Shuster Partying In St. Paul With “Hookers and Blow”

Pennsylvania Congressman Bill Shuster was caught partying in the Twin Cities while thousands of Americans were fleeing Hurricane Gustav.  Maybe they could have used some of those highways the Shuster’s are famous for building in Pennsylvania?

The entertainment at this extravaganza was headed by a group called “Hookers and Blow.”  Blow is a reference to cocaine.  Hat tip to AmericaBlog.

Raining on the Republican’s Parade

As Republicans prepare to hold their convention in the Twin Cities next week Hurricane Gustav heads for either Houston or New Orleans.  My word, who will they blame this time if it hits NOLA since the Governor is now a Republican?

Gustav will preempt much television coverage and remind voters of the Katrina fiasco and the mismanagement by Republicans which led to so many deaths.  It will highlight one of their biggest failures of the past eight years just when they’re unveiling their team.

I predict Sarah Palin will lose this election for the GOP.  Untested, naive, with no experience in the tough mettle of a national race the media will eat her alive.  Then watch and see what Joe Biden does in the VP debate.  A gentleman through and through he may finally opt to allow her to hang herself.

Running for national office is a bit unlike running for Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.  The press attention and focus is slightly more intense.  Every word she utters will now be national news and she came off yesterday as a lightweight.  A few major gaffes and the nation will question John McCain’s judgment for the last time.  Last time because he’ll be toast.

How long until Sarah Palin gets the deer in the headlights look and panics?  A week?