Ostrowski Petitioner Accosted by Cop in Hazleton

Congressional candidate Andrew Ostowski (PA-11) is suing the Hazleton Police Department and City because one of its on duty police officers accosted one of his petition circulators, conducted an unlawful search of her person and confiscated three nominating petitions containing 67 signatures.  The Hispanic woman is a resident of Hazleton and was getting signatures to help Ostrowski get on the ballot to run against former Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta who now holds the seat.

Congressman Barletta made his name using Hazleton as his vehicle to run for higher office through discrimination and bigotry.  The City’s harsh anti-immigrant ordinances were struck down by the courts.  This uniformed police officer falsely told the circulator she needed a permit per city ordinance to gather nominating petition signatures.  There is no such ordinance and if there were it would be unconstitutional.

Of course the constitution has never stopped the City of Hazleton from being a national disgrace before.