The Progressive Summit 2014 Style

Keystone Progress, with its partners, put on the fifth annual Pennsylvania Progressive Summit (not affiliated with this blog) Friday and Saturday in Harrisburg.  This is the final year of the organization’s Board Chair Eileen Connelly who is relocating to our eastern suburbs of New Jersey for family reasons.  Mike Morrill continues as Executive Director and Berks County’s own Jane Palmer organized the event once again.

Friday the Progressive Change Campaign Committee held a day long field training for candidates, campaign workers and interested parties.  PSEA kindly provided the space and President Mike Crossley made an appearance to talk with the 25 or so participants.  Kayla Wingbermuehle did the training which consisted of a pretty thorough (for one day) run through of determining win numbers, targeting precincts and voters, analyzing how many voter contacts to do to win and calculating the number of volunteers needed to do that.  She then went into a session about recruiting and training volunteers and how best to use them and keep them happy.  The final segment was about training the group in actual voter contact.  There were a lot of “do’s and don’ts” and considerable role playing mixed with exercises.

PCCC Training photo DSCN3218_zpsc19eb8b1.jpg

Kayla Wingbermuehle

PCCC Training photo DSCN3223_zps35a2f6dc.jpg

PCCC Training photo DSCN3229_zps3d498ed9.jpg

PCCC Training photo DSCN3227_zps6c484d21.jpg

State Rep. Erin Molchany, Keystone Progress PAC’s first ever endorsement, held an event Friday before the Gubernatorial debate.  Following the debate Keystone Progress held its annual event fund raiser.  Only two f the candidates for Governor attended that and I heard quite a few people in attendance wonder why the others weren’t there.

Erin Mulchany photo DSCN3284_zps3a6b5e7e.jpg

Rep. Erin Mulchany

Jim Hightower photo DSCN3271_zps4defd0b5.jpg

Jim Hightower

Jim Dean photo DSCN3274_zpsc0b8ea4d.jpg

Jim Dean of Democracy For America

John Hanger photo DSCN3275_zps77b713e0.jpg

John Hanger

More pictures are under the fold…

Manan Trivedi photo DSCN3276_zps1990d98b.jpg

Manan Trivedi

Rob McCord, Dan Frankel photo DSCN3278_zps23593a5f.jpg

Treasurer Rob McCord and Rep. Dan Frankel

Jim Dean, Roger Lund, Rob McCord photo DSCN3279_zps6fb8677a.jpg

Jim Dean, Adams County Chair Roger Lund and Rob McCord

Daylin Leach photo DSCN3282_zps8e91b362.jpg

Sen. Daylin Leach