Stolz Driving Uninspected Car

Julian Stolz, the embattled East Penn School Director under fire for dating and contacting underage girls, is also driving an uninspected car.  The PA inspection on his auto expired on July 30, 2011 meaning he been driving illegally for over two years.  Someone stuck this message on his windshield at the last east Penn School Board meeting and you can see his expired stickers.

 photo StolzCarInspection_zps37945a8a.jpg

The cops also see it.  He has been cited several times both for the expired inspection and for failing to pay his annual registration fees.  I cited him several years ago for failing to comply with state campaign finance laws.  Does Stolz believe the laws don’t apply to him?  If I’d been caught contacting fourteen year olds or admitted hanging out at parties of ninth graders while 20 years old I’d have found the closest, deepest hole I could crawl in and hope people forgot about it ASAP.  Not Julian Stolz, he went on every news program he could find.  He is supposed to resign his position at East Penn at Monday’s meeting.  We’ll wait and see.

Update:  He was stopped and fined again on Friday.

WFMZ on Witchhunt For “Anna Karina”

WFMZ, Channel 69 News, is on a witchhunt to out “Anna Karina.”  She is the anonymous blogger behind thestolzreport, a blog on WordPress which disclosed that East Penn School District Director Julian Stolz was dating underage teen girls.  Reporter Jaccii Farris has been contacting various people accusing them of being Anna Karina based on supposed anonymous tips.  Her approaches have been hostile and every person she has threatened has correctly responded with a denial.

Why is WFMZ pursuing this?  I left a voice mail this morning for News Director Brad Rinehart but he has chosen not to respond to my inquiry.

People choose to blog anonymously for important motivations.  Many would lose their full time jobs if their blogging identities were known.  In this case one reason Anna has chosen to use a pseudonym is due to Julian Stolz’s litigiousness.  His record of threatening and intimidating those who dare oppose him is also a reason some parents opted not to confront at Monday’s school board meeting.  Three people who attended that meeting were accused by Farris yesterday of being Karina.

Outing anonymous bloggers is bad form and bad journalism.  It is also unethical.  Truly anonymous bloggers, those who go to great lengths to conceal their real identities (as opposed to those who simply pretend to be anonymous when it suits them) do so for the same reasons as some sources choose to remain anonymous.  Are we, as bloggers, to then hire private investigators to go after WFMZ’s sources?

The identity of Anna Karina isn’t the next progression for this story.  Discovering why the Lehigh County DA didn’t investigate is one of them as are pursuits into finding out if Stolz actually did violate criminal statutes.  His challenge to go to the police with any proof is a dare.  This is what Ms. Farris should be pursuing.  I have inquiries in at to verify Stolz’s claim as to why his JulStol profile got banned there.  Fining other teen dating sites and/or apps where he might have trolled for underage girls is yet another possible investigative pursuit.

If Dateline NBC had caught Julian texting, chatting or arriving at a teen’s home he’d have been arrested on the spot.  He contacted one underage girl in Texas.  Under that state’s law any discussion involving sex would be criminal.  I cannot imagine why a district attorney or police department would not conduct a full investigation based on what we know publicly from Stolz’s chats and statements.  He claims to only “have slept with two of them.”  Which two and were they underage?  If he even talked about having sex he violated the law.  If he got oral sex or fondled a girl he broke the law.  His actions scream for a full investigation.  His penchant for chatting, texting, and IM’ing leaves a wealth of factual information to determine whether he is a pedophile who preyed on young, troubled girls.

These are the stories WFMZ should be pursuing, not an unethical inquiry into a truly anonymous blogger.

Update:  After writing this WFMZ contacted me.  News Director Brad Rinehart and reporter Jaccii Farris said Julian Stolz is claiming that Anna took chats and conversations of his out of context.  They are pursuing Karina to discuss those issues and determine her credibility as a source.  I explained to them why some bloggers choose anonymity and that I have used contributors who chose anonymity.  Heck, sometimes I wish I was anonymous when powerful politicians take issue with things I expose about them.  I don’t have a job at stake however and choose to write openly.

Update II:  A teacher at Emmaus High School contacted the District Attorney’s office approximately five weeks ago about Stolz’s contacting underage girls through Teenspot.  That office did nothing about the case.  Today a detective spoke with “Anna” about the case and she doesn’t believe they are investigating.  Why?  There’s too much smoke here not to have fire somewhere.

Outing “Anna Karina”

The source for information regarding Julian Stolz, the East Penn School Director found to be contacting and dating underage girls, is known as “Anna Karina.”  Her blog, The Stolz Report on WordPress, is a mock one of Julian’s blog The Stolz Report.  I know the true identity of “Anna.”  She goes to great lengths to keep her real identity secret because her subject is well known for threatening and intimidating those who dare criticize him or his extreme political views.  Some seem intent on outing her identity because Stolz is threatening legal action to find the information.

Let’s make a few things clear.  First, Anna is truly an anonymous blogger.  Secondly:  it is very improper to expose a true anonymous blogger.  Third:  Anna has not published anything which is legally actionable.  Everything she has revealed about the School Director’s behavior is fully documented and available publicly to anyone willing to take the time to Google it.  Fourth:  the story here is whether or not Stolz had sexual contact with underage girls.  Not who and why someone is exposing his immoral behavior.  Going after the messenger is very bad form.

I understand that WFMZ, Channel 69 News, is on a quest to discover “Anna’s” identity.  My understanding is they believe she is Justin Burkhardt, a young man who was very outspoken last evening.  He is not Anna.  I imagine that if WFMZ airs a story accusing him of being this source they could face a nasty legal action which they would lose.

News organizations should be asking the Lehigh County District Attorney or the Emmaus Police Department why they neglected to pursue the obvious investigation into Stolz’s activities with underage girls.  Instead they’re obsessed with Anna’s identity.  How many other fourteen year old girls might be out there who have been contacted by Julian Stolz?  Maybe Channel 69 could spend some time looking for them.  We know that pedophiles tend to have multiple victims and, if he is a pedophile, I imagine Julian would fit the profile.  He cannot be trusted to tell the truth about this.  I asked him last night if he had contacted a 14 year old through Teenspot last year and he categorically denied doing so.  “Anna Karina” has proof that he did.  Therefore are we to believe his claim he had no sexual contact with any of these girls?  No kissing, no pats on the butt, no fondling of breasts?  He categorically denied that too during my interview (posted below).

Others are maintaining that Stolz’s private life is his own and is no one else’s business.  I’m sure Jerry Sandusky agrees with that assessment.  Stolz is a very public figure.  He has issued over 13,000 Tweets, for instance, writes a blog (he was fired from some others today), and holds public office.  He is a sitting School Director who admitted to Channel 69 New slast night that as a twenty year old he dated a 15 year old student in his District.  That’s news folks.

When I first learned of this in early September (I was in Santa Fe at the time) my initial reaction was that it should be investigated by the Pennsylvania State Police.  I decided not to write about it because I didn’t want to interfere with what should obviously be a criminal investigation.  The authorities chose not to investigate.  Why?  That’s the story news organizations should be tracking right now, not the identity of a truly anonymous blogger.

Let’s put our efforts where they belong, not trying to out an anonymous blogger who did the public a favor.

Parents Confront Stolz

East Penn School Board Director Julian Stolz tweeted that he was going to a party last night.  Enraged parents and stone faced fellow Board members didn’t appear to partying.  Stolz apologized to his fellow Board members for “creating a three ring circus” but neglected to apologize to the assembled crowd for using a teen dating website to contact and meet underage girls.  He said he should have resigned five years ago after dating a fifteen year old Emmaus High School student while sitting on the School Board.  Confronted by parents after the meeting to resigning for that improper behavior Stolz claimed there was no longer any reason to do so.

He accused those attacking him for having political motivations after failing to comprehend the wrongness of his actions.  It simply is not appropriate for a young man in his twenties to date fourteen and fifteen year old girls.  He claims he didn’t meet his current girlfriend through but at a party.  What twenty year old hangs out at parties of ninth grade girls?  Parents are troubled by the fact that, as a School Board member, he has unlimited access to East Penn schools.  Kevin Kelly of Emmaus said that as a father of two girls he is troubled by Stolz’s behavior.  “He should be an example for the community.  This has gone beyond the bounds.”  Hillary Smith of Macungie told the Board “the most dangerous people to children are those who haven’t yet been caught.”  She called for a full investigation and looked straight at Stolz and asked “Do you really think we as parents are as stupid as you think?”

Ironically the District Superintendent included a review of one school’s safety report in his remarks.  He cited only one student arrest in 2012 as a good record.  That may equal the number of School Board members arrested this year.  I’ve known Stolz for several years and had various facebook chats with him.  He does love conducting chats, IM’s and text messages so I believe a police investigation of his communications will reveal definitively whether he had improper or criminal sexual contact with any underage girls.  I asked him point blank if he had any sexual contact and he said NO.  Sexual contact means anything from a pat on the butt to oral sex and fondling.

Stolz also denied having contacted a fourteen year old girl last year through his Teenspot account.  An anonymous blog which broke this story has proof that he did.

What troubles me most about this is Stolz’s inability to understand that what he did was wrong.  He claimed he logged into his Teenspot account as routinely as he did his facebook account.  I don’t buy this.  A dating website which one logs onto routinely as a twenty four year old is deeply troubling.  At what point does a healthy, well adjusted straight male graduate from high school and high school girls?  At what point does a School Board member understand it isn’t proper to date girls attending his high school?  At what point does that School Board take action to condemn such behavior?  Following last night’s meeting my opinion is that this Board condones such conduct.

Update:  Stolz just posted to his blog that he is resigning from the school board effective immediately.

I interviewed Stolz following the meeting:

School Director Caught on Teen Dating Website

East Penn School District Director Julian Stolz has had a page on the teen hook-up website Teenspot for several years according to a Lehigh Valley blog.  The Stolz Report found a shirtless picture of the extreme right wing politician along with records revealing he has had contact with girls as young as 14 through Teenspot.  He has also admitted contacting young girls through his page there and began dating his current girlfriend when she was underage.

The question here is whether a School Board Director had inappropriate sexual contact with underage girls and whether his questionable judgment should cost him his position.  If Stolz engaged in sexual intercourse with a girl under 18 while he was in his early to mid-twenties he likely engaged in a criminal act.  

Julian Stolz is a very conservative ideologue, especially on social issues.  He has a long history of inflammatory and racist messages on his Twitter account.  He ran for Mayor of Emmaus earlier this year.  Parents and teachers in East Penn are angered by these revelations and I expect a lively and heated school board meeting Monday when many of them will have a chance to confront Stolz about these conversations he’s had.

My question is why the Lehigh County District Attorney has yet to act on this evidence and apparent admissions of statutory rape?  A full investigation seems to be in order.

News & Notes March 31, 2013

Our internet was out for several days so I’m catching up.  

Happy Spring Fertility Festival for all of those who celebrate the holiday.  May all the bunnies and eggs get you in the mood…

A couple of defense contractors tied to late Congressman Jack Murtha have finally been charged.  This scandal was enveloping the Congressman in the late days of his life before a botched surgery killed him.

Pressure is on Sen. Casey to finally support marriage equality.  He’s heard from prominent gay activists Mark Segal, Rep. Brian Sims and others this week.  Keystone Progress is collecting petition signatures.  Don’t hold your breath waiting folks.

Navy Seal Team 6 member Brett Schadle of Elizabethville died in a training accident in Arizona the other day.  He and another SEAL collided during a parachute jump.  We send our condolences to his family and thank them for his service.

Another Neanderthal Republican (is that term becoming redundant?) is on the loose in Harrisburg.  Rep. Tim Kreiger wants to make it impossible for those who object to religious symbols in public places to sue to have them removed.  Because of the threats of backlash and violence those filing such court cases do so anonymously.  Kreiger wants to force them to identify themselves so his fellow Neanderthals can harass and threaten them for supporting the separation of church and state.

North Dakota passed a bill outlawing safe, legal abortions.  The legislation defines life as beginning at conception and gives a fertilized egg the same rights as persons.  Gays and lesbians still don’t have those rights in North Dakota.  The bill is clearly unconstitutional and will be struck down by the courts.

In a decision last week the Supreme Court said cops can’t bring a drug sniffing dog to your dog to search for drugs.  It’s nice to see that some semblance of the Fourth Amendment remains.  The Justices have sliced and diced it so much that little of it remains intact.

East Penn School Board member Julian Stolz is again in hot water over his social media statements.  The man has been anti-public education for years so his outrageous and provocative anti-education rantings are no surprise.  His Twitter feed is littered with stupid and crazy stuff.  Now one father has taken offense and the result should be Julian’s final demise on the Board.  Unfortunately for Emmaus he’s running for Mayor.

Corporate Dem Ed Rendell is taking heat for supporting fracking.  He’s a corporate Democrat and always has been so why the surprise?

State Senator Gene yaw is leasing his land for fracking.  As if that weren’t bad enough he’s also Chair of the committee overseeing energy and environmental protection.  Some think it’s a clear conflict of interest.  For a Pennsylvania lawmaker?  That’s a first (said completely in jest).  At least he’s open and honest about being bought off.

State Sen. Rob Teplitz is gaining a reputation as a serious reformer.  Now he and Sen. Patty Kim, another newcomer to Harrisburg, want to stop automatic pay raises.  Following the huge public outcry when lawmakers raised their salaries by over 30% a few years ago someone got smart and passed an automatic COLA.  Now, even as budget cuts hurt people all across the Commonwealth our Reps and Senators continue grabbing the gold ring.  My advice to them:  ask Josh Shapiro how frustrating it can be to be a true reformer in Harrisburg.

President Obama has named the first woman to head the Secret Service.

News & Notes September 12, 2012

Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens was killed in Benghazi yesterday in a rocket attack.  The riot directed against the U.S. Embassy on September 11th was planned to protest a new American movie about the Prophet Muhammed.  Our State Department professionals are always a target for outrage against oppressive U.S. policies and actions.

Paul “Lyin'” Ryan has been caught prevaricating once again.  This time he claims the size of government has doubled under Barack Obama.  In reality due to severe budget cuts the size of the federal government is smaller than at any time since Dwight Eisenhower was in the Oval Office.  Facts are curious things, important for those of us who live in a reality based world, superfluous for morons.  He also is claiming not to have supported cuts in Defense spending for which he did, indeed, vote.  His mouth runs faster than his legs do in a marathon.  It’s just as accurate as his times.

Elections have consequences, remember that when (assuming you can in PA) you vote.  In Tennessee one county defunded Planned Parenthood.  The result: a drop in health services for women of 93%.  Defunding Planned Parenthood is a direct attack upon women’s health.  Planned Parenthood Action Fund is running this ad in Ohio and Virginia:

Mitt Romney is flip flopping so much on ObamaCare he looks like a flounder caught on a fishing dock.  Even he can’t keep track of his latest position.

yet one more example of an elderly voter forced to take transportation to PennDOT in search of a voter ID he couldn’t obtain.  This time having an influential son on TV saved him.  What about the hundreds of thousands of other senior Pennsylvanians who don’t have powerful children on CNBC?

Wonder why Sheldon Adelson is willing to spend $100 million to get Romney in the White House?  It’s an investment as he stands to gain over $2 billion in tax benefits under President Romney.  It’s a simple return on investment calculation.  Guess who gets screwed in the deal?  Remember Adelson owns the Sands Casino in Bethlehem.  Going there just puts your cash into Mitt’s campaign.  Romney will do Sheldon’s bidding, after taking $100M he’ll have to.  This means fighting a proxy war for Israel against Iran.  War with Iran will make Iraq look like a walk in the park.  Guess whose sons and daughters will die?  Hint:  not the 1%.

East Penn School Board member Julian Stolz, he of the worst campaign finance reporting I’ve ever seen, is calling for the banning of books.  He is upset at what he terms “the pornographic nature” of Tom Wolfe’s “The Electric Acid Kool Aid Test” and Curtis Sittenfeld’s “Prep.”  I’m not familiar with the second author but I’ve read most of Wolfe’s literature.  He’s one of the major authors of our time.  The books listed on the school district’s summer reading list aren’t required and, as always, parental input of their children’s education, reading materials and such is important.  It is up to parents to decide what on a reading list is appropriate for their child and what is not.  School Board members shouldn’t be in the business of banning books.

Mike Fitzpatrick is having a tough time defending his record.  The former moderate Republican became a Tea Party favorite after winning his seat back in 2010’s GOP wave.  He was at a Bucks County car dealership and took some tough questions on the auto bailout.  This is becoming a significant issue this fall.  Ask your Congressman if he supported saving millions of jobs.

Mitt Romney says he isn’t running for president to save the planet.  If there is no other reason to vote against him in November this is it.  Global climate change is the biggest threat to anyone living on the earth right now.  Warming is driving wildfires, drought, floods, tornadoes and other extreme weather.  Americans are dying because of climate change.  If Mitt has no concern for this issue he isn’t fit to be president.

Hunger and famine resulting from climate change threaten the stability of every nation on earth.  The threat of mass riots as crops continue failing because of climate change is something you’d think both of our major presidential candidates would comprehend.  The threat is real according to some experts.  My food budget is quickly outpacing the cost of gas in breaking my budget.  I can choose not to drive as much and we all know I can cut back on eating some but what’ll happen once I’m down to 150 pounds?  Don’t get between me and the ice cream counter.

Pennsylvania took in around $200 million last year in Marcellus Shale gas taxes.  Most of that goes to local governments to fix roads, restore clean water (or provide it as the case may be) and other impacts.  That’s why it’s an impact fee actually instead of a tax.  Imagine if we actually taxed this resource which legally belongs to all Pennsylvanians and is being removed for free?  

Chesapeake Energy is being accused of cheating leaseholders out of royalties.  Surprised?  Get into bed with the devil and get screwed, there’s nothing shocking here…

Baseball pitcher Matt Cain (San Francisco Giants) has joined the No Hate Campaign.  He threw a perfect game earlier this season.

How stupid are Americans?  15% of Ohio Republicans think Romney killed Osama Bin Laden.  I report, you decide.

Jimmy Fallon channeled James Taylor at the DNC convention:

Indoctrinating the Kids

The right wing fringe is at it again.  Where do they keep coming up with this stuff?  Of course they have “think tanks” who dream up these crazy conspiracy theories because they’re unable to come up with real policy solutions.  Their latest is that President Obama is trying to indoctrinate our kids and recruit them into his “Hitler Youth” corps.  Since when is encouraging kids to study, learn and stay in school subversive?  When it means that an educated, learned population is a threat to their whackjob conspiracy theories I suppose.

After all if our future citizens actually use school to learn how to learn, learn how to discover actual facts and to think for themselves that would be a real threat to the future of the GOP wouldn’t it?  So they’ve concocted this bogus scandal about Barack Obama addressing school children Tuesday.  Never mind that President Reagan and President George H.W. Bush did the same thing.  Remember where George W. Bush was on September 11, 2001?  In a school in Flordia “indoctrinating” children about the evils of reading.

It’s only evil, it seems, when a Democrat does it.

One of the more interesting loudmouths objecting to this is an East Penn School Board member known for living on the extreme fringe.  Julian Stolz started a Facebook page recruiting support for his protest at Emmaus High School.  Here’s another fine example of a Republican school board member doing what he can to undermine public education.  Stolz couldn’t even spell the word “entrance” correct on his page.  He has his history wrong when he posts this statement:  “President Barack Obama has decided to be the first President in History to direct a speech at our Nation’s Youth while they are a captive Audience in their Government Funded School Classrooms.”  Except for Reagan and Bush 41, that is…

Maybe what we need is a literacy test for school board members.  If students have to be tested why not running the schools?  In Reading Keith Stamm, a school board member, has written a blog for several years exposing his complete lack of grammar and spelling skills.  This is embarrassing.  These people are embarrassing themselves by this conduct especially and the rest of us would be laughing if it weren’t so pathetic.  This is what Republicans do because they cannot come up with effective, good government policy alternatives.

Stolz Cyberstalking His Accuser

Earlier this week a young man who used to be a Republican (and still works for a GOP candidate) wrote a diary summarizing serious ethical and legal lapses in Julian Stolz’s campaign finance reports.  Stolz is a 21 year old elected to the East Penn School Board (Lehigh County) at age 19.  He is in the Rick Santoum mold excepting he is a supporter of open government and reform, areas in which we have cooperated.

Joe Haas brought me copies of Stolz’s reports to verify that the errors and issues he’d identified were actual.  I actually found a far more serious problem:  Stolz had not formed a committee for his school board race in spite of raising $2500, then times the limit for an individual without a committee, chair or treasurer.

This week Stolz has bombarded Haas with emails, IM’s and unjustified attacks through another blog.  His conduct is cyberstalking and is clearly intended, by his own admission, to disturb and disrupt Haas.  Here’s an example:

I don’t mean this as a threat or anything like that Joe. You’re attacking, I fought back.

I admit I’ve made mistakes.

You’ve made your point

Can we talk? Please? Call me or add me as a friend on here and just chat with me for a bit? If you don’t like how it’s going, stop.

He’s been bombarding poor Mr.Haas daily with message after message.  There have been accusations that he’ll leak old conversations they had when friendly to another blogger for publication.  Out of context, of course.

Indeed there are some serious ethical questions being raised about Stolz’s conduct on the East Penn School Board.  Did he arrange to have a close ally sue his own Board?  Is he planning on derailing a new teacher’s contract in order to force a strike so he can oust State Rep. Steve Santasiero over the legality of teacher’s strikes?  These are all rumblings coming from people in the Emmaus area who are concerned over legal and ethical conflicts of interest on Stolz’s part.  Cyberstalking and illegal campaign reports may be the least of his worries.

Campaign Finance: Julian Stolz

( – promoted by John Morgan)

Julian Stolz is a 21-year-old Republican School Director on the East Penn School Board. He was elected in 2007 and has since had a bizarre obstructionist record on the board, voting against insignificant expenditures, while supporting the allocation of taxpayer money to a charter school. that lacks a curriculum and a code of conduct.

The primary financial contributor to Stolz’s 2007 campaign was Montgomery County’s anti-government activist Bob Guzzardi. Guzzardi, who harbors disturbing views concerning the intelligence of African Americans, has close ties with Simon Campbell, a proponent of legislation to outlaw teacher strikes. Clearly, these are persons with a radical agenda for Pennsylvania’s public education system.

To this end, Stolz has attempted to discredit the East Penn School Board and its members, heralding himself as a fiscal watchdog while condemning his colleagues for a perceived lack of transparency and accountability. He has involved himself with Otto Slozer’s lawsuit against the school board, while contributing a column to Slozer’s newspaper, The Lehigh Valley Commentator that was heavily critical of his fellow School Directors. The clear conflict of interest is apparently lost on Mr. Stolz.

Although his public persona is based upon exposing the alleged corruption and incompetence of others, I had heard troubling rumors that Mr. Stolz had boasted that he had used money from his political campaign to finance a personal vacation to the Carolinas. Having a few free minutes at the Lehigh County Elections and Voter Registration office, I requested his campaign finance reports and was astonished by what I saw.

I consulted the Chief Clerk Stacy Sterner about my concerns, and she agreed that the reports appeared suspicious. She invited me to file a complaint and furnished me with free copies of the reports. The complaint was submitted on February 3rd, and has been forwarded to Harrisburg. Below is the content of that complaint and PDF copies of the relevant campaign finance reports.

Summary Key:

A. Amount Brought Forward from Last Report

B. Total Monetary Contributions and Receipts

C. Total Funds Available (Sum of A & B)

D. Total Expenditures

E. Ending Cash Balance (Subtract D from C)

F. Value of In-Kind Contributions

G. Unpaid Debts and Obligations.

Report 1

Type: Unmarked (2006) 01/06/2006 – 05/09/2006

Filer: Stolz for State Committee

Summary: A. $1,4?0.79     B. $4,380.00     C. $4210.00    D. $4,185.68   E. $24.32

Notes and Discrepancies:

1. The report is arguably illegible.

2. The report is not signed by the candidate, nor is it notarized. The campaign committee treasurer has filed in the notary box himself.

3. Item A + B should equal ~$5,800, not the listed $4,210.00. The entire $14?0.79 of Item A and an additional $170 from Item B are unaccounted for.

4. The total monetary contributions from Schedule I equal $4360, not $4380. Still, the total amount of money remaining in the account should be at least $174.32. The fate of this money is unknown.

5. The mailing address and employer mailing address are identical for Joseph Cortez, a $2000 contributer. The address is that of Emmaus High School.

6. A 350.00 purchase at 7-Eleven in Emmaus for “Gas and Travel expenses” on 02/08/06. It is extraordinarily unlikely to incur precisely $350.00 in travel expenses in a single day in a local campaign, especially if they were purchased in a single transaction as indicated. This was nearly a week prior to the date petitions were legally permitted to circulate.

7. A $58.52 purchase from the same day for “food” at Coldstone Creamery, an ice cream chain.

8. A $250.00 expenditure for “Lincoln Breakfast” is dated 2/13/05, which places it outside the reporting period.

9. A $28.08 “travel exp” at 7-Eleven is undated.

10. A $689.87 expenditure to Capitol Promotions is undated.

11. The report is not a termination report and presumably the committee is still active.

Report 2

Type: 6th Tuesday Pre-Primary (2007) 12/29/2006 – 03/28/2007

Filer: Julian Stolz (Candidate Report)

Summary: A. $0   B. $1350   C. $1300   D. $1050   E. $300   F. $0   G. $200

Notes and Discrepancies:

1. Item A+B should equal $1350, not the listed $1300.

Report 3

Type: 2nd Friday Pre-Primary (2007) 12/29/2006 – 04/30/2007

Filer: Julian Stolz (Candidate Report)

Summary: A. $0   B. $4450   C. $4450   D. $2700   E. $1750

Notes and Discrepancies:

1. Item A should equal Item E from the previous report–$300. Instead, it is listed at $0.

2. No employer information is given for Roland Signal, who made a $1000 donation.

3. A $152.75 expenditure to Northwest Political Promotions is undated.

3. There are major issues with the reporting period, as he lists contributions and expenditures from the previous reporting period in this report, and extends both Report #2 and Report #3 back to 12/29/2006.

Report 4

Type: 30-Day Post Primary (2007) 04/31/2007 – 06/14/2007

Filer: Julian Stolz (Candidate Report)

Summary: A. $1700   B. $0   C. $1700   D. $0   E. $1700

Notes and Discrepancies:

1. Item A should equal Item E from the previous report–$1750. Instead, it is listed at $1700. The $50 difference is unaccounted for.

2. The report was notarized in Guilford, North Carolina, the state in which Stolz had boasted he used campaign funds to vacation.

3. This report was filed as a termination report and rejected because of the remaining $1700 cash balance. Stolz was, of course, a candidate in the general election, so it’s particularly odd that he’d attempt to terminate his candidate account prior to Election Day.

4. The issue from report #3 with the overlapping reporting periods seems to have been fixed.

Report 5

Type: 2nd Friday Pre-Election (2007) 06/04/2007 – 10/22/2007

Filer: Julian Stolz (Candidate Report)

Summary: A. $1700     B. $0   C. $1700   D. $1700   E. $0

Notes and Discrepancies:

1. Report has two expenses. The first is a 07/03/07 $100 donation to Fred Thompson for President, transferring money from a state candidate’s account to a federal candidate’s campaign.

2. The second expense is from 08/24/07 and is a $1600 transfer from Stolz to Stolz and described as “Reimbursement for Travel Expenses.” This is unitemized, confined to a single date, and conveniently precisely equals the amount of funds that were remaining in Julian’s candidate account.

$1600 in unitemized travel expenses for a School Board race is highly questionable, particularly given that no travel expenses were recorded on the three previous reports and that he had previously attempted to terminate his filing with that amount of money remaining in his account.

For additional background on this story, please go here.

I hope this is of interest to all of you. I will be publishing additional diaries throughout the week concerning Stolz’s remarkable public responses to my investigative effort.

Update #1: Stolz ally Bernie O’Hare offers up a remarkably fact-free and deranged (even by his dubious standards) rebuttal here.