Has Sen. Wagner Violated Recording Laws?

Raging Chicken Press reported this week that State Senator Scott Wagner  (R-York) put smartphones on record status outside his Capital office to attempt to catch public sector union members tipping over his signs.  The neo-Nazi ideologue has been erecting anti-union signs outside his Harrisburg office to intimidate public sector workers.  Somehow some of them seem to have a tendency to tip over so he had cameras installed rather clumsily to catch the culprits he thinks are messing with him.

Of course recording anyone in Pennsylvania without their knowledge and consent is illegal.  We are what’s called a “two party” state wherein both parties to a recording must consent to it.  Sen. Wagner has set up two recording devices in a public space to record whatever they capture.  This is a criminal offense and Sean Kitchen of Raging Chicken Press has filed an Open Records request for the videos to determine their content.  Sen. Jake Corman’s office is defending the criminal conduct by citing 9-11.

What does Sept. 11th have to do with what seems to be a clear violation of public space?  If Sen. Corman is party to this activity he can be sued by anyone caught illegally on these recordings.