DEP Sec Krancer Resigns

A magnet for harsh criticism from fracking opponents, DEP Secretary Michael Krancer finally resigned today to go back to practicing law.  He became a lightening rod when he screwed over activists seeking to force the Department of Environmental Protection to actually protect Pennsylvania’s environment.  DEP has always been a source of controversy because, historically, it has worked more for corporate interests exploiting the environment than for citizens in protecting it.

Krancer was a controversial appointment from the beginning.  A one time appellate court judge nominee, he was appointed by Gov. Gasbag to make DEP a rubber stamp agency for Marcellus gas exploration and drilling companies.  He successfully fought an extraction tax which would have compensated Pennsylvanians for the removal of our commonly owned gas deposits.  Permits for drilling were given cursory examination while wells continued blowing up and contaminating water supplies.  DEP even stopped providing clean drinking water to communities like Dimock shattered by frackers.  He returns to Blank, Rome where he will do far less harm.  Don’t expect Corbett to appoint a successor who will be any better however.  He didn’t get the nickname Gov. gasbag for nothing.