Stolz Driving Uninspected Car

Julian Stolz, the embattled East Penn School Director under fire for dating and contacting underage girls, is also driving an uninspected car.  The PA inspection on his auto expired on July 30, 2011 meaning he been driving illegally for over two years.  Someone stuck this message on his windshield at the last east Penn School Board meeting and you can see his expired stickers.

 photo StolzCarInspection_zps37945a8a.jpg

The cops also see it.  He has been cited several times both for the expired inspection and for failing to pay his annual registration fees.  I cited him several years ago for failing to comply with state campaign finance laws.  Does Stolz believe the laws don’t apply to him?  If I’d been caught contacting fourteen year olds or admitted hanging out at parties of ninth graders while 20 years old I’d have found the closest, deepest hole I could crawl in and hope people forgot about it ASAP.  Not Julian Stolz, he went on every news program he could find.  He is supposed to resign his position at East Penn at Monday’s meeting.  We’ll wait and see.

Update:  He was stopped and fined again on Friday.