Joe the Plumber Slams McCain While Milking His 15 Minutes

Sam Rohrer is Joe the Plumbers kind of guy and John McCain is not.  Samuel Wurzelbacher showed up in Harrisburg Saturday to headline Rohrer’s Tea Party counter convention to the PA GOP meeting.  It’s sort of funny since Sam (the Rep) has been a Republican his entire career.  Perhaps Rohrer’s intense dislike for any governmental expense not either lavishing tax dollars on the military/industrial complex or to his friends at Bob Jones University has turned off even Republicans.

I caught Sam “The Crazy Fundie” at an event in 2008 and he said he doesn’t believe government should exist except for defense.  That’s his belief.  No snow plowing, no education, no social services, nothing else.  He is on the very extreme fringe of the political spectrum.  Joe the Plumber endorsed him at Saturday’s circus.  Scott Detrow of public radio interviewed the Plumber who isn’t a plumber and asked him a few questions.  For someone making a living on the media focus he sought during the presidential campaign he seems rather unappreciative:  “I don’t owe him s-. He really screwed my life up, is how I look at it.”

Maybe Joe is referring to how the media discovered he hadn’t been paying his taxes.  It’s tough to complain all the time when you’re part of the problem isn’t it?  This man is biting the hand that fed him.  He’s also disowned Sarah Palin for continuing to support McCain.  He complains that he was just used but isn’t that what he’s doing to these others?  He’s using them to further his own 15  minutes of fame.  He’s simply one more hypocrite.


(See Joe the Plumber try to manipulate Pennsylvanians this week. – promoted by PA Eagle Eye)

REAL licensed plumbers use a snake to unclog pipes.  Joe the Plumber, an unlicensed plumber, but nonetheless a snake in his own right makes a stop in Pittsburgh at the Radisson in Green Tree tonight at 5:30pm to rail against the Employee Free Choice Act.  

Republicans have turned to their “go to” flunkie Joe the Plumber once again in crunch time to come to Pennsylvania to campaign against the Employee Free Choice Act. Joe will make 3 stops in Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, and Philadelphia to convince Senator Arlen Specter (R) to stab working families in the back by withdrawing his prior commitment to support the EFCA, which he even recently co-sponsored. Amidst pressure from greedy big business out-sourcing type and an election challenge from right wing looney tunes Pat Toomey and Peg Luksik, Specter has decided to conveniently “postpone” his support of EFCA until the economy improves.  

However, Senator Specter up-to-date has failed to give an explanation to working families of exactly which barometer signs (or benchmark indicators) he will use to judge whether or not he can return to supporting EFCA.  Ironically, these same big business groups will likely turn on Specter anyways and support Toomey in the Republican primary, regardless of how Arlen votes on EFCA.  Simply put, Patrick Toomey promotes “more greedy” policies… thus he will certainly receive the support of big business.

Peering into the big business mentality is really quite disturbing in some aspects.  Their warped logic is that it IS OKAY to reward themselves and their upper crust friends at the top in white collar positions with lavish bonuses and six figure salaries. Yet however, IT IS UNACCEPTABLE to them when the notions of a dollar an hour across the board raise, or better benefits for workers are mentioned.  

This is why the EFCA needs to pass.  The EFCA will assure workers the right to be free from intimidation, and lessen company control from the workers decision-making in whether or not to have a Union. Unions have obviously been dubbed “evil” because they fight for fair wages and better benefits for workers. Right now, the big business-likes fear EFCA because in the past they have screwed over these same workers at Wal-Mart McDonalds, etc., and have been able to have a hand in controlling and stifling union-organizing by using threats, firing workers, intimidation, and privately offering bonuses to in effect bribe employees to vote against it.  These are all unconstitutional and illegal acts if these were to be done in a regular political election.  

Pennsylvania working families need EFCA to fight for better wages and benefits to keep up with cost-of-living increases and as a solution to the burden of corporate welfare which puts an enormous strain on all hard-working taxpayers.  Perhaps Joe the Plumber can answer this question. Joe, when a business short changes an employee on benefits intentionally, who do you think picks up the tab for that businesses decision to do so?  

C’mon Joe, even though you’re a tax dodger… you still know the answer… THE TAXPAYERS, which is exactly why we need the EFCA to help corral corporate welfare.  

Joe the Plumber in his own-self in effect is a microcosm of fraud that big business represents on this issue.  They expressedly reject the notion of “workers create wealth” and thus should be treated with the dignity that they and their families deserve.  That dignity means giving workers cost-of-living raises adequate benefits, and them being able to share in the wealth that company has created.  The Plumbers Union, 300,000 members strong has expressly rejected Joe the Plumbers anti-worker views, and cited a statistic from a recent survey that does not bode well for Joe the Plumber as he tries to manipulate people this week in Pennsylvania.  70 percent of unlicensed plumbers would like to join a Union without fear of retribution.….

In wrapping up… I wished Joe the Plumber would visit Pennsylvania every week.  He is basically a flunkie of the GOP, who is dispatched to rail against policies that are actually for his own best interest (such as EFCA).  “Geez, Joe… talk about shooting yourself in the foot!” The message most Pennsylvanians get is “don’t be hoodwinked like Joe the Plumber”.  Of course, even though Joe has sold his morals long ago, best sure to stop by the Radisson tonight at 5:30pm to tell Joe the Plumber what you think of his anti-worker policies!  

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