Stolz Driving Uninspected Car

Julian Stolz, the embattled East Penn School Director under fire for dating and contacting underage girls, is also driving an uninspected car.  The PA inspection on his auto expired on July 30, 2011 meaning he been driving illegally for over two years.  Someone stuck this message on his windshield at the last east Penn School Board meeting and you can see his expired stickers.

 photo StolzCarInspection_zps37945a8a.jpg

The cops also see it.  He has been cited several times both for the expired inspection and for failing to pay his annual registration fees.  I cited him several years ago for failing to comply with state campaign finance laws.  Does Stolz believe the laws don’t apply to him?  If I’d been caught contacting fourteen year olds or admitted hanging out at parties of ninth graders while 20 years old I’d have found the closest, deepest hole I could crawl in and hope people forgot about it ASAP.  Not Julian Stolz, he went on every news program he could find.  He is supposed to resign his position at East Penn at Monday’s meeting.  We’ll wait and see.

Update:  He was stopped and fined again on Friday.

WFMZ on Witchhunt For “Anna Karina”

WFMZ, Channel 69 News, is on a witchhunt to out “Anna Karina.”  She is the anonymous blogger behind thestolzreport, a blog on WordPress which disclosed that East Penn School District Director Julian Stolz was dating underage teen girls.  Reporter Jaccii Farris has been contacting various people accusing them of being Anna Karina based on supposed anonymous tips.  Her approaches have been hostile and every person she has threatened has correctly responded with a denial.

Why is WFMZ pursuing this?  I left a voice mail this morning for News Director Brad Rinehart but he has chosen not to respond to my inquiry.

People choose to blog anonymously for important motivations.  Many would lose their full time jobs if their blogging identities were known.  In this case one reason Anna has chosen to use a pseudonym is due to Julian Stolz’s litigiousness.  His record of threatening and intimidating those who dare oppose him is also a reason some parents opted not to confront at Monday’s school board meeting.  Three people who attended that meeting were accused by Farris yesterday of being Karina.

Outing anonymous bloggers is bad form and bad journalism.  It is also unethical.  Truly anonymous bloggers, those who go to great lengths to conceal their real identities (as opposed to those who simply pretend to be anonymous when it suits them) do so for the same reasons as some sources choose to remain anonymous.  Are we, as bloggers, to then hire private investigators to go after WFMZ’s sources?

The identity of Anna Karina isn’t the next progression for this story.  Discovering why the Lehigh County DA didn’t investigate is one of them as are pursuits into finding out if Stolz actually did violate criminal statutes.  His challenge to go to the police with any proof is a dare.  This is what Ms. Farris should be pursuing.  I have inquiries in at to verify Stolz’s claim as to why his JulStol profile got banned there.  Fining other teen dating sites and/or apps where he might have trolled for underage girls is yet another possible investigative pursuit.

If Dateline NBC had caught Julian texting, chatting or arriving at a teen’s home he’d have been arrested on the spot.  He contacted one underage girl in Texas.  Under that state’s law any discussion involving sex would be criminal.  I cannot imagine why a district attorney or police department would not conduct a full investigation based on what we know publicly from Stolz’s chats and statements.  He claims to only “have slept with two of them.”  Which two and were they underage?  If he even talked about having sex he violated the law.  If he got oral sex or fondled a girl he broke the law.  His actions scream for a full investigation.  His penchant for chatting, texting, and IM’ing leaves a wealth of factual information to determine whether he is a pedophile who preyed on young, troubled girls.

These are the stories WFMZ should be pursuing, not an unethical inquiry into a truly anonymous blogger.

Update:  After writing this WFMZ contacted me.  News Director Brad Rinehart and reporter Jaccii Farris said Julian Stolz is claiming that Anna took chats and conversations of his out of context.  They are pursuing Karina to discuss those issues and determine her credibility as a source.  I explained to them why some bloggers choose anonymity and that I have used contributors who chose anonymity.  Heck, sometimes I wish I was anonymous when powerful politicians take issue with things I expose about them.  I don’t have a job at stake however and choose to write openly.

Update II:  A teacher at Emmaus High School contacted the District Attorney’s office approximately five weeks ago about Stolz’s contacting underage girls through Teenspot.  That office did nothing about the case.  Today a detective spoke with “Anna” about the case and she doesn’t believe they are investigating.  Why?  There’s too much smoke here not to have fire somewhere.

Outing “Anna Karina”

The source for information regarding Julian Stolz, the East Penn School Director found to be contacting and dating underage girls, is known as “Anna Karina.”  Her blog, The Stolz Report on WordPress, is a mock one of Julian’s blog The Stolz Report.  I know the true identity of “Anna.”  She goes to great lengths to keep her real identity secret because her subject is well known for threatening and intimidating those who dare criticize him or his extreme political views.  Some seem intent on outing her identity because Stolz is threatening legal action to find the information.

Let’s make a few things clear.  First, Anna is truly an anonymous blogger.  Secondly:  it is very improper to expose a true anonymous blogger.  Third:  Anna has not published anything which is legally actionable.  Everything she has revealed about the School Director’s behavior is fully documented and available publicly to anyone willing to take the time to Google it.  Fourth:  the story here is whether or not Stolz had sexual contact with underage girls.  Not who and why someone is exposing his immoral behavior.  Going after the messenger is very bad form.

I understand that WFMZ, Channel 69 News, is on a quest to discover “Anna’s” identity.  My understanding is they believe she is Justin Burkhardt, a young man who was very outspoken last evening.  He is not Anna.  I imagine that if WFMZ airs a story accusing him of being this source they could face a nasty legal action which they would lose.

News organizations should be asking the Lehigh County District Attorney or the Emmaus Police Department why they neglected to pursue the obvious investigation into Stolz’s activities with underage girls.  Instead they’re obsessed with Anna’s identity.  How many other fourteen year old girls might be out there who have been contacted by Julian Stolz?  Maybe Channel 69 could spend some time looking for them.  We know that pedophiles tend to have multiple victims and, if he is a pedophile, I imagine Julian would fit the profile.  He cannot be trusted to tell the truth about this.  I asked him last night if he had contacted a 14 year old through Teenspot last year and he categorically denied doing so.  “Anna Karina” has proof that he did.  Therefore are we to believe his claim he had no sexual contact with any of these girls?  No kissing, no pats on the butt, no fondling of breasts?  He categorically denied that too during my interview (posted below).

Others are maintaining that Stolz’s private life is his own and is no one else’s business.  I’m sure Jerry Sandusky agrees with that assessment.  Stolz is a very public figure.  He has issued over 13,000 Tweets, for instance, writes a blog (he was fired from some others today), and holds public office.  He is a sitting School Director who admitted to Channel 69 New slast night that as a twenty year old he dated a 15 year old student in his District.  That’s news folks.

When I first learned of this in early September (I was in Santa Fe at the time) my initial reaction was that it should be investigated by the Pennsylvania State Police.  I decided not to write about it because I didn’t want to interfere with what should obviously be a criminal investigation.  The authorities chose not to investigate.  Why?  That’s the story news organizations should be tracking right now, not the identity of a truly anonymous blogger.

Let’s put our efforts where they belong, not trying to out an anonymous blogger who did the public a favor.

School Director Caught on Teen Dating Website

East Penn School District Director Julian Stolz has had a page on the teen hook-up website Teenspot for several years according to a Lehigh Valley blog.  The Stolz Report found a shirtless picture of the extreme right wing politician along with records revealing he has had contact with girls as young as 14 through Teenspot.  He has also admitted contacting young girls through his page there and began dating his current girlfriend when she was underage.

The question here is whether a School Board Director had inappropriate sexual contact with underage girls and whether his questionable judgment should cost him his position.  If Stolz engaged in sexual intercourse with a girl under 18 while he was in his early to mid-twenties he likely engaged in a criminal act.  

Julian Stolz is a very conservative ideologue, especially on social issues.  He has a long history of inflammatory and racist messages on his Twitter account.  He ran for Mayor of Emmaus earlier this year.  Parents and teachers in East Penn are angered by these revelations and I expect a lively and heated school board meeting Monday when many of them will have a chance to confront Stolz about these conversations he’s had.

My question is why the Lehigh County District Attorney has yet to act on this evidence and apparent admissions of statutory rape?  A full investigation seems to be in order.