News & Notes August 10, 2013

Montgomery County passed the 100 mark in same sex marriage licenses Friday.  103 couples have now secured the document and 33 of them have wed.

Almost every day I see some pick-up truck with illegal, oversized tires.  Pennsylvania doesn’t allow any tires to be wider than the vehicle’s fenders.  They tend to kick up stones and rocks which crack other people’s windshields.  Is there no enforcement of this?  Who is inspecting these when it’s an automatic fail?

August 24th is the 50th commemoration of the March on Washington.  Buses are organized to transport those wishing to participate.  One is going from Reading and is $30.

Lebanon County Commissioner Jo Ellen Litz is the third woman to enter the Gubernatorial race.  With former DEP Secretary Katie McGinty also in Allyson Schwartz cannot wrap up the lady’s vote for herself making it a real race.  Look for Rob McCord’s official launch next month.

Westmoreland County Dems launched an effective attack ad in their row office races:

With th eannual Congressional recess in gear go to your friendly, neighborhood Tea Party Congressman’s town halls and ask why they insist on wasting money on meaningless repeal votes on ObamaCare instead of creating a single job.  Remind them this was their #1 promise in the 2012 elections and ask when they intend to begin working on the issue.

Another summer and another year when climate change is wreaking havoc in the western states.  How bad does it have to get before they realize this is real?

I’m never shocked at the ignorance and stupidity of conservatives.  They manufacture lies, myths and tales to convince themselves they are correct in spite of reality (facts).  Here are 20 of them assembled by Addicting Info.

For example they’re mad as hell about this bit of truth telling by actor Ed Asner:

A while back I wrote a piece about Paula Deen.  Since then I’ve read more on her and realize she really is a racist asshole.

Tom Corbett, the Guv who took free trips and other gifts then gave lucrative state deals to those folks swears he isn’t corrupt.  Lying to us when the facts are indisputable won’t get you re-elected next year Gov. Gasbag.  If this isn’t corruption I wonder how he defines the term?  Cash in a bag slid to him under a table in a Harrisburg pub?

Will Bunch fried Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz after her horrid vote on NSA spying.  It’s a must read for anyone considering supporting her because she’s progressive (she isn’t).

Governor Fighting Gay Rites

I have a new, expanded nickname for Tom Corbett:  Gov. Cyrano de Gasbag.  He is now tilting at windmills with dual announcements that he will fund, via taxpayers, legal fights against marriage equality.  First he’s going to Commonwealth Court to stop Montgomery County Register of Wills Bruce Hanes from continuing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples.  Thus far 34 such licenses have been granted and six couples have wed turning gay rights into gay rites.

Secondly Cyrano de Gasbag has decided to spend more tax dollars contesting the ACLU lawsuit in federal court seeking to overturn the Commonwealth’s DOMA law.  The U.S. Supreme Court recently determined that such discrimination is unconstitutional and the ACLU was hoping our idiot Governor would take the bait and fight them in court.  They hope to make this the test case which will overturn all state DOMA laws nationally.  Corbett took the bait and now the ACLU will set the hook and reel him in.

Congressional conservatives wasted $2.5 million defending the indefensible DOMA in Washington and now Corbett’s Pennsylvania conservatives will spend millions on legal fees here just to lose.  The constitution is clear about every person being equal under the law.  As badly as we’re speeding towards becoming a third world country we aren’t there yet and, until we do, we still stand for one thing:  we’re a nation of laws.