David Freed’s Conflict of Interest

Leroy Zimmerman is being investigated for his misconduct as Chair of the Hershey Trust.  Milton S. Hershey, founder of Hershey Foods, created the trust to insure his financial fortune would be used to fund the Milton Hershey School for orphans.  The Trust invested in a golf course and overpaid by millions.  They wasted multiple millions in the failure which should have been used, as directed by the will and the Trust by laws, for the school.  $17 million was expended to purchase the wren Dale Golf Course (which was failing) and to build a clubhouse.   The price was inflated by two or three times its appraisal.  One of the investors in the failed operation was Hershey Company President Richard Lenny.

Leroy Zimmerman made millions as Chair of the Board of The Hershey Trust.  He is David Freed’s father-in-law.

How will Attorney General David Freed escape the obvious conflict of interest as The Hershey Trust’s activities, managed by his father-in-law are investigated and prosecuted?

Freed to Violate Penn State Rules at Fundraiser

David Freed, GOP candidate for Attorney General is showing a shocking disregard for rules.  He will have a tailgate fundraiser this Saturday at the Penn State/Temple football game.  Penn State does not allow its facilities to be used for political events like these.  Greenlee Partners is hosting it for him in violation of PSU’s rules and regulations.  Suggested donations are $500/couple.

How does violating the rules and regulations of  a public institution qualify one to be Attorney General?  I think it disqualifies Mr. Freed.