Corbett Revamps Staff, Hires Extreme Whackjob

Gov. Gasbag has appointed key new personnel to his staff after failing to get his three major initiatives through the legislature.  In fact Corbett hasn’t accomplished much in his tenure except gutting our system of public education, laying off 14,000 teachers, and throwing hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians off health care, food stamps and welfare.

One of those appointments is whackjob tea bagger from Bucks County  Ana Puig.  Her Bucks County Kitchen Table Patriots is one of the most extreme bunch of crazies in politics.

In a 2009 interview with the Village Voice, Puig said Obama was advancing his health-care plan just as Hugo Chavez had taken over Venezuela, by “infiltration of the education system, political correctness, class warfare ideology, voter fraud, brainwashing through the mainstream media.”

An interesting statement considering how far right wing fascists like Puig are taking over our educational system by channeling our tax dollars to religious schools intent on brainwashing children into their myths, lies and fabrications.  She supports a conservative agenda which had waged war on women, minorities, gays, kids and the poor on behalf of the richest 1%.  But it’s us who are waging class war.  She obviously has been nrainwashed by Faux News and the Koch brothers, her previous employer.