Metcalfe Introduces Marriage Amendment

Extremist Republican Daryl Metcalfe today introduced an amendment to the Pennsylvania constitution which would legalize discrimination in marriage rights.  The effort would enshrine inequality into the law forcing same sex couples into permanent second class citizenship.  Again this effort will need to be blocked during the process.  Once again I will out any closeted members of the legislature who vote in favor of this measure.  Voting against one’s interests is news.

This comes just a day after the Equality Forum in Philadelphia celebrated the heroism of two men Dan Choi and Daniel Hernandez Jr.

Choi chained himself to the White House perimeter protesting Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  He was railroaded out of the military for being gay and has become the symbol of opposition to discrimination in our Armed Forces.

Hernandez is the hero who saved Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords life by wresting the gun from her would be assassin.  We salute these heroes and role models at the same time Daryl Metcalfe attempts to say they aren’t worthy of the same rights as other Americans.

This photo is of the two men and Malcolm Lazin, Executive Director of the Equality Forum.

A Thanksgiving message from Hugh Giordano of the Philadelphia Green Party

Hugh Giordano, the Philadelphia Green Party’s 2010 candidate for state representative in the 194th and local union organizer, wrote the following on his facebook:

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving. We must remember that there are many out in this city and state that did not have such a happy Thanksgiving. Families who who can’t pay their bills, have no healthcare, bad jobs or no jobs, poor education – Or live in the street and shelters. Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks, but we must remember to care for others besides just family and friends.  If we all showed even half the love to human kind as we do our primary family, the world would be a better place.?

Happiness is more than just “material” wealth. Happiness comes when you can bring it to those around you, even strangers. It is a life that is fulfilled when you make changes in human kind for the better, not just making lots of money to buy “stuff.”

It’s not a fight of who can sit at the lunch table anymore, but a fight of who can actually buy the lunch.

Working people must stick together. We are all friends in the same fight for equality.

Giordano ran a strong campaign in 2010, getting 18% of the vote in his first time ever running for office.  He is planning on running again in 2012 and is currently working to build the Philadelphia Green Party as a voice for clean politics and the workers and poor of the city.

Republican Fielding Decries “Poofter Rights”

Republican John Fielding of Reading, recently fired as a public defender by Berks County, condemns a resolution supporting equal marriage rights passed by the Berks County Democratic Committee.  Periodic candidate Fielding labels these as “poofter rights.”  I take deep personal offense at his gay slur.  Equality under law is a serious issue and equality of rights under law is something a lawyer such as Fielding should comprehend.  Equally disturbing his his defense of discrimination.  If John is going to readily subrogate me to second class citizen status then I should also be exempt from paying the same tax rates as he enjoys.  I think Mr. Fielding’s brain has been so addled by his frequent presence at a drug house on Elm Street he has become completely irrational.

Proposition 8 Protests in Pennsylvania

Protests in support of California’s Proposition 8 will be held today and tomorrow across Pennsylvania.  Today Philadelphians will rally from 1:30-4 pm at City Hall Plaza.  In Pittsburgh at 1:30 pm at Schenley Plaza (4100 Forbes Avenue), and in Erie (also 1:30 pm) at the Erie County Courthouse.

Sunday will have rallies in Allentown from 1 pm at City Hall (7th and Hamilton) and in Harrisburg at 1 pm on the State Capitol steps.