at the Berkshire Theater Festival.  Yesterday I was kayaking with some friends when a storm came on us about five miles short of our destination on the Delaware River.  Gale force winds blew us the final mile.  Interesting paddling conditions…

Netroots Nation concluded over the weekend and the seminal moment happened when Lt. Dan Choi gave Sen. Harry Reid his West Point ring.  Choi was discharged last week under DADT and Reid told him he’d return the ring when the law is repealed.  I hope Dan isn’t holding hi sbreath because this White House is so buy disenfranchising key Democratic constituencies the votes won’t be there soon.

Bill DeWeese was held over for trial today on BonusGate charges.  Now, when is Corbett’s trial for the Ories?  Harrisburg area reporters now spend more time in court covering politics than in the Capitol.

Tom Tancredo announced his candidacy for Governor in Colorado today.  This comes on the heels of news the regular GOP nominee got paid for plagiarizing writing he did.  Tancredo then got into an argument on the air with the state Republican Chair.

Support Netroots Nation

Netroots Nation is gathering things it can auction to support the annual gathering of bloggers, candidates and supporters.  If you went to the recent Pennsylvania Progressive Summit you attended a smaller scale Netroots Nation.  In fact that event was designed as a state level NN and the idea was formed at Netroots Nation last summer when it was held in Pittsburgh.  I couldn’t attend that because it was going to cost me $1000 and I don’t have that kind of money.  These auctions raise funds so people can attend Netroots Nation who otherwise wouldn’t be able to go.  They also help defray the large costs which go along with planning, organizing and pulling off a national convention.

If you have any goods or services you would consider donating for auction to support this cause go to this website and respond.  This is a good cause.  Take the recent Summit and multiply it by 50 states and that is Netroots Nation.  This year it will be held in Las Vegas.

State Comittee Blog Workshop

I attended the workshop on blogging and social media this afternoon and was disappointed.  It wound up being an hour long promotion for Netroots Nation which will be here in Pittsburgh in August.  What these people needed was a session on building effective websites, what to with them and what not to do, how to build and keep traffic, how candidate’s websites should be done and actually show some good and bad sites.  I hoped they’d actually show Facebook and Twitter and let people see how they work and how to use them.  The workshop had none of that and the only website shown was that for Netroots Nation.  It was a valuable opportunity lost.