Labor Protests Yuengling

Don’t buy or drink Yuengling beer.  Dick Yuengling threw the Teamsters out of his Pottsville brewery and now is pushing for a right to work for less bill in Harrisburg.  Organized labor responded today with a large rally in Pottsville.  They marched to the courthouse and remembered the ten Molly Maguires who were convicted and hung for standing up for their rights in 1870.  Six of them were hung at the jail behind the courthouse:

Schuylkill County Jail/Molly Maguires photo DSCN3173_zps060839f1.jpg

I cringe every time I see union members and progressives drinking Yuengling.  I even see it at Democratic Party and campaign events.  How do you condone supporting a union buster?  Today several hundred union members marched and rallied with signs saying “Stop Dick.”  I’m just happy I wasn’t at an anti gay pride rally!  Yuengling is a dick though and a lot of those present this morning were Teamsters, the union he disbanded.  Yuengling threatened that if the union didn’t leave he would move his brewery to Mexico.  Have you drunk Mexican beer?  It looks and tastes like piss, that’s why you have to put limes in it.  If he did that he’d have to abandon his slogan “America’s Oldest Brewery.”  His new slogan should be “America’s Biggest Union Buster.”

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News & Notes February 11, 2013

Gas prices are up 30 cents/gallon.  While in Santa Fe last November I paid $3.19/gallon.  This bites.

VP Biden was in Philadelphia this morning speaking about gun violence and common sense gun safety measures.  Coincidentally a shooter at the New castle County Courthouse in Wilmington, Biden’s home state, shot and killed several people.

Justice Joan Orie Melvin’s trial continues this week in Pittsburgh.  Her defense seems to be that since work got done it is irrelevant that she forced her and her sister’s paid staffers to do extensive campaign work on her behalf.  Gee, does that mean I can go rob a bank and get off because I got all my work done that day?

When she gets convicted the Governor will appoint a successor to serve out the term on the state Supreme Court.

Gov. Gasbag is pushing once again to privatize the state stores.  While I favor private sales of liquor I’m also not a drinker and go there to buy gifts.  The Wine and Spirit Stores however provide $500 million every year to the state’s general fund.  I cannot, in this economy, support a plan which would so severely harm the finances of Pennsylvania.  The Governor says he’d use the billion dollars gained from selling the stores for education though he doesn’t specify if the money would go to public schools.  He would sell the stores for just two years worth of revenues.  That’s bad policy.

The Guv’s son-in-law was arrested last week.  An FBI sting allegedly caught him stealing money from a bait car.  Now we know corruption runs in the family.

Attorney General Kathleen Kane closed the Florida Loophole Friday.  Those who could not qualify for a concealed carry gun permit in Pennsylvania simply went to Florida where standards for a permit are loose.  The reciprocity agreement then qualified them to carry a concealed weapon here.  No more.

The anti-union Yeungling Brewery owes Philadelphia $6.6 million.  Dick Yeungling busted the Teamsters union which used to represent his workers.  Now, in addition to be a union buster he’s also a tax deadbeat.

Berks County DA John Adams remains a target for those protesting the cruel pigeon shoots he condones: