Breaking News: Evan Bayh will be announced as Barack Obama’s Vice Presidential pick tomorrow!

I was notified by a source that ex-Indiana governor Evan Bayh will be Barack Obama’s VP and it will be announced tomorrow. The source mentioned that Obama wants to get as much coverage as possible before the Olympics start on Friday, and that he plans to get a day’s worth or two by announcing Wednesday.

What does Evan Bayh have to bring to the Obama campaign? His experience as a popular former governor, his appeal to the Clinton voters as a former supporter, foreign policy experience, has Midwest popularity, and is young and handsome.

Check him out; here’s video of him on CNN defending Obama’s patriotism:

Barack has crossed the threshold to become the first African American Democratic Nominee

CNN Projects on Jun. 3rd, 2008 at 9:00pm: Barack Obama has just crossed the threshold and has become the first African American Democratic Nominee to the American presidency. This is absolutely historic. He has just made history and has opened the door to future minorities towards setting their sights on the American presidency. No matter what happens from now on, Barack has marked a milestone and has beaten a powerful dynasty towards the nomination for the most powerful job in the world. Get ready for an onslaughter against the 3rd Bush term policies of McBush. No one thought Obama would actually beat the Clinton machine and get here. Now that he’s here, he has to reunite a party and group/craft the biggest American coalition in history. Will Hillary concede? Will Hillary reject the possible VP slot? We’ll have to wait and see.

A Call to Arms For UNITY

Fight, fight, fight!! Unite, unite, unite! If I have to be a cheerleader to get the whole national party to unite in our effort to defeat John Mcsame McBush McCain, that’s what I’ll do. We want to unite, we want progress, we want a sunnier future, we want change for the common man and woman. C’mon guys, c’mon John, let’s go. If Right-out-of-bed Ted Kennedy is walking right out of brain surgery to fight for our future and our candidate, then, hell, we should too! 2008 is our year to change this senseless, endless war, our bad economy, the jeopardy to women’s reproductive choice, the endangered state of our Supreme Court that is supposed to protect us, the Constitutional rights of our laid-off and forgotten workers at risk- it is your DUTY to fight, that is one of many things to serve your country. The time has come NOW! In hours, we are going to get our nominee and we are going to have to go out there and fight the Far Right for our new direction. They have enslaved us and suppressed our voices for too long. I will personally march through rain, sleet, snow longer than the post office to make it happen this time. In order for us to work to improve our country, we gotta put down our shields of scrutiny and fight for change this time!!!