News & Notes

The judge in Vince Fumo’s trial has been replaced.  Judge Yohn began suffering illness during jury selection and the trial was postponed.  Now a new judge has been appointed to get things moving.

Gov. Rendell has frozen paroling of prisoners pending a review of the process.  A Philadelphia police officer was killed by a recently paroled prisoner.  Of course perhaps the prevalence of guns on the streets due to the inability of the legislature to track traffickers may also be at fault.

Is Wyomissing based Sovereign Bank the next big financial institution to bite the dust?  I’m wondering if my meager funds are safe after their stock fell 70% yesterday.

A water and sewer referendum will be on the fall ballot allocating $400 million in borrowing.  It would upgrade many crumbling systems.  It strikes me as woefully insufficient in a state the size od Pennsylvania.  It is a start however.  Our crumbling infrastructure needs major attention and could be a way to create jobs and hold off recession.