GOP Voter Supression in Bucks Boils Over

Democrats in Bucks County have been furious over Republican efforts to move a polling place.  The poll at Creekside is heavily Democratic in a neighborhood with many elderly and poor residents.  Most don’t have transportation so the Republican County Elections Board moved the polling place a mile.

This was done after letters requesting the change were sent to the Board from two Republican Committee people.  One said she signed the letter but didn’t actually write it.

Democrats allege voter suppression efforts since many voters would be unable to get to the new polling place and that was the intent of the move.  The case is now in federal court and the Bucks County Elections Commissioner in protective custody due to harassment from her fellow Republicans.

Board of Elections Director Deena K. Dean, a pivotal witness in a federal lawsuit over a Bensalem polling place, testified that a county lawyer berated and intimidated her before a recent deposition, and that Republican county commissioners tried to inhibit her from doing her job impartially.

Dean, a Republican who has run the Board of Elections office since 1992, has been under an extraordinary federal protection order since last week. The order, issued by U.S. District Judge Patrese B. Tucker, forbids any employee, official or attorney for Bucks County from having contact with her while the polling dispute is pending.