Pittsburgh Post Gazette endorses Dowd for Mayor

(Dowd wins key endorsement over Ravenstahl – promoted by PA Eagle Eye)

Amidst the ten-to-one fundraising advantage that champion campaign finance “reformer” Luke Ravenstahl has… Patrick Dowd received the endorsement from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the regions major newspaper.  You can read about the endorsement here.


Personally, i may be willing to consider voting for Ravenstahl if he would promise to transport me to and fro concerts this Summer in a City of Pittsburgh vehicle.


Other politicians should have stayed out of the race, and Luke’s record should have stood based on its own merits.  However, while Ravenstahl’s campaign manager Paul McKrell talks out one side of his mouth about how the boy wonder is a champion and advocate for campaign finance reform, meanwhile back at the bat cave… accept $150,000 from Dan Onorato through the back door.  Some commitment to campaign finance from these two huh?

One pattern is for sure… the mayor tends to envision a Pittsburgh renaissance conveniently only before election time.  So Luke, if you are on the brink of doing “big things” for Pittsburgh, why is it that the Pittsburgh Post Gazette thinks otherwise?  Clearly you have a hard time leading by example.

Dowd: Ravenstahl’s Waste Trashing Pittsburgh

(Challenger Dowd exposes Mayor Ravenstahl’s wasteful spending and pay-to-play contracts – promoted by PA Eagle Eye)

Standing beside a brand new $1,010 trash can funded by City of Pittsburgh taxpayers (that’s right… one thousand and ten dollar apiece trash cans when Cincy and Philly paid FAR LESS per recepticle) Pittsburgh Mayoral candidate Patrick Dowd revealed that the City of Pittsburgh under the leadership of the Ravenstahl Administration has wasted $20.2 million dollars in taxpayer money.

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette quoted Mr. Dowd as he stood by the thousand dollar trash can with Mayor Ravenstahl’s name advertised on it. “Sadly, millions of dollars, millions of taxpayer dollars, are being wasted through mismanagement and cronyism,” said Mr. Dowd, as he stood by a new, $1,010 trash can on an East Carson Street sidewalk. “We cannot afford another day of this sort of waste, let alone another four years.”  

To review some of the items of wasteful spending that Dowd contends the Ravenstahl Administration has engaged in see: http://www.postgazette.com/pg/…  One thing is for certain.  The $252,250 in taxpayer money that Mayor Ravenstahl spent on a mere 250 trash cans, when literally the entire state is in a fiscal emergency is an insult to taxpayers and city workers.  A majority of that quarter of a million dollars could have been allocated in the budget to much more immanent needs than fancy trash cans with the mayor’s name. It could have been allocated to save a few workers jobs or be allocated towards the city’s pension obligations.

One could surmise that there appears to be a pattern of behavior that’s developed with Mayor Ravenstahl, which suggests a lack of foresight and leadership.  I am not sure where spending $252,250 on 250 trash cans would rank in terms of incompetency and mismanagement, but I must agree with Mr. Dowd, the challenger that it is pretty high up there.  The only question is whether it is as “un-mayor-like” as shoving around cops at a Steelers football game, or taking the City of Pittsburgh’s vehicle for personal use to a concert. http://www.pittsburghlive.com/…

Mr. Dowd recently touched upon another penchant of Ravenstahls Administration to date… that being the city awarding “pay to play contracts” to contractors when mayor Ravenstahl receives campaign donations.  Luke has defended the action by stating that he has proposed meaningful campaign finance reform.  http://www.post-gazette.com/pg…  But, in the meantime, he’ll take the campaign contributions, which is rather hypocritical to say the least, and yet another example of the Mayor putting himself in an “ethically” challenging situation.

Stay tuned as we assess the race for the Mayor of Pittsburgh, review the candidates and, my favorite… investigate the accusations made by the candidates against each other.  Hopefully, there will 3 or 4 debates atleast.  The candidates are incumbent Luke Ravenstahl and challengers Patrick Dowd, Carmen L. Robinson, and Franco “Dok” Harris, Jr.

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