Obama and Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine as VP?

There is buzz around the political blogosphere that Gov. Tim Kane, Virginia Democratic governor, may be on the short-list as a possible VP choice. There is good reasoning behind it. His background is similar to Obama. He’s an ex-civil rights lawyer, a former Spanish-speaking missionary and is a governor in a state that Obama wants to turn blue.  

The governor has been seen being courted by the Obama campaign by many sources and is being very seriously considered for the VP slot.

Tim Kaine’s staff are already preparing for the possible situation if he is picked.

There are questions that come up on the ramifications for if he really is picked:

(1)How are the Clinton supporters going to react? Could there be a voter backlash? Will this put off the Clinton people and risk a further a split in the party come Convention Day? There are still 17% of Democrats that either may stay home or may even ridiculously throw their future away and vote McBush right now, like angry Clintonites in the group PUMass. Would this make that situation worse?

(2)How does Tim Kaine, a governor of 2 years, cover Obama’s criteria of experience?

(3)Why Kaine over Jim Webb? Jim Webb has the military experience that Obama needs to counteract McBush in the foreign policy dept. If you’re going to pick someone from Virginia to attract white voters into the blue column, why not try the strong hand from the state? I don’t personally like Jim Webb, because of his egregious stance against civil rights and his flagrant misogyny, but he has the potential to bring blue-collar whites into the populist and the anti-war realm.

Bill Clinton is ready to jump on board

Bill Clinton is ready to jump on board the Obama Victory Bus to Pennsylvania Avenue. And that’s exactly what the Democratic presidential nominee wants to hear. Bill Clinton is probably still trying to get used to the seismic shakeup of the race. However, everyone needs each other and unity is in sight. Unity will ensure a Democratic victory in November, because Bill Clinton’s next moves in this race will determine how united the party is and how many are going to go out of their way to elect a Democratic president into the White House and remove the maelstrom of a human being Bush and his bed buddy McSame is in their resolve to destroy the country and the world with their invasions of different country over false pretenses, interest group and mercenary-abetting corruption and overall bad judgment. Bill Clinton has history with the older, traditional, and female voters and the more consistent voters, so getting Bill’s hand in it will move mountains. The problem that Obama’s having is that those voters are holding back and still very angry over the loss of the Clintons. Plus, the Clintons need to clean up the mess that they caused when they rammed the scrutinizing ideas of the Illinois senator’s “differences” and the aura of his “other”-ness into those voters’ heads. They need to clean it up if they are going to have any hope at a future in the party. Bill and Hillary have already shamed their legacy in front of African American voters and if Hillary wants to run for any sort of office in the future she needs to clean that up. This is the best situation to happen to Barack next to McBush’s idea for him to go overseas. Man, that’s reminding me, shouldn’t the Arizona senator worry more about his own standing and position in front of Arizona’s voters breaking ranks for Obama instead of wherever Obama is going to?  

Barack Obama attended the NAACP conference last night

Sen. Barack Obama attended the 2008 NAACP Conference in Cincinatti, OH last night. He went into detail about issues like personal responsibility, MLK, social/economic justice, opportunity, the American Dream, etc. He talked about opportunity and how that relates to the American Dream, health care, decent wages (how black women make only $0.62 of what their male counterparts make), how he worked towards all his life to help provide more opportunity because of his inspiration from the civil rights movement, and his bipartisan initiatives. He explained how there is more work to be done in general, how schools are failing our children, especially those who are poor, how there needs to be affordable health care and more accessible education, we need a system that supports the needs of our teachers, how CEOs are making more in ten minutes than average workers make in a year, about how families are losing their homes due to predatory lending, social mobility becoming increasingly unattainable for our young people, how personal responsibility is a collective responsibility, how workers need to be rewarded for helping in the accruing of wealth, and how there needs to be a refocus on rebuilding America’s infrastructure. The Illinois senator mentioned that the collective effort INCLUDES parental responsibility. He knows that most of the African American community has been doing the right thing, but we all have to work together, with more resiliency and collectively as a community, in keeping ourselves stronger together ny working for more of a common goal. Simply, we need to start caring a little bit more about ourselves as well as about each other with love. This will keep us stronger and more able to push for change more consistently and effectively than just waiting for government to take back up its role in keeping our infrastructure together. We need to be more active.

There is a concern in the African American community that Sen. Obama’s talk about personal responsibility may be another situation at throwing the black community in a negative light in the predominately white and denotative-biased media. Dr. Boyce Watkins, of the informative and very poignant African American issues info sites YourBlackWorld.com/boycewatkins.net, explained this concern stating, “I support Sen. Obama and endorse him completely and want him to be our president..but I think there is a huge concern in the black community…having a feeling like Sen. Obama is selling the wrench in order to get in the White House….how far do we go [in] denouncing our own people, in terms of embarrassing ourselves, engaging in humiliation, treating blackness as a form of criminality…how far do we go in order to get into the White House…the reality is that all human beings are fundamentally equal, that’s a fact…if you are somehow at any point implying that black males are somehow more morally deficient relative to everyone else, that we are somehow lazier than everyone else, or we are somehow more criminal than everyone else, or we are somehow more willing to engage in some form of delinquency than everyone else, that is wrong…he wants to be president of America, not black America..Why is he not giving equally condemning speeches in other venues? [African Americans are not the only group that should be criticized by our President]…There is a clear double standard…if you could go into one, tiny ethnic group and make those blanket condemnations and stereotypes and everything else, you should be able to go into any other group in America and make those same judgments….Rev. Jackson’s sentiment is not uncommon..with black leadership who truly care about the black community…let’s all make a personal decision, how far are we willing to go to get into that White House..nothing is worth sacrificing everything when you’re talking about your culture, and your love for your own people and your love for yourself.”

While I respect Dr. Boyce Watkins, who is an esteemed, great black speaker, whose extensively experienced in providing great information about the state of black progress has kept many focused and thoughtful and always spoke truth to power, I do not really support everything he’s saying. I see no wrong in mentioning that there is more work to do. It’s not like Sen. Obama is actively talking about it on FOX News and blasting black people like the Uncle Toms, Juan Williams and Jesse Lee Peterson, do often. I do believe that the Honorable and the long-serving Reverend Jesse Jackson got angry way too quickly at the mentioning of the word, ‘personal responsibility.’

Sen. Obama explained in graphic detail that personal responsibility means the community as a whole, in a bipartisan effort, has to work towards this cause of rebuilding our country in a more collective effort- not to “throw our hands up in frustration.” Many African Americans agree with the senator, unfortunately, the corporate media did not cover ANY of these issues or the conference at all. I mean, can we not talk about the problems that we have that aren’t helping us? What if we see apathy out there, can we not address it without having to go out of our way to include every other group just to be able to talk about it? Is there anything really wrong with that? I don’t think he’s alienating the black community and painting us in a derogatory light in front of whites in public. No, he’s not throwing black people “under a bus.” I mean, what’s wrong with saying that society, as a whole, has to start caring about each other a little more. That’s how we show that we really love our community and our country; by trying to change it through improving it by caring to point it out and work on it. He cannot go to every single place and do the same thing.

You have got to realize that he’s got a big task at hand and we have to be more patient with him. As progressives and as a diverse community, we not only trying to get him through a harsh and racist climate in a presidential general election and show solidarity and unity in front of a Far-Right adversity that basks and revels in the prospect of our social destruction. We have to defeat John McBush, and keep him from suppressing American progress. We, as a people, are not always going to hear what we want to hear from Barack and in the general election period things are way too fragile to care this much about this. He’s being attacked, like a circular firing squad, for everything he says and doesn’t say. Let’s relax a little right now and show solidarity. When he becomes president, that’s when we should ‘hold his clay feet to the fire.’

Barack has crossed the threshold to become the first African American Democratic Nominee

CNN Projects on Jun. 3rd, 2008 at 9:00pm: Barack Obama has just crossed the threshold and has become the first African American Democratic Nominee to the American presidency. This is absolutely historic. He has just made history and has opened the door to future minorities towards setting their sights on the American presidency. No matter what happens from now on, Barack has marked a milestone and has beaten a powerful dynasty towards the nomination for the most powerful job in the world. Get ready for an onslaughter against the 3rd Bush term policies of McBush. No one thought Obama would actually beat the Clinton machine and get here. Now that he’s here, he has to reunite a party and group/craft the biggest American coalition in history. Will Hillary concede? Will Hillary reject the possible VP slot? We’ll have to wait and see.

The new Democratic nominee is declared

The new Democratic nominee is established, and it is Barack Obama. We have a candidate that motivates new, young voters, Independent voters and even Republicans. History is in the making- We have a progressive candidate that is focused on ending the war and turning our country towards a people-focused direction ready and crafted for the modern age. After 200+ years of the history of the country, we are finally ready to see the first African American president in our lifetimes. I believe this is a great, defining day. A day that the world, the WORLD, is watching happening in live history- and we are ready to show our diversity and our leading example to other nations. We should rejoice- and we should unite, UNITE, in our resolve to take our country back and bring change to the table. We are the new politics, and it’s time to turn the page on the corrupt, cronyistic McBush Age. We have to start being actively ready to take advantage of our people-ocratic opportunity and our overdue time to take back our country! Enough about our differences in skin color, or our differences in our places of birth, or our class, or our original language, or any of our meaningless quarrels and differences and right now start working to make our country be what it was intended on being- our land of freedom and opportunity- the place that our parents and grandparents worked hard, fought hard and died to make our country into being. We need to come together and work on a campaign against a 3rd McBush term. We need to get affordable health care this time, we need fair trade, we need to stop this endless war, we need better education for our children and their futures. C’mon, guys- we can make it happen this time. Realize the truth that is yes, we can.

Barack Obama is around 46 delegates away from Democratic Nomination

Barack Obama receives endorsements today from Colorado Democratic Party Chair and superdelegate Pat Waak, Meredith Wood Smith, Chair of the Oregon Democratic Party and Guam Senator and Democrat National Committeeman Ben C. Pangelinan. Obama is 46 delegates away from securing the Democratic Nomination.

The Hilarity of Presidential Politics

I am tired of the nomination process.

It has become a joke; it’s not even democracy. It’s all about scoring cheap political points, invoking the death of our beloved public officials and depending on possible further assassinations of rivals to continue race’s in your favor, using back-room party insiders to override votes, race-baiting and scaring white people into voting for you. We have been bombarded with the horse race headlines, boxing reference, spin, finger-wagging, angry and belligerent ex-presidents, the “low-blows” and the lack of more vital news to make it worth watch the boob tube. However, this race is one of the most important things in our lifetimes to keep up on, so I digress.

What has happened while The Pennsylvania Progressive has been gone? Not much. We still have more potshots being swung by these candidates. We have our own Ted Kennedy being diagnosed with malignant brain cancer. We have Sen. Hillary Clinton invoking the horrible assassination of RFK to win a nominee battle. We have Barack Obama and McBush attacking each other with name-calling words like “appeaser” and “political posturing.” In a climate where hurricanes, earthquakes and cyclones are growing more and more to be a constantly-occurring phenomenon ripping the country in pieces, where man-made global warming is getting worse, we have an Administration that is so out of control that it is declaring peacemaker and hero Nelson Mandela a terror suspect, where our civil liberties and human rights are openly violated to the point that our Secretary of State, Condolezza Rice, can openly admit to advocating torture as a national policy, that our most unpopular president in history is looking to make our own country into a Brave New World-like police state– we are in trouble, and in a horse race that can determine the very fate and path our country goes on from now on we still have not fully taken the opportunity to get the American public to force our officials to focus on answering the real issues squeezing at our necks.

I am disgusted at our corporate media. They’re not covering the real stories that count- and why do I care this late in the game when they’ve been ignoring the real issues for a while now? Well, things are getting significantly worse and they are feeding into our amnesia as a country about the real challenges that we face. We have U.S. companies that are skirting international law to provide the Chinese government with new ways to suppress its people and all the media talks about is whether or not it is okay to have the Olympics in Beijing. Hey, how about impeaching our aiding and abetting, cronyistic president and stuffing his ‘executive privilege’ to hide and lie and blow stuff up in other people’s countries up his rear-end, and throw him in jail where he belongs? We have a executive branch of government that advocates for violating the Constitution and spying on American civilians and giving government grants, taxpayer money, contracts to telecom and other corporate companies for them to do it. We also have 2 branches of Congress that are allowing them to step on our hard-fought Constitution and ignore the balance of power.

There is so much going wrong now the pot is boiling over. Now is the time to force our candidates to answer the issues IN SPECIFICS that will determine whether the future of not only us but the future of the ones we love will be in jeopardy. Demand more. The real issues are not being talked about. The same partisan politics of attack words, wedge issues and hollow terms will not solve our most neglected problems. Our most immediate, critical problems are- health care, the environment, gas prices going up to $10 a gallon, jobs and opportunity, foreclosures, social mobility, worker’s rights, college affordability, whether our small businesses can be supported over mass consolidation, food inspection oversight, unequal and unfair trade and exploitation, sweatshop labor, bad Chinese products, protection of our ports, our disaffected youth competing with the world’s youth for jobs and their livelihood, the 4,000 dead troops and the brave ones stuck in stop-loss and in their 3rd-4th tours in Iraq in an endless war that McBush advocates continuing for 100 years, etc. The status quo is not acceptable anymore. We should not worry about funny names, skin color and the gender of our officials. We need to hold them up to the real problems, and we need change, now.