How to Kill Your Business In One Simple Step

The minimum wage has stagnated to such an extent that current workers earn less than those making wage did in 1968.  These wages have decreased in purchasing power ever since because it has not kept up with inflation.  This is why many municipalities now require living wages for all workers.  Santa Fe’s is about to go to $10.43/hour for ALL workers.

The owner of the Pennside Drive-In, about a mile from me, went onto the front page of today’s Reading Eagle complaining about those of us endeavoring to insure his workers earn a decent wage.  Not a living wage, mind you, just a decent wage.  Tipped employees currently earn $2.13/hour and that’s eaten up by taxes on their tips so their only actual source of income are those tips.  That’s why I tip 30%.

Greedy bastards like Gary Intelisano don’t deserve to stay in business if they don’t think their hard working employees deserve a raise.  Boycott the Pennside Drive-In.  It isn’t difficult, their prices for so-so food and ice cream are outrageous.  No wonder the place changes hands every year.  I bet Intelisano doesn’t make it to fall.