Repeal Right On Red

It’s time to repeal the turn right on red traffic law.  Because the law is never enforced things have become too dangerous out there.  Yesterday I had my latest encounter with a reckless driver ignoring the law and putting me in danger.  The right on red law applies only to the first vehicle at an intersection and requires the driver to come to a full stop, determine there is no oncoming traffic, and then, and only then, proceed to turn right.

No one follows this law.  They sail through red lights not only without stopping but without looking for traffic.  A couple years ago I had a lady with a Flyers Wives plate sail through a red light in Delaware County directly in front of my car.  Fortunately no other cars were alongside me as I had to suddenly veer into the left lane to avoid a collision.  At the next traffic light she exited her car and walked back to berate me for honking my horn at her.  These people are clueless.

My next bad encounter happened in Kutztown when an idiot did the same thing.  He wound up banging his hands all over my care after I informed him he’d run a red light.  These morons don’t have a clue how to drive safely and cops never nail anyone for violating this law.  Sunday I was turning right onto Oley Turnpike Road from Perkiomen Avenue when a man in a Dodge Dakota )license number YYV-6744) decided to pass me on the shoulder so he could run the light.  As I made my mandatory stop at the red light I noticed him in my right side mirror coming up beside me (way too fast).  I leaned on the horn as I turned and he finally stopped, angry that I’d slowed him down.  I had to pull off of the road to let him by after he began tailgating me.  He disappeared from sight but not before I got a good picture of his Pennsylvania registration plate.

You know what’s really sad about this last tale?  It’s impossible to report him to the Central Berks Regional Police.  They don’t answer their phone and instead direct you to call 911 (even for non-emergencies).  They then direct you to call the local number 610-779-1100.    It’s a loop you can’t escape if you need to speak with an officer.  No wonder there are so many reckless drivers in this neighborhood:  no one can contact the police to report them.  I’ve gone tot he police station personally twice but you can’t get through the locked door.  Why people are content to pay for an expensive police force which is useless is beyond me.

If we won’t enforce this law it’s time for its repeal.  It is making the roads too hazardous for safe drivers.  Get rid of it.