Truckin’ to Treason: The Hot Air of Secession


A white Ford F-250 pick-up rumbled through town, a Confederate rebel flag on a pole behind the cab; on the rear bumper were a pro-life and three Anti-Obama stickers, two of which could not be revealed in a family newspaper.

It wasn’t a lone wolf protest; several cars, trucks, and homes in the area sport similar flags and messages. During the summer, when a 4-wheel Jamboree and a Monster Truck rally are held at the local fairgrounds, attracting thousands from a multi-state area, many trucks fly rebel flags, insignia, and political statements. During the annual eight-day fair at the end of September, vendors sell all kinds of items with the Confederate battle flag, most of them made overseas.

The rebels say they are fierce independents. But, being a “rebel” doesn’t mean you can complain about paying taxes, while also denying climate change and evolution. Nevertheless, those flying rebel flags, although they may be disenchanted and alienated from the mainstream, are still part of traditional mainstream America.

They may claim they oppose “Government” (also known as “gummint”) intruding upon their lives, but think it’s perfectly acceptable for government to make rules about the people’s sexual practices and to invade women’s bodies.

They also believe government has the duty to create laws to require national identification for every citizen and establish restrictive measures that weaken the rights of all people to vote, especially those who aren’t White establishment Republicans. When the U.S. invaded Iraq for reasons that were questionable at best, chest-thumping jingoistic “rebels” were the strongest supporters of military action. But, they remained largely silent when liberals and social activists spoke out about soldiers not being given adequate body armor, and military hospitals not giving the wounded adequate treatment. They have also remained largely silent about the one-fourth of America’s homeless who were combat veterans.

These pretend-rebels gave standing ovations to the PATRIOT Act that established numerous ways the government could violate citizen rights granted by the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, and 14th Amendments. When the federal courts ruled parts of the Act to be unconstitutional, the “patriotic rebels” complained about activist judges.

They listen to conservative talk radio and Fox News, all of which bash the mainstream media, but don’t recognize that the very sources they turn to for information are also mainstream media, owned by establishment multi-millionaires.

They willingly agree with Mitt Romney, even in defeat, that 47 percent of Americans are takers who “want stuff,” but don’t recognize that one of the biggest takers who wanted more “stuff” was Romney himself, who ran a venture capital company that existed to take over other companies. Even fellow Republicans during the primaries called Romney not a venture capitalist but a vulture capitalist.

In a local newspaper, which daily opens a full page, sometimes two full pages, to dozens of one or two paragraphs of grammatically-scurrilous rants from local citizens, are variations of President Obama being a Kenyan-born Muslim who is leading America into Communism and self-destruction, their thoughts mimicking the screed of conservative talk show hosts, pundits, and bloviators.

But the rebel who drove the white F-250 doesn’t live in the Deep South; this is in the rural red center of blue-state Pennsylvania, home of the Declaration of Independence and Gettysburg, the turning point of the Civil War.

The Civil War-known as the War Between the States among Confederate sympathizers-is still being fought. Almost 25,000 Pennsylvanians have now signed petitions to have the Keystone State secede from the union.

More than 700,000 citizens upset about the re-election of President Obama in the past two weeks have signed petitions calling for their states to secede. The states with most of the signatures are Red States, paralleling the former Confederacy, which receive far more in federal dollars than their citizens pay. They are also the states where numerous polls reveal at least one-fourth of all citizens don’t believe in the separation of church and state. Maybe the U.S. can convince Iran and Saudi Arabia, theocratic dictatorships, to annex those states.

However, Texas, with more than 120,000 signatures, leads all lists of petitions. It would be tempting to send the Lone Star State back to Mexico. They get Texas, and the U.S. gets Acapulco, Cancun, and Mazatlan. In 2009, running for re-election, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, trying to burnish his ultra-conservative credentials, had even suggested that not only did he align himself with right-wing extremists but that Texas could become so mad at the federal government they might consider seceding. But now, he says he disagrees with the citizens who ignorantly claim the 10th Amendment gives them right to secede.

Perhaps it’s because Gov. Perry realizes that the only way a state can secede from the union, according to the Constitution, is not by having a majority of citizens petition the White House or even having an election, but only by an armed insurrection, something that didn’t work in 1861-and won’t work today.

Nevertheless, there is one possibility for those who so willingly signed secession petitions, mouthing off before they understood the penalties for treason.

For more than four decades, these conservative pretend-rebels told everyone who disagreed with them and protested American policy that they were un-American and unChristian. Not knowing even the basics of the Constitution or political philosophy, the conservative “rebels” called protestors for social justice pinkos, Commies, and traitors. They drilled into the public discourse the mantra of “America-love it or leave it.” By their own actions the past two weeks, it may now be time for a few hundred thousand to pack their bags and take their own advice.

[Walter Brasch proudly calls himself a social activist who, although he often disagrees with government actions, believes in the right of the state to exist and to protect its citizens from all forms of terrorism and stupidity, both foreign and domestic. His current book, which looks at the American Revolution and the Revolution of the 1960s, is Before the First Snow, available at and]


Walter M. Brasch, Ph.D.

News & Notes April 16, 2012

Did everyone finish their taxes and contribute to the success of our civilization?  Taxes are an investment in our communities, our society.  They are the price we pay to live in a civilized society.  Some Americans don’t believe they should pay their fair share which is what the Buffet Rule is all about.  While Mitt Romney pays a measly 14% effective tax rate and deducts expenses for multiple homes and five domestic employees the rest of us are struggling.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden have released twelve years worth of tax returns.  Romney isn’t releasing his, isn’t saying where his investments are (other than Switzerland and the Cayman Islands), how much offshore money he has stashed away or who is contributing all those millions to his Super PAC.  We do know he wants to cut his taxes even further.

The Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers is the latest group to endorse Erin Molchany for the 22nd House seat.  Is anyone outside the Democratic Party organization supporting the crook she’s running against?

In that same race the PA Supreme Court removed Shawn Lundy from the ballot.  Well, not really since the voting machines used there are incapable of being reprogrammed to remove his name.  It’ll still be on the machine next Tuesday although he has been disqualified.  This is yet another argument for voting machines with integrity.

Babette Josephs has a great ad going:

Rep. Mark Cohen is getting some strange publicity because his campaign manager parked in a press area outside City Hall.  Citing the TV show Parking Wars some press outlets went after Cohen.  It’s all much ado about nothing.  The man also works for a weekly Philadelphia paper the Sunday Sun where he’s circulation manager.  So he was allowed to use the parking space, no journalism ethics were breached and Mark got some unjustified bad publicity over nothing.

The ex-gay movement has always been a hoax.  People trying to scam desperate people kept insisting they could change sexual orientations, always for a fee, of course.  One guy has written about his experience in the movement and exposes it for what it is in this essay.  Interesting reading.

The winners in Maryland of that big Mega Millions jackpot are a group of teachers.  In spite of hitting the lottery they plan on keeping their jobs.  There’s some real dedication for you.

Conservation Voters f PA has made four endorsements:  Patrick Murphy for AG, Dave Levdansky, Babette Josephs and James Roebuck for State House.

As Rep. Daryl Metcalfe gets ready to send a bill tot he State House defunding Planned Parenthood he needs to remind himself of the mess Texas created by doing that.  Planned Parenthood is suing Texas and the federal government cut off $35 billion in women’s health care funding there because the action violated the law.

Abstinence only sex education leads to teen pregnancies.  Not educating our young people about the birds and the bees leads to bad outcomes.  Red states with such bad curriculums have the highest rates of teen pregnancy in the country.

If an employer wants your facebook or Twitter passwords you don’t want to work for them.  This is a guaranteed method for driving good people away from your firm.  Maryland is now acting to make it illegal and we should follow their lead.

Gov. Gasbag is delusional in telling taxpayers to blame local school boards for his slashing funding for those schools.  Republicans in Harrisburg refuse to take responsibility and raise some taxes(natural gas extraction), close some loopholes and generate revenue to fund public schools.  By doing so they pass that responsibility down to local school boards whose only source of revenue is the property tax.  Because of their blind obedience to Grover Norquist instead of Pennsylvania’s children they do us all a disservice.  Seniors are losing their homes so corporations can avoid paying their fair share of taxes and then Corbett refuses to accept personal responsibility.

Store managers at GNC’s Pennsylvania stores were forced to work unpaid overtime.  This is theft of wages and the company should lose its license to operate in the Commonwealth as punishment.

After Wisconsin passed Voter ID they conveniently closed DMV offices in Democratic districts so those voters would have great trouble obtaining ID’s.  Here we don’t have DMV places like other states but voters trying to obtain copies of their birth certificates seem to be suddenly running into delays.  How convenient?  Somehow this reminds me of Wisconsin’s antics.

I used to watch the TV show Restaurant Impossible until they came to several regional businesses and made a sham out of reality television.  The producers seem to have a habit of making the places they are “saving” seem extremely dirty, filthy and dangerous.  Its all a sham for the cameras.  Robert Irvine should be ashamed to be affilaited with such scammers.

News & Notes January 19, 2012

Congressman Tim Holden withdrew his support for SOPA yesterday following a blackout day by major internet sites.  I’ve never known this corporate Democrat, my former Congressman, to back away from an issue.

My PA Progressive Summit workshop is scheduled for Sunday February 12th at 9 AM.  Titled Video 101  we’ll be teaching people how to setup, shoot, edit and upload videos.  Remember all those great interviews we did at McCain/Palin events in 2008?  We’ll teach you how to do them, how to edit them and where to upload them and post them on blogs.

The Penn State Board of Trustees meets again tomorrow amidst great controversy.  Alumni need to wake up to the reality of how this is seen by everyone not affiliated with the University.  Frankly I’m tired of seeing PSU being the subject of jokes.  It’s time to put this behind us and work on restoring our image.

The final vote totals in Iowa made Rick Santorum the winner by 34 tallies.  This means Mitt Romney has only won New Hampshire.  Rick Perry dropped out this morning.  I enjoyed his “vulture capitalism” attacks on Mitt and Bain Capital.  Maybe now Perry can go back to Texas and begin facing the reality of how climate change is destroying his state.

Former State House Speaker Bill DeWeese’s trial began this week.  This is the continuation of BonusGate.  It took the AG’s office forever to finally go after DeWeese.  Interestingly “One Term Tom” Corbett prosecuted all these politicos for mixing government with politics then turned around and did the same thing this week.  His Department of State hand delivered nominating petitions throughout the Capital in violation of the law.  No legislator will touch them for fear of it being a set-up.  Doing so would violate the very laws Corbett used to send former legislators to jail.  So was this a set-up or just sheer stupidity by Corbett?  I know the man isn’t the brightest star in the cosmos but apparently he doesn’t even shine in a mini-constellation.

President Obama rejected the costly and environmentally disastrous Keystone XL pipeline yesterday.  Reports it would create 20,000 jobs are bogus, it’s more like 6,000 temporary ones.  The risk of turning the Midwest into a BP oil disaster zone aren’t worth the risk.

Wisconsinites filed recall petitions against Gov. Scott Walker with more than 1,000,000 signatures, almost as many as the votes which put him into office.  Here they are filing them:

News & Notes December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas to all of our loyal readers, commenters, diarists and fans.  It’s hard to believe another year has gone by.  There isn’t much news today so this will be short and sweet.

You can always tell candidates with poor field operations.  We found three yesterday when Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum all failed to qualify for the primary ballot in Virginia.  Getting petition signatures requires volunteers, staff and organization.  Obviously none of these three have those essential qualities for a successful effort.

Philadelphia Traffic Court Judge Willie Singletary was relieved of his duties for showing a picture of his penis to a court employee.  I’d like to know how anyone with $11,500 in traffic tickets can be a Traffic Court Judge?  Shouldn’t one have to prove some responsibility first?  

The Justice Department blocked South Carolina’s Voter ID law.  Labeling the law as racist the DOJ says it cannot be implemented because it is designed to keep Blacks from voting.

As Ron Paul gets viable questions surrounding his racist past are coming to the fore.  His old newsletters, from which he earned money, were filled with calls for white supremacy.  He posed for pictures with southern Klan leaders and allowed his name to be put on these screeds.  Yet he now attempts to disavow them.  I don’t believe in Santa Claus either.  People have been searching for these things and some have been found in archives.  Here’s one promotional letter which warned of the “coming race riots.”  How does he disavow writing this one?

News & Notes December 17, 2011

Lowes is in trouble after caving to a fringe religious group and pulling its ads from “All American Muslim.”  Here’s the ad they pulled:

The Philadelphia Inquirer published this editorial about SB 732 and it’s attack on women’s reproductive rights.

In the “this is getting old” category yet another GOP elected official who was all for “family values” turns out to be gay.

Any gay man will tell you the most virulent anti-gay people tend to be self loathing closet cases.  Is Rick Perry another one?  This new ebook says yes.

While Congress is spending $662 billion for war this year it’s cutting heating assistance for the poor.  These are immoral decisions.

Tea Party Patriot Mark Meckler, arrested in New York for trying to take a Glock pistol on a flight to LA, fled from reporters like a deer a searchlight.

Congress caved to the hostage takers once again passing a two month extension of payroll tax cuts in exchange for the Keystone XL pipeline.  Another extremely bad decision for only a 2 month extension?  I hope they aren’t wondering why the public gives them only a 13% approval rating.

State Rep. Josh Shapiro was elected as Montgomery County Commissioner and is leaving the State House.  We’ll miss him greatly there but he was frustrated at the toxic atmosphere there and the inability to achieve real reform.  Here is his farewell address to that body:

With Christmas just a week away why not give the gift of life and love to a shelter pet?

In the age of the internet and the world’s information at your fingertips it’s inexcusable not to research things.  Andrew Breitbart, he of the doctored video attacks on progressive institutions, used an old Nazi image this week.  It isn’t like he didn’t know where it came from since he doctored it too.

Just in case you thought I was kidding about the return of debtor’s prisons the other day here’s more about the issue.

I’ve held off writing about the downed super secret drone captured by Iran until more information was available.  One of two scenarios seemed possible:  we violated Iranian sovereignty with a spy mission and got caught or Iran hacked into the software and took the drone.  Now it seems the second scenario is what happened.  It’s very bad either way.

Tom Corbett’s involvement in the Penn State scandal isn’t going away.  Interestingly he and former President Graham Spanier battled earlier this year over the Governor’s massive budget cuts to higher education.   Corbett was gleeful when Spanier went down but he may be following closely behind.  The bad press for Corbett is growing.  Buzz Bissinger, a common sports pundit appearing frequently on TV since the Sandusky scandal erupted, has this new analysis.

Rick Perry is copying the corrupt Philly pols and their DROP pension giveaway.  He’s now collecting his pension ($90,000/year) while still serving as Governor.  It’s called double dipping at the public trough.  So much for his fiscal credentials.

The NYPD storm troopers rioting against peaceful OWS protesters were really stupid too.  One posted his feelings on facebook.

Here’s a discussion by Chris Hedges and Michael Moore for your perusal:

News & Notes December 11, 2011

Berks Democrats held a no confidence vote against Chair Tom Herman yesterday which was defeated by one vote.  Apparently many of those in attendance abstained in a show of apathy.  You get what you deserve now, an even more arrogant abuser of power.

The GOP presidential field put on another comedy show last night in Iowa.  Mitt Romney tried to bet $10,000, proof solid he’s a 1%’er.  How many of you make ten grand bets?  Michelle Bachmann proved she still talks in nonsense and Rick Santorum kept bragging about his support in Pennsylvania, a key battleground state.  Hey Rick, remember 2006 when you only got 42%?

While riot police were disrupting Occupy Boston the State Department was warning Russia not to interfere with peaceful protesters.  If only we could force this sort of policy right here:

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said that the United States supported the right to peaceful protest in Russia as it does “anywhere in the world.”

“We expect that those demonstrations will remain peaceful on behalf of all parties, whether they’re the demonstrators or whether they are those keeping social order,” she said.

“So our expectation is that if there are protests, that they will be peaceful and that they will be allowed to proceed peacefully,” Nuland said.

There have been dozens of response videos to Rick Perry’s homophobic “Strong” ad.  Here’s one of the best:

After Perry released his ad his pollster was outed by fellow Republicans.  Ouch.

Rick Perry thinks we have just eight Supreme Court Justices.  At least he can finally count past two.

Newt still backed his statement that Palestinians are “an invented people.”  At last night’s debate all we heard about were rocket attacks on Israelis.  Not one candidate spoke about the inhumane blockade against those “invented people” and the thousands of lives being destroyed by Israel.  There are logical reasons rockets are launched across the border.

Now for a bit of Christmas cheer:

If you’re going shopping for other Christmas cheer this season the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board wants you to know that if you got raped because you were drinking it was your own fault.

News & Notes December 9, 2011

AFER argued for the release of video of the court testimony over Proposition H8.  There seems to be no legitimate argument about keeping these from the public.  The effort was streamed on the internets last night.  If these tapes are public everyone could see how lame and absent the arguments are against marriage equality.  Plus, Rick Perry’s head might explode.

The Texas Governor went on a homophobic rant this week in a campaign ad.

He seems to be conflating the fact people are born gay and simply want to defend our country with a constitutional clause prohibiting people like him from brainwashing and indoctrinating our kids into their extreme, fringe religious views.  That makes him unfit to be any kind of leader.  Plus, interestingly, he wore the same coat in the video that Heath Ledger did in “Brokeback Mountain.”  Rick, I just can’t quit you.  Oops, yes I can.

Putin is blaming Hillary for election protests in Russia.  The people think Valdimir rigged his re-election.  At least Russians are smarter than Americans who simply yawned when elections were rigged.  So Putin bought a bunch of DRE Diebold voting machines?

If it’s a “slam dunk” that Mars once had water does that mean we now have to invade it?

The state office controlling the Open Records Act has determined that Penn State doesn’t have to comply with requests to release documents surrounding the Sandusky scandal.  At the time the law was passed concerns that Joe Paterno’s salary might be made public (it eventually was) fueled some concerns to give the university an exemption.  Now that’s seemingly protecting the institution in a case involving the sexual molestation of children.   People are understandably outraged.

Sandusky’s preliminary hearing is Tuesday and I scored a seat in the press room.  I also have an important Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates Board meeting Tuesday so I’ll have to make a decision which to attend.  Update:  Since the PA Newspaper Association isn’t capable of properly credentialing people I’ll be passing on covering the hearing.

The EPA has found fracking chemicals in an aquifer in Wyoming.  This is proof that hydrofracking is poisoning our water sources.  The gas industry keeps attempting to brainwash us with ads littering our television screens that fracking isn’t a threat.  Now we know they’re lying and these commercials need to be banned as propaganda.

Bill O’Reilly hit a man with his umbrella then tried to get him arrested by telling a cop the opposite.  This is so typical of Fox News:  do something bad then blame it on the other side.  If he doesn’t like being castigated in public he might consider adopting a shred of decency.

Chris Christie got mic checked at a Romney event and went off on the 99%.  Is it just me or does his reaction and demeanor remind you of Tony Soprano?  

I have no idea about the reliability of this information but if there’s even a shred of truth in it a federal grand jury needs to investigate.  

A Town Gone Bad: ‘VIP’ sex ring protected by PA Attorney General Tom Corbett from yardbird tv on Vimeo.

Rick Santorum’s latest rant illustrating his lack of common sense is that we don’t need food stamps because so many people are obese.  For someone who is supposed to be smart he’s awfully dumb.  People on food stamps eat rather badly, resulting in obesity, because they still cannot afford healthy food.  Sometimes a candy bar winds up being lunch because they don’t have money for real food.

The Pennsylvania Society is this weekend at the Waldorf Astoria.  As usual don’t expect to see me there, this is way to rich for my blood.

The GOP Clown Show Drags On

The Republican presidential road show rolled into DC last night for a show under the Big Top.  They rolled out their clowns for a performance on national security hosted by CNN, The Heritage Foundation and AEI.  Wolf “Blitz” Blitzer hosted.  Since the poll came out illustrating how folks who watch no news know more than those who watch Fox News I understand why these candidates are so ill informed:  they watch Fox in addition to being on the network.  The clear winner was Barack Obama because Jon Hunstman is the only sane person on these stages and he has no chance at the nomination.  You have be either insane or act it to get the modern day GOP presidential nomination because what’s left of the Grand Old Party are the crazies.

Michele Bachmann bragged about “winning the peace in Iraq.”  We lost that war and slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians.  That isn’t “winning the peace” because it will come to haunt us in the future.  Asked what unmentioned threat could loom before us Rick Santorum mentioned Central America.  That was a veiled reference to Hugo Chaves who is no threat but his brand of populist socialism is.

Santorum seemed to take credit for every bill sponsored in Congress while he was a Senator.  Herman Cain was almost as laughable as Rick Perry in his lack of knowledge and non responsive answers.Calls were made to invade both Iran and Pakistan among questions from Bush war criminals David Addington and Paul Wolfowitz.  Cain said terrorists have entered the country through Mexico, several agreed we should put a no fly zone over Syria (why, they aren’t using aircraft?), Bachmann confused billions with trillions, and all agreed that when generals ask for more troops never question them.  Lincoln would still be sitting around waiting for George McClellan to do something if that were the case.  At the onset Newt asked about the rules because he wanted to play by them.  That’s a first.

News & Notes November 21, 2011

Today is my TBI anniversary.  I’d forgotten until I got a reminder from our TBI-Survivor group.  It’s been 27 years.  Either it’s a good sign that I don’t focus on it any more or it just shows my short term memory issues remain…

The PSU Board of Trustees announced today that former FBI flunky Louis Freeh will head its investigation.  Who opened that hole and allowed this snake to escape again?

In October and November 690,000 people have moved their money from big banks to local ones.  Estimates are that $185 billion in assets will leave the “too big to fail” banks which swindled and defrauded Americans into a global financial collapse.  This is called voting with your dollars.

Why is it that park rules can be enforced but not banking laws?

Congressman Charlie Dent (PA-15) has a chellnger from the Tea Party.  Interestingly Jackson Eaton switched parties to the Democrats to do so.  Think he’ll fool many Dems?  I bet he does, some of them are as stupid as the Tea baggers.  There won’t be enough to win a primary however.  

The AG candidates are lining up to use the Sandusky case as a campaign issue.  Until someone gets a rational person in the House Judiciary Committee who isn’t beholden to protecting the Catholic Church there won’t be any chance of legislative reforms however.  Patrick Murphy has a concrete set of reforms to implement:

Here are four things we can do to help make sure nothing like this ever happens again.

   Tighten the mandatory reporting requirements. Rep. Kevin Boyle introduced a bill that would do just that. If you are aware that a child is being abused, you should be legally obligated to report that immediately to law enforcement, not just your supervisor.

   Establish a secure, statewide criminal intelligence database for sex crimes against children. If law enforcement officials in one jurisdiction have intelligence about a suspected child sex offender then officers across the state should have immediate access to that information. A criminal intelligence database would give law enforcement that ability.

   Eliminate the statute of limitations on the sexual assault of children. It might be difficult to put cases together as time goes by, but things like shock, depression or repressed memories make it difficult for victims to come forward. That shouldn’t be a license for criminals to go free.

   Expand Child Advocacy Centers in Pennsylvania. Right now, we have 13 – we need more. These centers bring law enforcement and other stakeholders together so that victims only need to be interviewed once. That way they don’t have to relive the horror of what happened over and over again.

The awe and shock of the media brainwashing campaign stirring up war fever against Iran is the same used to invade Iraq.  Are Americans so stupid as to fall for the same trick twice?  You betcha.

The man in charge of coordinating the attacks on Occupy encampments is named Chuck Wexler at the Police Executive Research Forum.  Anonymous brought their website down and published all of his personal information.  You can email him at

I think I’m going to do an article about all the extreme nonsense the GOP presidential candidates are spouting but isn’t it nice to see they aren’t pretending to be “compassionate conservatives” any more?  No more nonsense about not wanting poor children condemned to being school janitors instead of students, an end to child labor laws, the minimum wage, overtime, environmental protections, the whole extent of government meant to protect us from predatory business practices and all that other nonsense?

And isn’t Rick Perry’s promise to do away with civilian control of the military just a wonderful idea?  Just what I always dreamt of:  generals in charge!

Rick Santorum says this:  “Now, unlike Islam where the higher law and civil law are the same, in our case, we have civil laws but our civil laws have to comport with the higher law.”  Of course the two are identical which means he supports Sharia law and wants to impose it here.

Sam Rohrer jumped into the field to challenge Bob Casey today.  This is the guy who proposed replacing school property taxes with an expanded sales tax on most everything.  Besides being extremely regressive his numbers didn’t add up.  Why elect someone to the Senate who can’t count?  After all we already have Pat Toomey who keeps saying his Super Committee was tasked with cutting $1.5 trillion (it was actually $1.2T).

UC Davis Chancellor Katehi walked to her car through a large group of silent protesters.  It was a powerful moment.  The cop who needlessly pepper sprayed all those students must be arrested on assault charges.  One count for every time he sprayed someone.

The NYPD, those unique American terrorists, announced the arrest of one yesterday.  Funny but the FBI didn’t take this guy seriously enough to get involved.  Of course I think the Fibbies don’t get involved unless they can entrap people into doing what they otherwise wouldn’t.  Still, I kept waiting for Bloomberg to announce the guy was targeting Zuccotti Park which is why he emptied it.  Lost opportunity there Mike, now you have no defense for all the upcoming civil rights lawsuits.

Here’s a reason to oppose the internet censorship bill in Congress:  it means any website owner can be held legally liable for anything someone else posts to their site.  That means blogs will no longer be able to have comments for example.  You wouldn’t be bale to upload anything to any website which isn’t yours.  No one can afford the legal liability otherwise.

DeSean Jackson’s new nickname should be Bonehead.

Perry Implodes in Debate

Rick Perry’s presidential campaign imploded last night on the CNBC debate.  He began reciting the three federal agencies he’d destroy and couldn’t remember them.  He doddered along saying Commerce and Education and couldn’t remember the third.  He finally couldn’t even remember Education.  If this is how he thinks on his feet we’re all doomed.

As if Herman Cain hasn’t made enough of a fool of himself last night he referred to the former Speaker of the House as “Princess Nancy.”  It has appeared more and more that he has no respect for women then he utters that?  He’s already been caught lying about knowing Sharon Bialek after a picture of him with her at a Tea Party event just last month surfaced.

Likely nominee Mitt Romney also had a bad day when he began distancing himself from support of the radical ballot measure in Mississippi.  That would have criminalized abortion, contraception and miscarriages and he had previously described his support for it as “absolute.”  Now the grand flip flopper has flip flopped yet again.