News & Notes November 28, 2012

Rick Santorum doesn’t only hate gays and Muslims.  Now he’s against disabled people.  Gee, since I’m gay and disabled I suppose I’m really screwed in his eyes.  Ask me if I care what he thinks.

Don’t mess with Matt Damon:

National security expert and author Thomas Ricks turned Fox News’ propaganda against them in an interview this Monday when they insisted on bringing up the non issue of Benghazi.  Fox has been hyping the incident for political hay for weeks and attacking the integrity of UN Ambassador Susan Rice.  After Ricks called Fox a wing of the Republican Party they terminated the interview and then tried to claim he apologized for his remark.  He didn’t.

Benghazi was an unfortunate incident in which locals rioted over a movie trailer released on YouTube..  An affiliated organization of Al Qaeda (not to be confused with Al Qaeda) saw an opportunity and acted on it killing four Americans.  Republican Senators have accused Rice of not divulging national security secrets, something patently absurd.

We know Karl Rove stole Ohio in the 2004 election for George W. Bush, that’s fact.  He tried again this month but was thwarted by Anonymous.  This explains his strange behavior on election night when he told Fox News to delay calling Ohio for Obama.  He was expecting the altered results to come in for Romney.

If you lose your home to foreclosure beginning January 1st you will be liable for additional taxes.  A mortgage modification in which your principal is reduced will also trigger higher taxes as that will be considered taxable income.  This needs to be changed during the lame duck session.  Banksters got away with murder and collected their full performance bonuses at a 15% tax rate but if your home value crashes you get screwed.

Each Wal-Mart store costs taxpayers $420,000 in benefits to its underpaid workers.  Low prices aren’t always what they seem.  If we’re going to have a conversation about entitlements let’s begin with corporate welfare.

Who, exactly, is pushing cuts to government programs while protecting their own corporate welfare?  CEO’s.  Our national priorities are all screwed up.

Americans For Prosperity, the Koch brothers primary front group, is airing commercials calling for the retention of Big Oil’s tax breaks.  Thus far they’ve spent $3 million including here in New Mexico targeting Sen. Tom Udall.

The AFL-CIO has a web page up attacking the austerity efforts in Washington.  It is called Myths and Facts.

October 25, 2012

We march inexorably to the election.  Gloria Allred says she has proof Mitt Romney committed perjury but can’t get the sealed files released.  It seems he covered up for his client Staples owner in his divorce settlement saving the guy millions.  Bain Capital owned Staples which is now closing 60 stores.

We already know Romney is willing to say anything.  Now he’s trying to mitigate his stand on gay issues.  Someone needs to grab that Etch A Sketch from his hands.

As usual I’ve been following politics in my second home of New Mexico.  The Senate seat of retiring Jeff Bingaman is up this fall.  Congressman Martin Heinrich is running against former Congresswoman Heather Wilson.  You might remember her from GonzalesGate when she put pressure on the U.S. Attorney to prosecute voter fraud cases.  He was fired because of that and the resulting scandal bit deeply into the Bush White House until the Attorney General had to quit.  She subsequently lost her seat in Congress as payback and now is losing the Senate race.  I hop to interview Senator-elect Heinrich when I go to Santa Fe in two weeks.  I’ll be there until December 3rd.

One of our own Senators, former State Senator Raphael Musto, pled not guilty to additional charges this week.

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is returning to the Commonwealth next week.

Commonwealth Court is asking the state why it is continuing its Voter ID ad campaign.  Billboards in Hispanic neighborhoods remain telling voters they must have acceptable photo ID to vote.  By order of that same Judge we do not.  This seems to be a blatant attempt by Republicans to engage in election fraud.

Speaking of Pennsylvania Republicans and election fraud the moron from King of Prussia who got caught dumping Democratic voter registration forms in Virginia is facing prosecution.  You don’t want to be Colin Small.  I suspect his name reflects the size of his IQ.  Isn’t it curious that the Party protesting about voter fraud is the one which routinely practices election fraud?

Labor is hitting Mitt on the Sensata job outsourcing:

Romney refuses to create separation from Senate candidate Richard Mourdock (rape is part of god’s plan)

Gen. Colin Powell endorsed the President:

Kathy Boockvar has a good new ad up:

Speaking of good campaign ads here’s one from Erik Saar (hat tip to Fran the pipefitting man for sending it):

Saar’s opponent is State Rep. Jim Cox, former CoS to Rep. Sam Rohrer.  Since Sam left to pursue windmills Cox has become the chief sponsor of the Commonwealth Caucus Tax Fraud.  When Saar pointed out in a debate that Cox’s math doesn’t add up Tea baggers walked out:

The Obama campaign has a new ad comparing Richard Mourdock and Paul Ryan.  Speaking of which our own Tom Smith is on the same page as these other mad men:

Republicans have made the debt a major issue even though they’re principally responsible for it.  The Tea Party morons were strangely silent when we were all protesting the massive budget deficits run up by Reagan, Bush Senior and Bush Junior.  W ran it up to $10 trillion.  The Center for American Progress has a great explanation for where the debt came from:

While slashing budgets for almost every program Gov. Gasbag has been preaching fiscal austerity.  His budgets now have Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate higher than the national average.  While most states are seeing decreases in unemployment ours is rising.  In spite of these failures the Governor saw fit to grant $10,000 raises to his staffers.  Think about that when you see disabled Pennsylvanians denied state programs and benefits, when yous ee poor Moms struggling because welfare payments were eliminated and schools devastated.

Of course not all Pennsylvanians are hurting.  Vahan Gureghian, the charter school magnate known for giving millions in campaign contributions for his profit driven, underperforming schools, is doing rather well.  Because your property tax payments are going into his pockets he and his wife has decided to build a huge mansion in Florida.  At 20,000 square feet the Palm Beach manse is something garish and a fine example of excess.  Aren’t you glad you helped pay for it?

Santorum Campaign in Suspension

Rick Santorum has suspended his presidential campaign two weeks out from the Pennsylvania primary.  His disabled daughter Bella re-entered the hospital over the weekend and that may have something to do with his decision.  He was due to campaign today in Gettysburg and Lancaster.  His withdrawal guarantees the nomination for Mitt Romney and makes our primary moot.  Romney had already bought nearly $3 million worth of airtime in the Commonwealth.

Video 101

It’s primary season and the GOP candidates have arrived in our fair state.  We’re a big place so it’s impossible for me to cover every event so if one’s near you feel welcome to shoot some pictures, talk to some people, and, of course, get it all on video.

Video has become a major part of The Pennsylvania Progressive over the years.  It’s far more powerful and compelling than just me sitting here at the keyboard.  It isn’t difficult to do a few interviews with wing nuts but there are some things you need to know before venturing out there so this is Video 101.

First of all you need to know where Mitt, Rick, Newt and Ron will be.  There are various methods for this, one is an open thread at PoliticsPA for their events.  You can also sign up at the candidates websites and follow your local news.  I’ll try and list the ones I know of.  Don’t worry about being on the right wing email lists, you can unsubscribe after the primary or use an email address that isn’t your primary one.

Next you need to follow a few rules.  If the event is on private property e.g. a business, private school or other such venue, you may be asked to leave.  If so do so without fuss.  If it is on public property you have a right to be there as long as you aren’t creating a disturbance.  Please be polite (it drives the Tea baggers nuts so it’s worth the effort).  Pennsylvania is a “two party state” for recordings so don’t start your video before getting permission.  Simply ask people waiting in line to enter the event if they have a few minutes to talk on camera.  This is all you have to do to satisfy the legal requirement.  Introduce yourself and ask them an open ended question.  I always begin with “what brings you here today?”  Other good queries are “what issues are most important to you?” or “what is it you like about (name the candidate at that event)?”

Open ended questions are designed to get the person speaking.  If they’re carrying outrageous, racist or misspelled signs (very common at these events) be sure to get those on video or take pictures.  As they spout their Faux News or Limbaugh talking points its fun to point out facts.  These make their eyes glaze over which is always fun to watch.  At some point they become baffled and will turn away.  At that point find a new moron to talk with.

In 2008 we began having trouble finding enough lunatics willing to talk on camera because we exposed them so well.  Don’t give up someone will always be willing to speak with you.  The folks around them will chip in as your interview proceeds.  Include them as much as possible, you never know what pearls will escape from their lips.

I used a Flip camera for years, they’re easy to operate, take good video and can be held with one hand.  Mine finally gave up the ghost and I have a Sony Bloggie now.  You can use any camera which takes video however, even your smart phone.  Upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo, Google Video or other website and share it with us.  You can, if you’re a registered user, post it here in the diary section.  If its good I’ll front page it.

This election season is a golden chance to get out there with our wits and cameras and expose these idiots for what they are.  We can illustrate how selfish they are and show the extremes of their rhetoric.  In PA here we have lots of outright racists who aren’t bashful about exhibiting their prejudices.  Let’s get it all on tape.

Campaign 2012: The GOP Clown Car Comes to PA

No one really cares about Ron Paul and Newt at this point.  It’s down to Rick versus Mitt and Rick must win his home state to remain in this race.  Romney is ready for the knockout punch and he’s coiled and fisted.  He was in Tunkhannock yesterday and opened a campaign office in Harrisburg.   Of course this office is doomed tot he same fate as this New Hampshire field office following the April 24th primary because Mitt is bleeding so much money winning his party’s nomination he cannot sustain active field campaigns.

(OFA photo)

While Barack Obama continues opening field offices Mitt is closing them not boding for good news come November for the faux patriots who call themselves Republicans.  These hypocrites wailed all week after the President called their activist Judges on the carpet.  of course activist Judges only wear blue robes as we all know…cough, cough.

Mitt already has his Etch-A-Sketch out as he hits the half way mark to a non brokered convention.  The man accused of changing positions faster than a porn star is already screwing the country by shifting to the center yet again.  His campaign music should be Harry Chapin’s 30,000 Pounds of Bananas, a song about Scranton in which the rhythm keeps quickening as the doomed truck careens down a mountain road.  It was a very popular song for fornicating couples…

Romney went all the way over the right wing cliff during these primaries and we cannot allow him to Etch-A-Sketch his out of those fringe positions.   What he can’t erase is his record at Bain Capital.  His history is one of bankrupting comapnies, laying off workers and transferring their pension obligations to taxpayers.  His solution to problems is simply to shut things down.  We cannot, of course, shut down America simply because we have problems.  Government isn’t business and business isn’t government.  Businesses are responsible to owners and shareholders, governments to the people.  The fundamental responsibility of running government is nothing like running a business and one cannot bring business management and sensibilities to government and expect to be successful.  This is Mitt Romney’s justification for being qualified to be President but it is false.  He can’t simply waltz into the Oval Office and begin outsourcing government (he calls it privatization), shutting factories (eliminating agencies) and slashing costs and cutting pensions (ending Social Security and Medicare) and not expect a revolt.

Real people get really hurt by bad government, something Romney and Santorum care little about because they’re the candidates of the 1% and the Church respectively.  John F. Kennedy was vehement running as a Catholic saying he wouldn’t be beholden to the Pope.  Now we have Rick Santorum openly saying he’d bow to the dictates of Rome to such an extent he said JFK’s speech made him ill.

Rick has returned to his home state to find he’s already behind in the polls.  Once gifted with a solid lead here he’s seen it evaporate as he makes gaffe after gaffe in his unscripted campaign appearances.  If anyone needed a teleprompter it’s this guy.  His campaign seems to go from bowling alley to bowling alley as it tried to escape the gutter of sexual politics.

Santorum cannot run from his record however.  He wants to replace democracy with a religious, Catholic theocracy where his Big Government pries into your bedroom and your sex life and dictates  how you conduct intercourse.  It wants to ban contraception, anal sex, oral sex, masturbation and pornography.  It’ll be interesting to see if this plays any better in the Keystone State than it did in 2006.

The clown car is down to two men, both dressed in rubber sits and red noses bleeding from a long running battle.  They’ve been tripping over their own feet attempting to outfringe each other to Tea Party lunatics who wouldn’t know any economics tome if it hit them on the head.  Get out there with your cameras, take photos and do interviews and send them to me so we can aggregate them here for public ridicule.  take condoms filled with helium and remind these men that we take our privacy rights seriously where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were written.  Pennsylvania is the cradle of democracy and won’t allow these clowns to come here and steal it from us.

Campaign 2012: Man On Dog or Dog On Roof? It Comes Down to PA

Mitt Romney won yesterday in DC, Maryland and Wisconsin badgering Rick Santorum into a must win situation here in Pennsylvania.  Meanwhile someone named Barack Obama clinched the Democratic nomination.  Santorum, from Penn Hills outside Pittsburgh, is a Penn State graduate who, somehow, can’t seem to get his facts straight.  Maybe he needs to turn gay so he can learn how to use Google.  The former PA Senator said that California universities don’t teach American history.  Not only do they all but one (a medical school) require it for a degree.  Is he stupid, lazy or both?

Because this is Rick’s home state he has been telling voters across the nation he can win in November because he can win Pennsylvania.  If he loses here on April 24th he loses that argument.  Of course reasoning has never been his strong suit…

The latest poll has Santorum up slightly over Romney, the Mad Men whipping boy.  Mitt wil speak in Tunkhannock tomorrow, hopefully without his Golden Retriever strapped to the roof of his car.  We take our dog abuse seriously here (look at the hatred for Michael Vick) but Rick has his own dog issues to take care of.  GOP voters have the choice between Man On Dog or Dog On Roof.

Tricky Ricky slammed his alma mater recently accusing his professors of grading him down because of his personal political views.  I’m also a PSU alum and people I know who went there with Santorum describe a wild student who partied and had sex.  Maybe he can visit State College during this tour of the Commonwealth and apologize to those he insulted and slandered.  From all of the factual misstatements we’ve heard from this guy I seriously doubt he was smart enough to pull the grades he wishes he’d gotten.  Thus far he’s failed history.  This doesn’t make him likely to make some.

Women are abandoning the GOP candidates in battleground states.  Obama will win this election on one issue:  contraception.  Whoever thought this was a winning issue (hint:  he hates man on dog sex) is an idiot.  Romney has been bleeding money having to duke it out in state after state.  Meanwhile President Obama is reminding voters in key primary states that he’s their guy.  All he really needs this fall is an Etch-A-Sketch he holds up and shakes during debates when Mitt is speaking…

News & Notes April 1, 2012

Happy April Fools Day.  Rick Santorum decided to play one on the country by running for president.

I have oral surgery Monday morning so I may be AWOL for the day.  I’m having a wisdom tooth pulled, start the jokes now.

I was in Allentown today for an Equality Pennsylvania roast of their Board President Adrian Shanker.  Roasting him were Bethlehem Mayor John Callahan, Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski, Easton Councilman Mike Fleck, Lehigh County Chair Bar Johnston and emcee Ryan Hill.  I have video but I’m afraid to post it to the blog.  Opposition researchers could have a field day with it sometime.  I’ll have more on that later.

John Callahan did the joke about the difference between a gay man and a straight one:  five drinks.  I hung around after the event when I saw him by the bar.  He was already up to number two and I was willing to buy three more.

Our servers were down yesterday so I apologize for the blog not being accessible.  So much for moving to new cloud servers.  We’ll just blame it on the weather.

I didn’t win Mega Millions Friday so you’re stuck with me a little longer.  I needed the cash to pay my gas bill.  I’m not saying I’ve been driving much but I got into the car after Thursday nights debate in Annville and couldn’t remember where I was and which direction home was…  Thank goodness I have GPS on my iPhone.

Speaking of the Lehigh Valley former DA candidate Ed Koren is suing the Keystone Kops for disclosing what they thought was damaging information about him to the Morning Call.  It was dirty politics by an agency which shouldn’t be involved in anything political.  its yet another example of how political the current Governor’s office has become.

I love this story about how an abortion clinic’s landlord has turned the table on its protesters.

There’s a lot of new pressure on Santorum to exit the presidential field after he used the “N” word on President Obama this week.  It slipped through his lips like the comment about Blah people a while back.  Excuse yourself Rick, your racism is showing.

Former NBA player, Penn State alumnus and my Skull and Bones Brother John Ameachi had a few words to say on the subject:

PA Just Powers is running a powerful ad against Corbett:

Seven municipalities sued the state over the new law which strips them of their democratic right to govern their own towns, boroughs and townships.

Republicans were busy in DC last week.  They all voted to allow employers to demand your facebook password, further eroding personal privacy rights, then voted, once more, to dismantle and privatize Medicare.  Then they voted to keep corporate welfare payments to “struggling” oil companies and expand tax cuts for the very rich.  Explain to me again why you voted for all these fools?  On April 1st, you’re the fool if you did.

Here in Berks County the Commissioners are busy implementing a $60 million emergency radio system.  Tea Party moron Christian Leinbach ran against the $80 rainy day fund his Democratic predecessors socked away and promised to return it to the voters.  Instead he spent it on this monstrous system.  Now it may be endangering beautiful raptors near Hawk Mountain.  It’s for the birds Christian.

Also in Reading City Council has been giving new Mayor Vaughn Spencer nothing but grief.  Most of is personal animosity by some of them who are putting their grudges ahead of the good of the City.  At the same time they’re screaming about paying his staff they gave $6,000 raises to their own employees.

With all the lawsuits resulting from various state laws which are clearly unconstitutional I’d like to know from “conservatives” and Tea baggers where their cherished fiscal responsibility went.  These are going to begin costing taxpayers a chunk of money.  How do they explain their irrational actions going against our constitutions after they spent the past four years screaming about upholding them.

Pennsylvania did get some positive news this week when Monroe County resident David Gonzalez saved a Jet Blue flight after its pilot went berserk.

Longtime readers of this blog know I’m a huge baseball and Phillies fan.  experts are predicting this to be the year for a young and talented Pittsburgh team however.  The Pirates are a lock to break their 19 year losing record for sure.

Happy April Fools everyone, especially the Pirates fans.

Campaign 2012

Mitt Romney, the Etch A Sketch candidate, is wondering how his communications director ever got him into this mess.  When compared with the child’s play toy the similarities are striking:  both can create whatever they want for the moment then, with a quick shake, reinvent themselves.  The Romney campaign used the analogy to explain how he’ll be able to shed the extreme positions he’s adopted in the GOP primaries for the fall general election.  Like an Etch A Sketch they’ll simply reinvent him and start over.

Oops, that turned out to be a comparison which backfired hugely because it’s exactly why no one trusts this guy:  he switches positions constantly depending on the moment and what he feels he should say instead of what, if anything, he believes.  Expect a bunch of Etch a Sketch commercials against Mitt this fall.  The Obama campaign has been tracking every fringe position Romney is adopting and preparing to use them against him in the general election.

Meanwhile Rick Santorum kicked off his Pennsylvania campaign in Gettysburg where 200 people came out to protest him.  I doubt it was the homecoming he planned.  HuffPo just published an article about his 1994 Senate race when a Harris Wofford tracker followed Rick to every event and submitted memos and tapes.  Both Romney and Santorum will speak at the Lancaster County GOP dinner April 17th.

There were two significant anniversaries this week:  the Iraq War and the ACA.  This is the first anniversary of the Iraq War when we’re no longer there.  Trillions of dollars later, thousands killed and heaven knows how many injured, our international reputation shattered and our credibility destroyed the end of that war was none too soon.  Remember this as the neocons try selling you on an Iran War with the same old lies.

Health insurance reform is now two years old.  Thousands of young people are now covered under their parents policies, Medicare recipients are getting expanded coverage, children with pre-existing conditions cannot be denied coverage and millions are benefiting from the ban on lifetime caps.  The ACA wasn’t what we wanted or really needed but it was a beginning.  Here’s one family’s story:

More on the ACA:

Even the hated Karl Rove gave Obama credit today in the Wall Street Journal:

“Mr. Obama deserves re-election for restoring America to prosperity after a recession.” Further enumerating his accomplishments, Rove added, “Mr. Obama ended the Iraq War and…Osama bin Laden was killed on his watch.”

Of course it is disrespectful of the office to refer to the President as “Mr.” but I suppose we’ll take whatever Rove gives.  Somehow I doubt this will keep him from using hundreds of millions in Super PAC money to try and destroy the President’s record this fall.

Will Pennsylvania Be Santorum’s Waterloo?

Rick Santorum ceased being Pennsylvania’s native son when voters overwhelmingly ousted him as U.S. Senator six years ago by a 17% margin.  Now he’s back doing an event in Gettysburg tonight as he initiates his campaign for the April 24th Pennsylvania Republican primary.  Not expected to do well in the intervening states he’s putting his time, effort, money and campaign into winning his home state.

Well, not his home state any more.  His residency was one of the issues which cost him his Senate seat in 2006.  Long a resident of Virginia now he returns to his home state after dissing his alma mater Penn State, Puerto Ricans, women and any sane voter.  If he can’t win here next month his insurgent presidential campaign might very well end.  How he can mount an adequate effort to beat Mitt Romney without being able to win the Keystone State would raise serious doubts about his electability after all.  It isn’t all about the vote totals though since our GOP primary is a beauty contest.  The real votes are for individual delegates of which he has next to none running on the ballot.  This means even if he wins the state Romney will win the delegates.  It’s all about delegates but losing here may mean his money dries up.  How many of his financial backers will remain if he can’t win his home state which will also, again, be a major battleground state come November?

So this is why Rick is here already.  He must put the rest of his eggs in this basket and use the next month to shore up as many votes as possible.  Pennsylvania, in essence, is Santorum’s firewall.  If Romney snuffs him it’ll be here.

News & Notes March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of our Irish friends.

Former State Sen. Bob Mellow, long under federal investigation, surrendered on charges and agreed to a plea deal which will see him do five years.

In other legislative criminal news the Orie trial continues in Pittsburgh.  The prosecution rested after several more staffers testified about doing political work on the taxpayer dime.  An expert then testified about the documents which were forged and introduced in the State Senator’s first trial.  The signature of Orie’s former Chief of Staff Jamie Pavlot were forged onto new documents from the Senator insisting that no political work be done.  Although the expert couldn’t say who authored the documents and forged the signature who had a motive to do so?

Gov. Gasbag’s callous comments that women undergoing a forced medical procedure “just close their eyes” has gone viral nationally and embarrassed Pennsylvania:

Since when are our state legislators medical professionals qualified to insert themselves between a woman and her doctor for a legal medical procedure?  This is the definition of Big Brother at its worst.

Bob Kerrey is running into some residency issues while trying to run for his old Senate seat from Nebraska.  The problem:  he lives elsewhere.

Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana hasn’t lived there since 1977 so a county elections board revoked his voters registration.  He has lived in Virginia since selling his home back in ’77.  He continued to use the address for voting however which constitutes voter fraud.  Why is it when we do find voter fraud its almost always Republicans engaging in the crime?

The Susquehanna River Basin Commission approved water use from the river for hydro fracturing this week.  Each gas well consumes a minimum of five million gallons of potable water which then becomes toxic.  The earth has only a fixed amount of fresh water, none is produced, so every gallon poisoned for energy is a gallon less available for human consumption.  

Republican presidential hopefuls have been on a rant against using teleprompters lately.  Perhaps they should rely on them more themselves.  Rick Santorum refuses to use a set stump speech and commits bimbo eruptions at every opportunity.  His latest:  telling Pueto Ricans they should speak English if they want to become a state.  

A former GOP Congressman wishes he’d simply kept his mouth shut after saying poor people should consider suicide to several dinner friends.  Todd Tiahrt was in a parking lot when he said “suicide helps” in a discussion about what to do for poor folks.  This is the problem with the 1%:  they wish we’d all just go away.   (new link)

More Penn State employees were issued subpoenas to testify before the AG’s grand jury probe.  Meanwhile Jerry Sandusky was denied details on when the alleged acts of child molestation happened.  I’m no fan of the guy but how do you present a defense when the prosecution cannot even give a general time frame of when the alleged crimes happened?  With a change of venue denied I’m thinking there’s no way the guy gets convicted.

Texas has lost all federal funds for women’s health because it defunded Planned Parenthood.  While Gov. Perry called it a political stunt by President Obama the law is quite clear on this and Texas was warned before passing the bill.  What is political is using Planned Parenthood as a political tool as Perry did.  

In another show of “southern class,” a fan from Southern Mississippi shouted at a Kansas State player regarding his immigration status.  The March Madness game lived up to the billing when the fan yelled “where’s your green card” at Angel Rodriguez.

Katie Goodman and friends did a great rant on closeted conservatives:

Ten companies continue advertising on Rush.  Think Progress has the list.

Things at Penn State have gotten very ugly.  Board of Trustees members have been getting death threats from morons blaming them for JoePa’s death.  The BOT didn’t kill the coach, you might recall how ill he was the winter of 2010-2011.  He was so sick he couldn’t go to work and was in and out of the hospital.  Anyone who thinks the lung cancer killed him in the space of two months is an idiot, the guy had been sick for at least a year.  The question is why it was kept secret?