Exit Right: Lou Dobbs

Lou Dobbs announced his departure from CNN last evening marking the second time he has quit his job at the Cable News Network.  Dobbs originally hosted a market/financial show every afternoon then leveraged his influence to return to do a far more political show which highlighted his far right, conspiracy oriented thinking.  Bashing immigrants through his rhetorical bigotry and spreading lies about the President’s place of birth all accumulated to make Dobbs an embarrassment to CNN and do damage to its brand.  As the network relies more and more on positioning itself between reactionary Fox and liberal MSNBC having Dobbs flailing liberals and liberalism on its 7 PM slot made CNN appear more like Fox News than anything else.

Good riddance Lou Dobbs.  I doubt we’ve seen or heard the last of this windbag however.  His outsized ego will convince him he’s just what the country needs and he’ll resurface where we can continue criticism of his lies.

CNN Censors Criticism of Dobbs

CNN’s hypocrisy of airing the documentary report “Latinos in America” while airing bigoted racist Lou Dobbs every evening is drawing protests against the network.  Now CNN has been caught editing out comments against Dobbs made in an interview they conducted with Isabel Garcia and included in the documentary.

While the network purports to be a “news” outlet we all know cable “news” is actually anything but.  With their focus on missing white women, lost balloons and other nonsense real news goes uncovered regularly in lieu of Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson, Anna Nicole Smith and other celebrity non news.  They do allow Lou Dobbs to pontificate every weekday about his racism against Latinos, his Birther credentials and other nonsensical beliefs.

It is bad enough Fox is nothing but the propaganda arm of the Republican Party and MSNBC an opinion oriented network with a distinct liberal bias.  I love Keith and Rachel but let’s be fair and accept they are as biased as Fox.  Just because MSNBC is on our side doesn’t make them fair.  The difference is I don’t see Keith and Rachel claiming to be “fair and balanced” as Fox does.  The amazing part is that Fox’s viewers actually believe it.  Of course those people are so gullible they believe anything they’re told.

Obama is going after Fox and it’s about time someone fought back.  Fox News is on a mission to wreck this country by destroying the Obama Administration under Rush Limbaugh’s instructions that they make him fail.  Fox is lying, taking statements completely out of context in order to destroy the careers of those working in the White House, attempting to derail major policy initiatives, legislation and progress for this nation.  The fact Obama is fighting back is good, it’s about time.

Random Thoughts

This is a special Phillies edition.  Many more games like the one last night and I’ll have to buy more antacids.  When they win game 1 behind only their fifth best starting pitcher (sorry Cole but it’s the truth) things are looking good.  No one call me during this afternoon’s game unless you’re willing to speak with my voice mail.

Rep. Sam Rohrer, the Crazy Fundie, is going to join the Republican field for Governor.  He says Gerlach isn’t conservative enough and Corbett has no legislative experience.  I though Governor was an executive position?  Rohrer is on record as saying government’s only function is for national defense.  Since Governor’s have no role in that function outside the National Guard does this mean Sam would dissolve state government?

While CNN is touting its “Latino In America” special non stop it also airs racist rantings against Latinos every evening at 7 pm.  Anti-immigration bigot Lou Dobbs undermines everything CNN tries to do the other 23 hours it airs daily.  

If you’re in Pittsburgh watch “Out In The Silence” at 10 pm tonight on WQED.  This is a documentary film about a teenager coming out in conservative Oil City and the repercussions of bullying and bigotry against gays here in PA.  I saw the movie last month in State College and recommend it.  The couple who made the film are traveling throughout the state giving screenings.

On Tuesday single payer supporters will hold a massive rally in Harrisburg from 10 AM to noon.  The event will be in the Rotunda.  Maybe some media will deign to cover the event this time.

The Turnpike from Breezewood to Carlisle will be closed for 5 hours just in time to screw up Penn State Homecoming this weekend.  Another genius move by PennDOT.

There was another fatal car crash locally this week because of an idiot driver.  This is happening far too frequently in areas with no local police operation.  Too much of the state is NOT covered by the Keystone Kops and with no real traffic enforcement running stop signs, red lights, tailgating and other reckless driving goes with no accountability.  The cost in property damage from no traffic enforcement has to be greater than the cost of allowing countywide police forces.  The state legislature needs to change the law prohibiting the establishment of such police operations because few areas can afford their own police forces.  I sit at my computer every day and watch drivers running the three stop signs out front.  I call it the trifecta when someone runs all three.  Too bad I can’t cash in this trifecta because I’d be a very wealthy man.  Unfortunately many of the cars wind up in our front yard as the result of the crashes.

I missed the stupid TV coverage of the boy in the balloon yesterday as I was out at the store.  Don’t these networks have anything else to cover?

Wall Street is celebrating another record year by rewarding themselves record bonuses.  What’s that you say, it wasn’t a record year?  Yes it was, for calamity, losses, bailouts and catastrophe.  Of course they should be rewarded, after all they got you to cover all their losses didn’t they?

How does one qualify for the Nobel Peace Prize one week then escalate an unwinnable war the next?

A Magistrate in Louisiana denied a marriage license for a mixed race couple.  He says he does this all the time for the sake of the future children.  Of course he also says he isn’t a racist.  He even allows Blacks to use his bathroom.  How white of him.

A nurse in New York is suing to prevent her employer from forcing her to get the H1N1 flu vaccine.  The state is requiring all health care workers to get the flu shot.  Of course she has the right to refuse, she just then surrenders her right to be a nurse.  I think in the face of an increasingly frightening pandemic asking all health care workers to be vaccinated is a serious public health issue.  I wouldn’t want any nurse around me right now who isn’t vaccinated, that’s MY right as a hospital customer.  There are enough dangers from germs in these hospitals without inviting more.

PoliticsPA has redesigned its website.  They still haven’t updated our link, however, 18 months after moving from Typepad…


Senate Committee Kills Living Will Provision

Senators stripped a provision to provide payment for end of life counseling caved in as cowards and removed it from their health insurance reform bill yesterday.  Lunatics like Sarah Palin, Fox News hosts and others on the right wing fringe mischaracterized the funding for living will consultations as meaning “death panels” would decide who would live and who would die.  All this did was allow the government to reimburse doctors and physicians for the time they spend going over advance directive decisions for those wishing to draft living wills.

The irony of this vicious, malicious smear campaign is that the provision actually removed the government from such end of life situations.  As it stands now, as we saw in the evil way Terri Schiavo was manipulated, the government must decide, through the courts, what treatment someone may or may not receive if they cannot make those decisions for themselves.  A living will gives advance directives by the individual for what care and treatments they’d wish and which they do not want to receive.    Payment would be authorized for the service every five years.  This means someone cannot bilk the system for payment for this constantly.

This has been fear mongered more than any other aspect of the bills before Congress.  People are going around exploiting other’s fears in order to kill health insurance reform.  CNN is actually running commercials by a pharmaceutical industry front group making this and other spurious claims.  Meanwhile they are debunking them on air.  CNN needs to decide what their mission is:  making money misleading people or being a trusted news provider.  With Lou Dobbs still on the air perpetuating his racism and making false claims about the President’s birth location CNN is in imminent danger of becoming another Fox News.

Meanwhile Senators need to be ashamed for caving into the extremist movement.  These fringe elements succeeded in getting part of this bill stripped away.  This will only provide incentive for them to bring to the fore their other insane claims about the legislation.  Next thing we know the Senate will have no bill left to pass at all.

We really have the Blue Dog Democrats to blame for this fiasco.  They held up a vote and forced the current situation.  Should meaningful reform die (and I think it never even began) be sure to let our Pennsylvania Blue Dogs answer for their failure.  They are Tim Holden, Chris Carney, Jason Altmire (on this issue) and Patrick Murphy.  Shame on them.

News & Notes

There’s a lot to catch up with after vacation so I’ll comment on several issues.  First off I’ll be away again next week to go kayaking in Maine.  I will have my laptop but squeezing in writing while away with the family can be difficult, especially since we’ll be sharing the computer again.

Sen. Jim Bunning has decided to retire rather than lose.  The former Phillies perfect game pitcher sullied his legacy by shilling for extreme right wing causes in the Senate.  His strange, unpredictable behavior of late became bizarre and resulted in his own Party turning upon him.  What else is new for the GOP?

Speaking of the Phillies a fan was beaten to death in the parking lot last week.  This came as no surprise to me.  I had a scary experience there when I had Sunday season tickets.  This is a major reason I stopped going to games there.  When I contacted the team about the unsafe conditions in their own parking lot they couldn’t care less.  They have allowed these rowdies to take over their facility and it was only a matter of time until tragedy happened.

On the good news side Sonia Sotomayor was confirmed by the Senate Judiciary Committee today.  It isn’t even August and we are this far in the process.  Maybe we can even get a real liberal next time.

Are you as fed up with the death of customer service as I am?  I recently had some really bad experiences.  Monday I was in a Redner’s market when an employee in a hurry to go home almost ran me down in the aisle.  I mentioned sarcastically (as I too often need to do) to “excuse me for getting in your way, I’m only a customer.”  This is designed to remind them that customers are too important to be rude towards.  Her reaction?  She began laughing.  I put all my purchases back and left the store.  Why should we tolerate such horrid customer service?  Vote with your feet and shop elsewhere.

Then there are the rude drivers.  People right on red doesn’t mean you can run red lights.  The law requires that you STOP first and insure no oncoming traffic is coming.  I’m fed up with people trying to crash into me while running red lights.  This is a bad law because there’s no traffic enforcement because the Keystone Kops can’t patrol everywhere.

Bethlehem Mayor John Callahan has decided to run for Congress in the 15th CD.  Charlie Dent hasn’t had a serious challenger until now.  Callahan is smart, young, handsome and a real up and comer.  Dent’s people are giving him serious credibility by attacking him already.  They should be worried.

Health care reform is dead.  The current proposed legislation will do almost nothing.  Failure to go for the best resulted in getting nothing.  Blue Dogs and Republicans are to be thanked the next time you get sick, get denied by your insurer or die because you cannot get in any waiting line for care.  The delaying tactics of the GOP have killed reform.  What a shame.

I was on a blogger conference call with President Obama and David Axelrod last week.  Obama said he had serious reservations about health care coops.  We’ll see if he winds up signing a bill in which coops are the “reform.”  He sounded very good on the call and having the opportunity to listen directly to the President and his chief adviser was amazing.

The mortgages with preferential VIP terms given to Senators Dodd and Conrad have turned out to be bad news for both Democrats.  After denying they knew they were receiving sweetheart deals Countrywide now is saying both were told they were getting special terms because of who they were.  Hubris always is the fall guy when powerful people allow their power to go to their heads.  I don’t care which Party to which you belong, if you do wrong we’ll call you on the carpet.  Both of these men should resign.

Last week’s sting in New Jersey surprises no one.  The corruption there is depressing and is so endemic to the process you’d swear the state was part of Philadelphia.  Clean them all out and send them all to prison.  Violating the public trust these days is only good for 55 month sentences regardless of your level of corruption.  Shame on the courts too.

KBR electrocuted 17 soldiers because they cut costs to increase profits running their massive war profiteering operations in Iraq.  Credit to Sen. Casey for pursuing this issue but Cheney’s company got off the hook today.  Part of the reason for government is that some vital services and duties should not be done for profit.  Military operations, prisons and health care are obvious examples.  Every time we make these for profit the greed takes over, we have endless wars, judges sending kids to prison by denying them their right to lawyers, millions of people incarcerated, and tens of millions of people with no access to medical care.  Shame on us for privatizing government.

The people called “Birthers” are insane.  Claiming Barack Obama cannot be president because he was born in Kenya illustrates their complete lack of intelligence.  The birth certificate and two newspapers in which his birth announcement was published when he was born in Hawaii were made public before last year’s election.  This is the same stupidity which results in people denying the Holocaust, global warming and evolution.  Meanwhile we wonder why our students are falling behind in science?  Facts are stubborn things, they do not disappear simply because you wish they would.  Lou Dobbs is one of the most visible idiots fomenting this craziness.  It’s time CNN took him off the air before they lose whatever credibility they retain.

Lou Dobbs Buys Racist “Obama Waffles”

So much for Republican “Value Voters.”  They were selling (for $10 a box) “Obama Waffles” with an overtly racist caricature of Obama echoing the Aunt Jemima pancake mixes of the past.  Lou Dobbs was caught buying some.  The head cheerleader for bigotry, intolerance and anti-immigrant bashings has a long record of bias towards people of color.

We’ve always known Republican “Values” were code for bigotry and intolerance but this is an outrage.