Pennsylvania Settles With Countrywide Financial

Attorney General Tom Corbett today announced a settlement with Countrywide Financial which could save 10,000 Pennsylvanians from foreclosure.  The $150 million will go towards those with sub prime and pay-option borrowers.  Predatory lending was a major cause of the economic meltdown which began in the Poconos and shifted across the country.  Saving 10,000 homeowners from foreclosure will help though it will not solve all the problems.

John Morganelli For Attorney General

Attorney General Tom Corbett is up for re-election and we have the opportunity to elect a new AG who will not be beholden to dirty money.  Corbett, charged with regulating the nascent gambling industry, is accepting boatloads of money from those interests in a blatant conflict of interest.  He also delayed investigating the House Republican Caucus as part of BonusGate until after Nov 4th to placate his biggest single supporter Bob Asher.

Asher, convicted of felony political corruption, is the single biggest financial supporter of Pennsylvania Republicans and many House Republican Representatives are beholden to him and his money.  He got them elected, especially those from the Philadelphia suburbs, and he contributed hundreds of thousands to Corbett’s campaign in 2004.

When Asher yells “jump” Corbett responds “how high?”

Is this really who we want as Attorney General?

John Morganelli has been Northhampton County District Attorney for some time and has the experience investigating and prosecuting criminals, the integrity to avoid conflicts of interest and the lack of blinding affiliation with convicted felons we need.

Corbett Outraising Morganelli

Attorney General Tom Corbett is outraising his opponent John Morganelli thus far.  The Republican incumbent has about $800,000 more in contributions thanks mainly to his corrupt mentor Bob Asher.  Asher, convicted of felony political corruption, is Corbett’s primary fundraiser and contributor.

Isn’t it sooo cozy to know our Pennsylvania Attorney General is in bed with the former head of the state Republican Party, the man who engineered a $300,000 extortion payment to his Party in exchange for then Treasurer Bud Dwyer giving the firm a no bid state contract?

I know this gives me complete confidence that Corbett is the right man for the job.  After all, Pennsylvania has a long history of corruption.  Why not have our AG in bed with the likes of Bob Asher?