Ed Pawlowski Jumps Into Gubernatorial Race

Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski jumped into the state’s Gubernatorial primary next year.  He is the latest Democrat to seize on Tom Corbett’s abysmal poll numbers and enter the contest.  He has turned Allentown around and has support from various Lehigh Valley officials but I doubt he’ll be a factor outside that region.  There are simply too many heavyweights in this race.

Pawlowski Announces For Third Term

Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski announced his campaign yesterday for a third term but refused to talk about  a possible bid for Governor in 2014.  Instead the press inquiries were met with the standard “I’m concentrating on this race.”  He didn’t answer my question whether or not he’d serve a full term as Mayor if re-elected amidst many rumors he wants to run against Gov. gasbag next year.  I interviewed him following his speech and asked what Billy Joel might say about his city if he visited it now.  Allentown is building a civic center and the Mayor mused that perhaps the entertainer would come to Allentown.

We also spoke about the scourge of drug violence and guns.

Obama in Allentown

The final question is about safeguards for Wall Street.  Are regulations in place to prevent it from happening again?  Obama:  “No.”  “It takes time to get things done in Congress.”  “These days you need 60 votes to pass everything.  The opposition is filibustering everything.  If you want to name a post office they say we need to debate that and even that needs 60 votes.”

“Sometimes the public thinks, what are these people doing?”  He reviews the process for getting legislation passed.  “It isn’t easy getting anything done.”

He’s reviewing the new reforms about “too big to fail” firms.  “If you’re too big to fail you’d better have safeguards to make sure you don’t fail.”  He also says we need regulatory framework which is more effective.  We need to be able to quarantine companies like AIG so if they fail they don’t take the entire system down with them.  The financial firms are fighting this because they want to go back to what they were doing.  Some are already back doing what crashed the economy.

We hope to get it done by early next year.

One more question.  Obama’s human touch.  Leonard Martin, a student at the college.  Also a veteran.  Question about the VA and GI Bill.  He isn’t getting any benefits yet.  “Can you call them up for me?”  Crowd is loudly applauding the question.  The President says they’ll get his name.  “I suspect someone will be calling you on your cell phone in about two seconds.”

Allentown Mayoral Candidate Caught in Facebook Sex Chat

Republican Mayoral candidate Tony Phillips got caught having a sex chat on Facebook with a woman.  The Allentown hopeful is single but the woman, Delores Rivera is married.  Oops…  At least he didn’t get caught bragging about it on an open mike as happened in California.  Channel 69 has the details.

Pawlowski Celebrates Office Opening

Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski opened his official campaign office last Saturday before a crowd of about fifty supporters.  Pennsylvania Democratic Party Political Director Fadia Halma, City Councilmen and Council candidate Mike Schlossberg were among the attendees.  Pawlowski spoke about his accomplishments and kept his speech positive instead of going after his opponent. He had much to celebrate from his first term:

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