Kane Voids Lottery Privatization

Attorney General Kathleen Kane voided Gov. Gasbag’s contract with Camelot Global Services.  The effort to privatize the lottery bypassed both the legislature and the Gaming Control Commission and as such was declared unconstitutional.  The AG by law had to sign off on the deal and she decided she could not do so.

Corbett Privatizes the Lottery

Gov. Gasbag privatized the state lottery yesterday awarding a contract to a foreign firm.  Camelot Global Services PA LLC is the new operator of a lottery which had the lowest overhead in America.  Privatizing government services always results in higher costs because you are then inserting a profit margin where none existed.  Government services are designed to promote the general welfare and are done for the public good.  Businesses are required, by law, to not work for the public good but for the enrichment of their owners or shareholders.  That is a vast difference and often leads to corruption and mismanagement of public services.

I already buy most of my lottery tickets out of state and definitely will now that a foreign company I don’t trust will be running the Pennsylvania Lottery.  I’m not much of a gambler and my lottery tickets are minimum purchases for Powerball which I buy predominantly in either Maryland or Delaware.  Both of those states allow lottery winners to remain anonymous so they get my business.