Argall Wins Senate Race

Rep. Dave Argall won the special election for Jim Rhoades’ Senate seat yesterday as low turnout decided the contest.  Argall proved he’ll stoop to nothing to win and cast Steve Lukach with smears which seem to have had an effect on the turnout.  Fewer than 34,000 people cast votes in the sprawling district centered on Schuylkill County.  Lukach released the following statement:

“I congratulate my opponent on a hard-fought victory,” Lukach said. “Our campaign has fought to solve a number of our most pressing problems. There are many issues that must be addressed in this session, including job creation, health care, and property tax relief. I hope that my opponent will carry out these measures in the legislature.

“We can be proud of this campaign.  To my family, friends, and supporters, thank you again for all of your hard work.  Thanks also go to Senator Casey, Congressman Holden, Speaker McCall, State Representatives Goodman and Seip, the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO and organized labor.  I will not forget everyone’s hard work and support as I continue my work in Schuylkill County Government.”

There now will be a special election to fill Argall’s State House seat.  I imagine Bill Mackey will run for it as her an against Argall the last two general elections.  I went up to volunteer yesterday hence the absence of material here on the blog.

Casey Endorses Lukach

Tomorrow is the special election for the successor to the late Sen. Jim Rhoades.  Today U.S. Senator Bob Casey endorsed Steve Lukach for the position.  This district covers parts of five different counties plus most of Schuylkill County.  It is a conservative area of hard working people and many Catholic voters.  Senator Casey’s endorsement should count heavily among these people.

Today’s snow will depress turnout even more than anticipated.  A normal off year local election primary may see 15-20% turnout.  This election, an off year special election with snow on the ground may not get to 10%.  Turnout is the key and polls mean nothing.  Getting voters to the polls tomorrow will decide this race and nothing else.  Casey, Mike O’Pake, Tim Holden, Tim Seip, Keith McCall, Neil Goodman and Don Cunningham’s endorsements will persuade undecided voters that Steve Lukach will represent their values in Harrisburg.

From Senator Casey:

“I’m proud to endorse Steve Lukach in Tuesday’s special election for State Senate.  I have known Steve for years and I know he’ll work every day to create good-paying jobs in northeastern Pennsylvania. He has been a dedicated public servant: safeguarding our local tax dollars, collecting millions of dollars for crime victims, and protecting his community as a volunteer firefighter.

“Steve shares our values of integrity and hard work. He’ll go to the State Senate to help jump start the economy and push for greater improvement in our roads and bridges, new energy technologies like those using waste coal, and other projects that will put people to work and help rebuild the region. He will be a strong advocate for basic education, tough law enforcement and quality health care for our families.”

Dave Argall’s Pants Are On Fire

You remember tha old saying “liar, liar, pants on fire?”  Dave Argall’s pants are on fire.  Maybe more of Al Boscov’s money can pay for new ones.  The voters in the 29th Senatorial District need to know how the State Rep from Schuylkill County is lying to them.  Worse, he’s a hypocrite trying to have it both ways.

Steve Lukach is Schuylkill County Clerk of Courts and has no votes on taxes in that county.  That is the sole purview of the County Commissioners.  IN fact if Lukach is being blamed for property taxes that means his fellow row officers (Republicans) are also responsible.  Where were Argall’s attacks on them?  Look at the direct mail piece Argall sent out falsely accusing Lukach of raising taxes:

Dave Argall wants to cozy up to Ed Rendell except when he’s running for office.  Then he cozies up to the Governor with Democratic voters while slamming him to Republicans.  Go here to listen to a radio ad currently being run by the Argall campaign.  Now look at these direct mail pieces sent during the current campaign:

Dave Argall wants to have his cake and eat it to when it comes to the Governor.  Here’s another mail piece involving the Governor:

Rep. Argall, please make up your mind if you like Gov. Rendell, want to work with him or slam him constantly for Republican votes.  Hurry up because your pants are fire.

Lukach Laboring Towards Victory

State Senate candidate Steve Lukach roared through Schuylkill, Lehigh and Berks Counties Saturday on the AFL-CIO bus thanking hundreds of union workers canvassing this weekend.  The effort is leading up to Tuesday’s special election in parts of six counties for the 29th Senatorial seat.  Held for years by the late Jim Rhoades Lukach is opposed by State Representative Dave Argall.

Argall voted for the infamous pay raise and voted to raise his own pension by 25%.  He supports a very regressive tax scheme and uses tax dollars to fund “constituent breakfasts” for which only his supporters are invited.

Steve Lukach is being smeared by Argall for voting to increase taxes in Schuylkill County.  As Clerk of Courts Steve has nothing to do with taxes.  Argall’s smears show a desperate candidate willing to mislead voters to line his own pockets…again.

Congressman Tim Holden appeared at the Pine Grove rally for Lukach along with Don Cunningham in Slatington and Sen. Mike O’Pake in Hamburg.  Here are some videos from yesterday (there are more on page 2):

Lukach Hits Home Stretch

The special election for the State Senate seat in the 29th District is next Tuesday and Democrat Steve Lukach is hitting the road this weekend with the AFL-CIO.  The bus tour will be in Pine Grove Saturday at 8 am an dfinish in Hamburg at 2:30 pm.  Lukach will be joined at various venues by Congressman Tim Holden, Lehigh County Executive Don Cunningham, AFL-CIO President Bill George and State Representative Tim Seip.  The bus tour schedule:

8:00 a.m. Rally in Pine Grove – Sholl’s Restaurant, Pine Grove (83 Pleasant Valley Road Route 443, Pine Grove, PA 17963)

10:45 a.m. Rally in Tamaqua – Five Points Park, Tamaqua (Rt. 209 & 309)

12:30 p.m. Rally in Slatington – The Shack, Slatington (751 Main St, Slatington)

2:30 p.m. Rally in Hamburg – Municipal Parking Lot, Hamburg (4th and Pine Street)

Lukach Responds to Smear

Steve Lukach responded today to a smear attack launched by Republican State Representative David Argall:

POTTSVILLE, PA-29th Senatorial Seat Candidate Steve Lukach responded to attacks from his opponent, State Representative Dave Argall.

In a statement released by the campaign today, Lukach described his opponent as “a master at a broken system” of politics in usual in Harrisburg.  Lukach decried his opponent’s attacks as a political ploy designed to mislead voters in order to protect himself from attacks on his own record.

Lukach said, “It’s clear that we’re not going to get the real change that we need from Dave Argall, the master of a broken system.  Especially in these tough economic times, do we really want to give Dave Argall a promotion after his behavior?”

Please see the attached copy for the full statement.

Lukach also released a television commercial examining Argall’s record concerning the Legislative Pay Raise.  The commercial points out that Argall actively created for himself a pay raise more than many in the 29th District make in a year.  At the end of the commercial, Lukach pledges to never vote to increase his pay or pension.

View the commercial here.

Lukach Corrects Argall Smear

Schuylkill County Clerk of Courts Steve Lukach is the subject of a smear campaign by State Rep. David Argall.  The two candidates are squaring off for the Senate seat in a special election March 3rd.  Argall is smearing Lukach with false claims that he made a mistake regarding bail for a prisoner.

No mistake was made and Lukach did exactly what state law required.  It is interesting that Dave Argall, a State Representative, doesn’t know state law regarding bail.  How does he purport to be qualified for the position of State Senator when he doesn’t know something as basic as this?

The only other rational explanation for his ads is that he is a smear artist.  Do the people of this district want that sort of person replacing the late Jim Rhoades as their State Senator?  Here is Steve Lukach explaining what happened in this case and the applicable law to which he, as Clerk of Courts, was bound:

Lukach Receives AFL-CIO Endorsement

Steve Lukach has received the official endorsement of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO in his special election for the vacant Senate seat of the late Jim Rhoades.  Lukach has served as the Schuylkill County Clerk of Courts and is running against Rep. David Argall for the seat which includes parts of six counties.

HARRISBURG-The Executive Committee of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO voted to endorse Steve Lukach for his bid for the 29th Senatorial Seat.  

Voting during a meeting on February 3rd, the predominant Pennsylvania labor organization gave its support to Steve Lukach, the Schuylkill County Clerk of Courts and the Democratic candidate in the Special Election to replace the late Senator Jim Rhoades.

Lukach said, “I am honored to receive the support of the hard-working members of the labor community.  I stand with union members in the 29th district and across the Commonwealth in concern over the directtion of our economy.  Particularly, I am concerned about possible lay-offs and furloughs in state government and elsewhere.

“When I am elected as the next state senator from the 29th District, I promise to work with the Labor community to create and maintain jobs, make health care more affordable, and to provide further economic relief in these difficult times.”

Meet Steve Lukach

March 3rd brings a special election in parts of six counties to fill the State Senate seat held by the late Jim Rhoades.  An auto accident while campaigning last fall took the Schuylkill County legislator’s life.  Steve Lukach is running as the Democrat against State Representative David Argall for the seat.

Argall voted to increase his own pension and his own pay in the infamous midnight pay raise debacle. He has also used taxpayer funds for “legislative breakfasts” for which only invited guests (fellow Republicans) were notified.

Lukach is the Schuylkill County Clerk of Courts.  As such he manages a department charged with administering all criminal court records in his county.  He held an open house last Thursday and here is video from his remarks and a statement about why he is running.

For some reason the audio is low so turn up your speakers.