Houghton Challenging Pitts in PA-16

Attorney and former State Representative Tom Houghton kicked off his Congressional campaign yesterday in a small horse barn in Lancaster County.  The picturesque location outside Columbia was cold so the assembled audience moved inside the structure.  Houghton served one term in the State Assembly and is challenging incumbent Joe (He’s the) Pitts.  

When first elected to Congress Pitts pledged to apply term limits to himself then abandoned the idea and ran again, and again, and again.  He is one of the most extreme ideologues in Washington and was profiled in the book “The Family.”

Houghton lives in London Grove, Chester County.  It is a stones throw from Lancaster County, Delaware and Maryland.  Once a sleepy little place it grew rapidly as developers turned farmland into McMansions.  Tom’s signature issue is agriculture and he was the initial sponsor of the law which came up with the concept of branding Pennsylvania products with the “PA Preferred” name.

Because the event moved into the barn my video mostly shows his back but you should be able to hear his speech.

He answered some questions including two by me about Reading and Berks County.  I now live in this District.