Berks Judicial Candidate Refuses to Answer Questions

Madeline Fudeman, a candidate for Common Pleas Court in Berks County has some serious questions to answer but refuses to do so.  Just because mainstream media aren’t asking them doesn’t make them irrelevant.  Daddy Justice posed these to the candidate and she refused to answer them.

The first question is why, on a BCTV television show, she claimed Sen. Judy Schwank endorsed and supported her.  She doesn’t.

Madelyn Fudeman Proof from Ben Vonderheide on Vimeo.

The second question is why a woman in Chicago would give over $100,000 to a judicial candidate in Berks County, Pennsylvania.  Again, Fudeman refused to answer:

Madelyn Fudeman and the 101,000 question from Ben Vonderheide on Vimeo.

The third question posed was about the Fudeman family connections to alleged mob figure Abe Minker:

Update:  She lied about her tenure working under Janet Reno also:

If you cannot trust someone to tell the truth how do vote for them for Judge?