Ed Pawlowski Jumps Into Gubernatorial Race

Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski jumped into the state’s Gubernatorial primary next year.  He is the latest Democrat to seize on Tom Corbett’s abysmal poll numbers and enter the contest.  He has turned Allentown around and has support from various Lehigh Valley officials but I doubt he’ll be a factor outside that region.  There are simply too many heavyweights in this race.

Pawlowski Announces For Third Term

Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski announced his campaign yesterday for a third term but refused to talk about  a possible bid for Governor in 2014.  Instead the press inquiries were met with the standard “I’m concentrating on this race.”  He didn’t answer my question whether or not he’d serve a full term as Mayor if re-elected amidst many rumors he wants to run against Gov. gasbag next year.  I interviewed him following his speech and asked what Billy Joel might say about his city if he visited it now.  Allentown is building a civic center and the Mayor mused that perhaps the entertainer would come to Allentown.

We also spoke about the scourge of drug violence and guns.

Mayor Pawlowski Slams Dent on Partisanship

On a conference call this afternoon about the American Jobs Act Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski said he’d work with the Lehigh Valley Congressional delegation to pass the bill.  I asked him how he’d get Charlie Dent, who has consistently voted against jobs legislation, to vote for the bill.  The Mayor said “this is insane” that Republicans are more concerned with damaging President Obama than helping the country and that Dent and others are playing politics with the economy.  He also said if we had more Mayors in Congress the nation would be better because there’s no Republican or Democratic way to pave roads or build sewer systems.

The call was conducted by the Department of Commerce and Acting Secretary Rebecca Blank also weighed in with her comments.

I asked if more funds should be devoted to infrastructure rather than small business incentives since people don’t have money to buy things so the demand isn’t there for businesses to expand their workforces.  I’m also concerned about the payroll tax cut that Blank promoted heavily.  Social Security needs more funds not less.  This constant cutting of Social Security and Medicare revenues will only be a pretext to cut or end those programs in the future.

Washington is manufacturing yet another crisis with these cuts.  A better solution to put money in the hands of consumers is the direct stimulus checks issued under President Bush.  That money went straight into the economy.

Pawlowski Celebrates Office Opening

Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski opened his official campaign office last Saturday before a crowd of about fifty supporters.  Pennsylvania Democratic Party Political Director Fadia Halma, City Councilmen and Council candidate Mike Schlossberg were among the attendees.  Pawlowski spoke about his accomplishments and kept his speech positive instead of going after his opponent. He had much to celebrate from his first term:

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