Gasbag’s at it again!

As I haven’t written often but always in conjunction with education/school taxes, I really felt the need to write on this. I am on Gov. Gasbags email list from the days of the former governor.  Today I received an email tying the sale of the liquor stores to education.  The Gov. is saying he will “Invest in education by getting Pennsylvania out of the Liquor Business”  He unveiled a plan yesterday to invest $1 Billion in education. No where in the email does it say “Public” education.  So what are we talking about Gov.?  It does say a four year grant program would be enacted for PA schools.  Which schools, Gov.?  The ones that the owners are also going to be contributors to your re-election bid?  He is also going to do away with more PA middle income jobs! I have included the email for you to read.

From the Governor:

Investing in Education by Getting Pennsylvania out of the Liquor Business

Yesterday, Governor Corbett unveiled his plan to invest $1 billion dollars in education by getting Pennsylvania out of the liquor business. Here are the six things you need to know:

1. Under the Governor’s plan, the entire Pennsylvania liquor retail and wholesale system will be run by private entrepreneurs.

2. Once the Governor’s plan is enacted, privatization proceeds will fund a four year, $1 billion grant program for PA schools.

3. The plan expands convenience and choice for Pennsylvanians.

4. The Governor’s plan makes it possible for the creation of a one stop retail shop where Pennsylvanians can buy wine, beer, and liquor.

5. You will be able to purchase six packs of beer and bottles of wine in the same place you purchase groceries.

6. The Governor’s plan enhances enforcement of liquor laws by significantly increasing fines for selling to minors and visibly intoxicated patrons, and proposes a 75 percent funding increase for alcohol treatment and prevention efforts.

The liquor store system provides an on going income source for Pennsylvania that would disappear if the Gov privatizes the system.  If the other items are things he and other want, like different purchase abilities etc. those things can be done without selling this income producing entity. In addition what happens to the school grant funding after that?  Are we selling the PUBLIC a bill of goods again as well as the children in the schools that will be getting these grants?  What funding options will there be after the money runs out, that was produced by the sale of the liquor stores? The people in NJ that are in the government have also said the sale of their system years ago caused other income issues because they had to wait for the taxes to be paid.  With the state owned system the taxes that are collected from the customers are paid to the state on a daily basis as the proceeds get deposit from each store everyday!  Let us not be so SHORT SIGHTED.  It is about more than choices. It is about the financial future of Pennsylvania!!!!