Sea Doo Builds Lemons

Sea Doo builds lemons.  My sister purchased two new boats from Leisure Sport ‘N Turf in Pottstown PA on Memorial Day weekend.  One was a leftover 2014 demo which has been fine.  It has proven to be a good tow vehicle for the brand new 2015 GTI 130 which refuses to run.  On Memorial Day weekend we launched it from the ramp at Hacks Point on the Chesapeake Bay and a mile later it died in the middle of the Bohemia River.  On the Sunday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend.  Two weeks later we were finally able to tow it back to the launch ramp to tow it back to Leisure but I wound up getting caught out on the water in a severe thunderstorm.

Leisure Sport ‘N Turf told us they’d found a loose connection and said the boat was as good as new.  Well, it was still brand new.  We re-launched it and on the first test run it died again.  I was going down the Elk River when it suddenly, and without warning, stopped running and refused to restart.  I was stranded for two hours due to yet another thunderstorm.  Fortunately this time I was able to swim the boat to a small beach at Elk Neck State Park.  I had to pull the boat against the current about 100 yards to avoid it crashing into some rocks.

We are, justifiably, afraid of this boat.  We don’t trust it to strand us yet again and put us in danger of bodily harm.  It is unreliable, a lemon.  The dealer tells me that personal watercraft are not covered by Lemon Laws.  Why not?  Boats are covered but these are not considered boats.  My sister bought this boat in good faith.  We don’t feel that BRP is acting in good faith.

I spoke with Sea Doo today about our dead boat.  Bombardier Recreational Products is the company name.  BRP says they will not replace the brand new watercraft we bought and which ha snow left me stranded on the Chesapeake Bay twice.  We have yet to log one hour of time on this vehicle because it keeps dying.  They are insisting that this time they’ve fixed it.  We heard that after the first time it died and we extricated it from the water and towed it 2 1/2 hours back to the dealer.

After the first time it died when we’d purchased it brand new Sea Doo told me they’d reimburse us for any expenses we incurred.  Now they’re claiming they never said that.

We need a Lemon Law for personal watercraft.  I’ve been stuck on this boat twice and stuck in thunderstorms on the Bay twice with a brand new boat that refuses to run.   It has electrical issues.   Twice they’ve told us they found faulty wiring which caused the boat to suddenly crash and die without notice.  We don’t believe them any longer and want a new boat.  We simply don’t trust this boat not to leave us in danger of bodily harm again.