You Can Balance the State Budget

If you’re wondering why the discussion in Harrisburg is so heated over the state budget Keystone Progress has a new website where you can do it yourself.  Caution:  it is much harder than you think.  Deciding what programs must be cut and/or what taxes to raise is much more difficult when it is put into your own hands.  Do you cut public safety?  Education?  Economic development or children’s health care?

Do you raise the income tax or personal income tax?  Better yet how would you explain your choices to the voters back home?  The state deficit is so large it requires extremely difficult decisions which will affect all of the Commonwealth.  Go to the website and see for yourself.

Rendell, Unions Agree on Furloughs

Gov. Rendell came to an agreement today with three unions representing state workers regarding potential furloughs.  With the state bleeding red ink over a billion dollars the union busting Democrat had been at it again trying to balance a budget on the backs of working people.  Rendell did this also as Mayor of Philadelphia.  It’s hard to believe he’s really a Democrat.  Even corporate Democrats don’t dare cross the union faithful  of Teflon Eddie has always gotten away with the strategy.  Ed Rendell is the epitome of the corporate Democrat by accepting millions from interests opposed to real healthcare reform and doing everything in his considerable power to deny Pennsylvanians the medical care they deserve.  Meanwhile, instead of being able to fend off billions in red ink by adopting a single payer plan which would save state, county and local governments tens of millions, he is trying to bust workers.