Breaking News: Evan Bayh will be announced as Barack Obama’s Vice Presidential pick tomorrow!

I was notified by a source that ex-Indiana governor Evan Bayh will be Barack Obama’s VP and it will be announced tomorrow. The source mentioned that Obama wants to get as much coverage as possible before the Olympics start on Friday, and that he plans to get a day’s worth or two by announcing Wednesday.

What does Evan Bayh have to bring to the Obama campaign? His experience as a popular former governor, his appeal to the Clinton voters as a former supporter, foreign policy experience, has Midwest popularity, and is young and handsome.

Check him out; here’s video of him on CNN defending Obama’s patriotism:

Bill Clinton is ready to jump on board

Bill Clinton is ready to jump on board the Obama Victory Bus to Pennsylvania Avenue. And that’s exactly what the Democratic presidential nominee wants to hear. Bill Clinton is probably still trying to get used to the seismic shakeup of the race. However, everyone needs each other and unity is in sight. Unity will ensure a Democratic victory in November, because Bill Clinton’s next moves in this race will determine how united the party is and how many are going to go out of their way to elect a Democratic president into the White House and remove the maelstrom of a human being Bush and his bed buddy McSame is in their resolve to destroy the country and the world with their invasions of different country over false pretenses, interest group and mercenary-abetting corruption and overall bad judgment. Bill Clinton has history with the older, traditional, and female voters and the more consistent voters, so getting Bill’s hand in it will move mountains. The problem that Obama’s having is that those voters are holding back and still very angry over the loss of the Clintons. Plus, the Clintons need to clean up the mess that they caused when they rammed the scrutinizing ideas of the Illinois senator’s “differences” and the aura of his “other”-ness into those voters’ heads. They need to clean it up if they are going to have any hope at a future in the party. Bill and Hillary have already shamed their legacy in front of African American voters and if Hillary wants to run for any sort of office in the future she needs to clean that up. This is the best situation to happen to Barack next to McBush’s idea for him to go overseas. Man, that’s reminding me, shouldn’t the Arizona senator worry more about his own standing and position in front of Arizona’s voters breaking ranks for Obama instead of wherever Obama is going to?  

The United States of the Democrats

Are the Democrats really ready to unite for a November Democratic victory? Hillary is at odds with Sen. Obama over the FISA debacle (his voting FOR the Bush-McSame pushed bill altering FISA to protect and coddle the telecom companies that are spying on you and violating your civil liberties and rights of privacy), and the fact that Obama’s donors are hesitant towards helping Clinton with her 23 million dollar debt does not help things. The American public also has not seen Bill very much lately by Obama’s side. If Obama is going to be the next progressive president (since FDR and JFK to set our country right)and leader of the post-Bush United States he is going to have to unite all Democrats in all states- especially the older, white and female Democrats that are the most skeptical and angst-riddled towards him. Can he pull it off?

Can Obama also calm the nerves of the Progressive base that are showing fraying signs of falling out of love with him and are even uniting on his own website to protest his new Bush-leaning, FISA-altering, anti-sensible gun control, 4th amendment civil liberties-threatening, McBush-mimicking, Antonin Scalia Supreme Court-crooning positioning towards the middle?

Barack has crossed the threshold to become the first African American Democratic Nominee

CNN Projects on Jun. 3rd, 2008 at 9:00pm: Barack Obama has just crossed the threshold and has become the first African American Democratic Nominee to the American presidency. This is absolutely historic. He has just made history and has opened the door to future minorities towards setting their sights on the American presidency. No matter what happens from now on, Barack has marked a milestone and has beaten a powerful dynasty towards the nomination for the most powerful job in the world. Get ready for an onslaughter against the 3rd Bush term policies of McBush. No one thought Obama would actually beat the Clinton machine and get here. Now that he’s here, he has to reunite a party and group/craft the biggest American coalition in history. Will Hillary concede? Will Hillary reject the possible VP slot? We’ll have to wait and see.

Barack Obama is around 46 delegates away from Democratic Nomination

Barack Obama receives endorsements today from Colorado Democratic Party Chair and superdelegate Pat Waak, Meredith Wood Smith, Chair of the Oregon Democratic Party and Guam Senator and Democrat National Committeeman Ben C. Pangelinan. Obama is 46 delegates away from securing the Democratic Nomination.