Endorsed Judicial Candidates Sweep to Democratic Victories

The three endorsed Democrats for the PA Supreme Court swept yesterday’s primary election.  David Wecht, Christine Donohue and Kevin Dougherty will attempt to fill three seats on that court in November.  I really like the first two candidates but supported Anne Lazarus for the third slot.  Chief Justice Ron Castille reached the mandatory retirement age, Seamus (Shame US) McCaffery resigned in disgrace after getting caught spreading hundreds of pornographic emails and Joan Orie Melvin was convicted of corruption.

As such integrity and trust are major factors in these races.  Kevin Dougherty, whose brother is infamous union boss John “Johnny Doc” Dougherty of Philadelphia’s IBEW local, has the potential to continue the shameful record of political Justices who get caught doing nefarious deeds.  I won’t vote for him in November.  Instead I’ll write in the name of Superior Court Judge Jack Panella.

Alice Dubow won the race for Superior Court over Robert Colville.  Both are well qualified.  Commonwealth Court will have Michael Wojchik as the Democratic nominee.

The three GOP candidates for Supreme Court are Judith Olson, Michael George and Anne Covey.   Covey ran such a shameful campaign last time she was sanctioned for her smears of her opponent, a civil rights lawyer.  It’ll be interesting to watch how the Democrats use that against her this fall.  After all, this election is about integrity.

It’s unusual for endorsed Democratic candidates to win elections.  The Pennsylvania Democratic Party has a bad record of actually electing its preferred candidates.

Random Thoughts

The recount in the Superior Court election is finished and Democratic Judge Anne Lazarus has been declared the victor for the final seat.  Republicans swept the other six vacancies on the Supreme, Superior and Commonwealth Courts.  Congratulations to my friend Judge Lazarus!

The idiot Tea Baggers have purchased a very offensive ad in The Washington (Moony) Times using monkeys to try and say President Obama isn’t a native born American.  These Birthers are ridiculous and no fact seems to sway them from their crazy conspiracy theories.  Reality is a far fetched notion for these fringe elements who have taken over the GOP.  Things have gotten so extreme even the owner of the popular blog Little Green Footballs has had enough.

With all the hype from conservatives on expanding our dependence on nuclear power Three Mile Island reminds us why we stopped building these energy sources.  The Governor wasn’t even notified about this leak at a plant within a stone’s throw of the Capitol.  I have an idea, why not assign some of our legislators, as part of their punishment for BonusGate, to work as security at TMI?  After a few years there they’ll all be glowing and that will make it easier for honest citizens to spot them in crowds.

Banking executives at Goldman Sachs are arming themselves, fearful of a populist revolt against the bank.  Good idea, maybe they can begin by shooting each other.  Now that deer season has begun here in Pennsylvania I say we invite them all to a preserve upstate and put brown sweaters on them, those Christmas antler things we buy for our dogs and send them out in the woods for a “camping trip.”

A little ditty about health care for your morning:

Rumors of a Cheney presidential bid in 2012? Bring it on!  Isn’t he in his death throes?

Microsoft is already having security problems with Windows 7.  I love the new Mac commercial where the square PC guy keeps saying “trust me.”  Would you buy a used computer from that guy?

Update on a continuing story:  SEIU healthcare workers at Pottstown Memorial Medical Center ratified a new contract.  The threat of a strike beginning this morning finally brought management to the negotiating table.  Congratulations to all those who stood up for worker’s rights in Pottstown.

An update on new news:  Rep.  Kathy Manderino today announced her retirement as a State Representative.  There have been numerous rumors of this happening for some time.  Manderino is chief sponsor of HB 1660.

State Judicial Results

I was deeply disappointed to see the people of northeastern Pennsylvania refuse to support Judge John Milton Younge.  I watched at state committee as they refused to endorse him for Superior Court so yesterday’s show of racial bigotry was not a surprise.  I’ve met fewer people in politics I’ve been more impressed than than Judge Younge.  A man of deep integrity, intellect and courage he stood for election to Superior Court.  Pennsylvania desperately needs appellate court judges of his caliber but until we see past the color of one’s skin we will remain deprived.  It is a shameless stain on the character of our Commonwealth.

Judge Anne Lazarus did gain the third nomination for Superior Court along with newcomer Kevin McCarthy and Robert Colville.  McCarthy is a fresh new face on the scene and I was impressed with him though I endorsed Lazarus, Younge and Colville.

Jack Panella gained the Supreme Court nomination while running unopposed.  Joan Orie Melvin will be his opponent.  She has been campaigning widely with her sister at her side which could harbor some interesting conflicts of interest.  Jane Orie is a powerful State Senator from Erie and, if you recall, it was the push from Supreme Court Justices which triggered the infamous pay raise fiasco.  A few years ago the state legislature passed a 37% pay increase after being duly pressured by these Justices.  If Orie Melvin is sitting on the Court how does she rule on matters affecting her sister and vice versa?  This raises serious ethical issues and questions.

In the Commonwealth Court election there weren’t many candidates I liked.  Jimmy Lynn is a Philadelphia political hack and acts like it every waking moment.  He has never seen an appellate court slot for which he hasn’t aspired.  Barbara Ernsberger was the sole candidate in either Party rated “not recommended” yet voters flocked to her.  This woman couldn’t campaign effectively at State Committee, how will she in a general election?