News & Notes May 29, 2012

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend and remembered our brave veterans, especially those who never made it home.  Every Memorial Day I remember my Dad who served in the Navy during WWII on destroyers guarding convoys crossing the North Atlantic.

Mitt Romney embraced Birtherism today by sharing an event with Donald Trump.  Isn’t it time someone fired this misfit?

Tom Corbett is slashing funding for schools and now they’re attempting to pass a state takeover bill for “distressed” school districts.  This is a naked power grab by conservatives to bypass democracy and give them power to dictate terms to your local school districts by strangling them financially.  Don’t allow them to do it.

The American Working Families Action Fund is targeting Corbett in a new ad:

From their press release:  

“Tom Corbett could be the worst governor in the nation for serving the middle class,” said Bud Jackson, who chairs the organization.  “That’s why tomorrow American Working Families (AWF) Action Fund will launch a long overdue effort to shine a brighter light on Tom Corbett’s record of rewarding his corporate friends and campaign donors while making things harder for the middle-class.  Our paid media initiative will total several hundred thousand dollars and will include television ads in each Pennsylvania media-market.”

“Tom Corbett chose tax-breaks for gas drillers over health care for children and chose to take taxpayer-funded SUVs and give-out pay-raises for his staff while slashing Pennsylvania schools by more than $1 billion,” said Jackson.  “Corbett has already inflicted serious damage to the middle-class for generations to come.  Our messaging will draw attention to his record.”

Rush Limbaugh must be on Oxy again.  He says he’s created more jobs than both Obama and Romney.  Since the President has put over 4 million back to work I suppose Rush has five million maids out buying him ilegal prescriptions.  That’s a lot of Oxy but it explains his actions lately.

Income equality can be seen from space.

The Sandusky trial begins next week and the prosecution still cannot identify the boy allegedy molested in the showers and caught by Coach McQueary.  How do you prove a crime was committed beyond a reasonable doubt.  The AG’s office spent three years investigating and this was all they came up with to go to trial?  This is going to be a laughingstock and people will begin asking why they destroyed the reputation of a great university based on such flimsy evidence.  He’ll never get convicted and Tom Corbett has to answer for why it was such a shoddy investigation.  

Florida is trying to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters.  This harkens back tot he 2000 voter purge by Jeb Bush.  Gov. Rick Scott is still doing his fraud act he perfected at taxpayer expense with Medicare funds by driving eligible voters from the polls.  I recall a SCOTUS decision (Bush v Gore) which decreed that disenfranchising voters is illegal.  I think it was based on Florida…

The Wisconsin recall election is next week.  Gov. Scott Walker can be ousted and working families can reclaim their rights but they need help.

They’re trying the same tactics here.  Protect teachers organizing rights!  These folks are always clamoring about loss of freedoms while they take ours away.  Ironic isn’t it?  Are you going to take it?

Bill Maher takes on Ted Nugent and the deranged Right.  Watch the video.

News & Notes May 12, 2011

I’ll be in Delaware tomorrow covering an event with the Secretary of Commerce.

I began this blog five years ago Tuesday at Blogger.  I wasn’t happy with the service constantly going down and quickly left there for a new home.  Today Blogspot went down completely leaving some major bloggers with time on their hands.  Blogger is free but you get what you pay for.

Chris Christie blasted President Obama today for not doing “big things.”  I suppose passing health insurance reform, killing Bin Laden, escalating the war in Afghanistan, bring ing most of our troops home from Iraq, bombing Libya and repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell aren’t “big things.”   What an assh*le.

John Boehner is holding the debt ceiling hostage to trillions more in spending cuts.  This is known as extortion.  What if Dems had done the same thing the seven times Republicans under Boehner voted to raise the debt celing when George W Bush was bankrupting the country for no good reason?  Oh wait, yes, it to line the pockets of his corrupt contributors…  This is the problem with paying off hostage takers, they keep coming back for more.  Why don’t we just say these guys are terrorists for holding the country hostage, declare them enemy combatants and send them to Gitmo?

Thanks go to Florida Gov. Rick “The Grifter” Scott for refusing all that federal money for high speed rail.  Now we’re getting a chunk of it.

Republicans have backed themselves into yet another corner defending oil companies.  So let’s get this straight, so far the GOP is against worker’s organizing rights, against women having access to abortions, against welfare programs for the poor, against Social Security and Medicare, against the EPA, for oil companies, for Wall Street, against the stimulus bill  which saved millions of jobs and turned the economy around, against saving jobs, against creating new jobs since thus far they’ve not done a dang thing about that, against public education, for expanded gun rights, for voter suppression, and many more issues I’ve forgotten for the moment.  They think they can win next year on this platform?  Against the guy who actually got Bin Laden?

The Dummies are at it again this time pillorying The Donald:

The problem with trying to sue companies for pollution is linking them scientifically to the contaminants.  Simply because people near gas wells can light their tap water on fire doesn’t mean the gas company contaminated their drinking water.  After all the tooth fairy might have done it instead.  Pennsylvanians getting barium poisoning probably just had too many colonoscopies.  Finally a scientific study which was peer reviewed and published links the gas drillers with their pollution.  Line up the lawyers, let’s go get these bastards.

Speaking of Marcellus shale isn’t it interesting how gas drillers are screwing us through our politicians?  I wonder if these guys bent over and used lube or did it bareback?  Allegheny County Executive candidate Rich Fitzgerald is the latest to join the orgy.  Here’s an excerpt from a fund raising email he sent to gas companies:

“I need money and I need it fast. Its great to hear from [Chesapeake Energy Exec] Dave Spiegelmeyer about how wonderful I am for the industry, but what I really need from Dave is money. Not ‘I wish I could be at your event, but I’m out of town. Just know we’re behind you’. Well if you are, put your money where your mouth is and help fund this campaign.”

In a bit of good news a hedge fund manager was convicted of insider trading.  Raj Rajaratnam of Galleon Management was convicted on 14 counts.  Of course Wall Street is filled with criminals like this guy but only a very few get prosecuted.  Meanwhile you got defrauded on your mortgage, lost your home, your job, your car and your retirement account.  Wondering why your ass hurts?  You’re getting screwed constantly and aren’t even gay.

Anyone who invests in the stock market is a sucker.  The game is fixed by these crooks.

Republicans in Harrisburg are working on Corbett’s budget and have replaced some of the huge cuts to education.  They did it on the backs of poor people by gutting welfare by another $400 million.  That makes DPW cuts over $1 million.  They claim it’ll be taken out of all that waste and fraud poor people commit to get welfare.  Yes and Santa Clause will show up on Christmas Eve and give these great souls fabulous gifts for being such good Christians.  This is modern day Grim Fairy Tale.  There’s very little fraud and abuse and now services for the poor are facing massive cuts in benefits.

Delaware Gov. Jack Markell signed that state’s civil unions bill today.  Next up for this progressive state is medical marijuana.

Rick Santorum is in the news not for his fledgling presidential campaign but for being a rat.  OK, we knew all these years this guy is a rat so what’s new?  It turns out he was involved in the John Ensign affair.  You’ll recall the Nevada Senator had an affair with the wife of a close aide.  When the hubby discovered the cheating he turned to then Sen. Santorum who turned the letter over to Ensign.  It is just one big boy’s club in DC.

News & Notes February 16, 2011

Florida Governor Rick Scott has turned down $2.4 billion in federal funds for high speed rail.  This would have created many high paying jobs in a state desperate for them.  The Transportation Department says it made sure no funds would come from Florida for the project.  Isn’t that about the same amount Scott defrauded Medicare for?  Perhaps Obama should simply tell Gov Scott this is Medicare money.

More staffers continue testifying against Sen. Orie.  How many of them will turn against this woman?  The more she tries to pin this as a political prosecution when the tale is getting so repetitive jurors are falling asleep one must wonder about her sanity.

Meanwhile the Mark Ciavarella trial in Luzerne County is wrapping up.  The former Judge took the stand (I wonder if the Judge advised him he didn’t have to testify?) and admitted to tax fraud.  He’s trying to cop a plea to the court that he the “finder’s fees” were legitimate even though he laundered the money.  Why would you try and hide the funds if they were legit?  I foresee federal prison in his future.

Speaking of prognosticators Punxsatawney Phil finally may have gotten one correct.  His prediction of an early spring has coincided with a nice rash of warmer weather.  I may even be able to see my back yard grass again at this rate.  Keep it coming Phil or we’ll roast you over a spit.

State Rep. Eugene Depasquale is exploring a run for Auditor General.

Another major issue which the Republicans are ignoring is foreclosure fraud.   I wrote about this last fall and asked then Congressman Paul Kanjorski about it before the November election.  Nothing got done then and it doesn’t seem to be on anyone’s radar right now.  This is going to explode especially after a recent court decision in Massachusetts.  Now New York state is requiring every homeowner in foreclosure be represented by legal counsel.  Combined with that decision now requiring banks to prove they have standing to foreclose less people should be evicted unlawfully.

Thousands of people in Wisconsin went to the streets in Madison to protest their new Governor’s radical policies.

Conservatives Lying About Healthcare

Conservatives are blasting the public with a new round of propagandistic commercials lying, again, about healthcare reform.  In echoes of the infamous “Harry & Louise”commercials targeting HillaryCare Rick Scott is starring in new commercials being produced by the same people responsible for the Swift Boat smears against John Kerry.  These new talking points are filled with fear mongering which has no basis in truth.

I just witnessed Bay Buchanan speak with her forked tongue on CNN saying there is less support now for a government run, single payer plan today than in the 1990’s.  That is a bold faced lie.  In reality more and more Americans support single payer now than ever before.  In Pennsylvania support for such a plan is at 73% in polls.  There is also the propaganda that single payer removes your right to choose your doctor.  In reality this system would gibe you more choices, more freedom to choose your doctors and care givers.  Because HR 676 is a publicly financed, privately delivered healthcare plan no one gets between you and your doctor any longer.

Try getting that from your HMO, your preferred provider network or any other private insurance plan at any price.  You cannot.  Anyone telling that single payer limits or eliminates your choices is a liar.  Bay Buchanan is a liar and fear monger who needs to get some facts before embarrassing herself on national television.

The policy being developed in Washington is NOT singlepayer however.  President Obama is not supporting such legislation and the confusion being fostered by Rick Scott and Republicans is very disingenuous in trying to make you think it is.  Instead it is a massive government sponsored bailout for an insurance industry which has screwed Americans over medical care for decades.  It would require you to buy health insurance.

The commercials crook Rick Scott is shilling are revealing in the fact conservatives have chosen this criminal to block reform.  Scott’s own healthcare corporation was convicted of stealing your tax dollars to line his pockets by defrauding Medicare.  You read that right:  the man who has made himself spokesman against healthcare reform is against it because he ripped off government healthcare for billions.  He is a crook.

Once Rick Scott discloses this on his “Conservatives For Patient Rights” (a typical Machiavellian title) commercials maybe we can begin to take him seriously. Unfortunately he continues showing us his lack of ethics and morals.