Change is More Than The Money You’re Giving To These Bailouts

Okay, for the past few weeks we’ve been hearing about how the automakers in Detroit need taxpayer money to stay afloat. We’ve also heard tons about how our economy is strapped to the tracks in front of an incoming freight train, waiting to get crushed. O-Kay, now that we’re on the subject, why are the automakers, who provide millions of vulnerable jobs that employ whole towns, still begging for money while Citigroup have basically walked into the Congressional room and got it hand over fist? No, better yet, why are we bailing out any of these guys and still have not focused on our hard-working people losing their housing and their jobs? If the regular hard-working guy or gal is going to have to front the bill then why are these cigar-smoking, private jet-flying, big bank and insurance suits getting preference over the everyday American worker? Many of these companies willingly opted to make horrible choices by not investing in what the people have been demanding for: environmentally-friendly, cost-saving vehicles? Toyota made the right decision to follow the green path and are doing quite well. When we personally make bad decisions in our financial lives there’s no Congress there to save our butts and keep us from financial ruin. However, when Uncle Joey is losing his job, pension, and 401K from the company he has worked for 30 years he is being forced to help Capital Corporation # 27 when he can use the help for himself. I think Congress needs to get its priorities straight and focus on the American people and their foreclosed homes before they start giving a blank check to Jet-Flying, Wine and Hot-Tub, Mile-High Club CEO #10 without a plan to keep Joey the Worker’s job.