News & Notes November 28, 2012

Rick Santorum doesn’t only hate gays and Muslims.  Now he’s against disabled people.  Gee, since I’m gay and disabled I suppose I’m really screwed in his eyes.  Ask me if I care what he thinks.

Don’t mess with Matt Damon:

National security expert and author Thomas Ricks turned Fox News’ propaganda against them in an interview this Monday when they insisted on bringing up the non issue of Benghazi.  Fox has been hyping the incident for political hay for weeks and attacking the integrity of UN Ambassador Susan Rice.  After Ricks called Fox a wing of the Republican Party they terminated the interview and then tried to claim he apologized for his remark.  He didn’t.

Benghazi was an unfortunate incident in which locals rioted over a movie trailer released on YouTube..  An affiliated organization of Al Qaeda (not to be confused with Al Qaeda) saw an opportunity and acted on it killing four Americans.  Republican Senators have accused Rice of not divulging national security secrets, something patently absurd.

We know Karl Rove stole Ohio in the 2004 election for George W. Bush, that’s fact.  He tried again this month but was thwarted by Anonymous.  This explains his strange behavior on election night when he told Fox News to delay calling Ohio for Obama.  He was expecting the altered results to come in for Romney.

If you lose your home to foreclosure beginning January 1st you will be liable for additional taxes.  A mortgage modification in which your principal is reduced will also trigger higher taxes as that will be considered taxable income.  This needs to be changed during the lame duck session.  Banksters got away with murder and collected their full performance bonuses at a 15% tax rate but if your home value crashes you get screwed.

Each Wal-Mart store costs taxpayers $420,000 in benefits to its underpaid workers.  Low prices aren’t always what they seem.  If we’re going to have a conversation about entitlements let’s begin with corporate welfare.

Who, exactly, is pushing cuts to government programs while protecting their own corporate welfare?  CEO’s.  Our national priorities are all screwed up.

Americans For Prosperity, the Koch brothers primary front group, is airing commercials calling for the retention of Big Oil’s tax breaks.  Thus far they’ve spent $3 million including here in New Mexico targeting Sen. Tom Udall.

The AFL-CIO has a web page up attacking the austerity efforts in Washington.  It is called Myths and Facts.