News & Notes December 6, 2011

Sen. Dominic Pileggi won’t be jumping into the U.S. Senate race.

Michele Bachmann reacted stranglely to a simple truth told her by a young boy mature for his years:

On facebook Lehigh County Commissioner Scott Ott described this as “Leftist child abuse by cowardly parent. How Bachmann’s handling of this can be seen as anything but gracious, I’m not sure.”

Ott, who lives on the compound of a fringe religious sect, thinks it’s “lefty child abuse” to live with reality, to deal with reality and expect others to.

Mitt says he was a job creator at Bain Capital but the truth is the opposite.  Bain bought companies to raid the pension funds then gut and destroy them.  He made a fortune throwing hard working middle class workers out of their jobs.

Sarah Palin has been found guilty in yet another ethics conundrum.  Her defense fund must return $386,000.

For all of you expecting to party the entire year of 2012 in anticipation of the Mayans’ prediction of the end of the world might first want to read this.

Jerry Sandusky went to dinner with one of his former victims.  Police gave the young man permission and it appears the alleged child molester sought to influence his victim yet again by taking him to dinner and convince him it was all for his own good.  The creep never quits.

Here’s a bit of raw truth for all the believers out there:  churches use fear to control you:

Republicans passed voter ID laws here and elsewhere seeking to eliminate a problem which doesn’t exist.  The real problem they had was Democrats voting so they passed laws to keep them doing so.  Of course poll taxes are unconstitutional so they said all you need is a state issued ID card they’d pay for.  What they forgot was how some folks don’t have birth certificates required for those ID’s.  Heck, I never had mine until a couple years ago.  Lots of people don’t have theirs and that costs you money, ergo a poll tax.  For this woman in Wisconsin it means $200 in order to vote.  How, for example, are senior citizens living in nursing homes going to get to a DMV for an ID?

Tom Corbett may be engaging in corruption with his privatization task force.  He has hired an investment firm to identify targets.  Any guesses on which investment firm might profit from these activities?

Fringe Wingnut Challenging Cunningham

A fringe Republican wingnut is now challenging Democrat Don Cunningham for Lehigh County Executive.  Scott Ott says he is a non profit executive but his is actually a non voting Board membership.  Non voting Board members have no say in an organization’s business.  Ott’s non profit is a christian camp which instills his brand of religion on unsuspecting youth.

More interesting are his web writings.  He has posted on Town Hall and a website called Scrappleface.  This Town Hall column is filled with inaccuracies.  First of all he supports the use of Guantanamo, a place which has proven to be Osama Bin Laden’s most effective tool for recruiting terrorists to attack us.  This also means he supports such unchristian things as the torture of human beings.  Shame on you Mr. Ott.

Then there’s this repetition of a common right wing lie:  “Supporters of keeping Gitmo open have noted that as many as 61 former Guantanamo detainees, after release, have returned to the fight, rejoining the network of Islamic jihadists.”  There are, in fact, no facts which support that number.  It is sheer speculation, a number pulled from thin air by people who support the inhuman treatment of human beings and will say anything to continue torturing people.

Then there’s this ridiculousness:  

Only an estimated 11 percent of the 520 detainees thus far released have returned to the fight. This means that Gitmo has a recidivism rate one-sixth the national average. It ought to be the envy of all in the stateside “correctional” industry, whose wardens should be paying $5,000 each for day-long seminars to learn ‘The Gitmo Way’.

Ott ignores the fact that most of the Gitmo prisoners never were terrorists.  Some were nothing more than boys and most were foreigners turned over to the CIA for bounties and had nothing to do with terrorism.  They were released because they hadn’t done anything wrong other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  No wonder the recidivism rate is so low.  Scott Ott makes a fool of himself making such ludicrous claims.  If this is how he gets his information and how he twists or ignores facts heaven help the people of Lehigh County.

Ott describes himself as an evangelical christian.  He also defended Gov. Palin’s abuse of power in TrooperGate.  Now there’s something which should send shivers down the spines of Lehigh Countians.  

In another article Ott spells out his philosophy of government:

Scott Ott: 1) Cut taxes — corporate, individual and nuisance taxes. Eliminate the death tax. 2) Eliminate government departments and programs not mandated in the Constitution. Department of Education goes first.  3) Privatize almost everything but national defense.

Mr. Brokaw, my energy policy is this: Get out of the way and let the energy markets function. My health care policy is this: Get the government completely out of the health care business. My entitlement reform proposal is this: If you’re an American citizen your entitlements are outlined in the Constitution. Nothing else is guaranteed.

Scott Ott: My administration would set an example of fiscal rigor by trimming expenses, cutting whole departments, and not buying anything for which we cannot pay cash. In addition, we would spur economic growth by slashing taxes, and reducing government regulations that exist solely to produce politically-correct social outcomes. We’ll put a stop to decades of efforts to use the tax code to overcome human nature and to create a collectivist Utopia.

1) Cap program benefits at their current levels. Don’t even allow cost of living increases.

2) Cut taxes to spur revenue growth.

3) Create free market options so younger Americans can opt out of Social Security, Medicare and the like.

The United States has the greatest medical care system in the world.

That is as radical as it gets folks.  The U.S. actualy only has the 37th best healthcare system in the world despite spending twice as much per capita.  If that’s a success I hate to see what Mr. Ott deems to be failure.  Oh, we do…Medicare (overhead of 3%), Social Security, regulation of Wall Street, evil taxation to fund public schools (he supports eliminating them so you have to send your kids to his “christian” schools for indoctrination), and the social safety net.  He supports the huge defense spending though:  “The money that we waste trying to rescue businesses and individuals from their own decisions could be going to project American strength through military power to those who mean us harm throughout the world.”  Defense spending doubled under Bush and two wars were begun.  He supports throwing our weight around like the world’s bully.

There’s more, much more but I think you get the idea of the kind of radical, fringe Republican Mr. Ott is.  If you want to be entertained by more wingnuttery go read the rest of his blog.  This is the best Lehigh County Republicans can do to challenge Cunningham?