The Oklahoma City Tragedy

This morning I mourn for the twenty children killed by a massive tornado which swept through the Oklahoma City metropolitan region.  Moore, OK, just south of the City, was the hardest hit area by a twister which was two miles wide and went for twenty miles.

I don’t mourn for the adults.  These are idiots and morons who continue voting for the likes of Tom Coburn, James Inhofe and Dan Boren.  Folks, if you refuse to believe in science, in the facts of global warming then you get what you deserve.  This is classic evolution evolving:  stupid people dying from their own stupidity.

I’ve been in Oklahoma City twice while driving to Santa Fe.  Going through Oklahoma is a challenge when you’re gay and liberal: it is the reddest state in America and these morons just keep voting for men like Inhofe who is owned by the fossil fuel industry and reject the overwhelming science of climate change.  The result are more and more extreme storms and more devastation killing more people.  If you’re too stupid to accept science then you’ll die.  Hopefully before you can reproduce.  That’s simple evolution.

Bailing Out Climate Change Deniers

The Agriculture Department announced new measures this week to aid drought stricken farmers in the Midwest.  It allows hay and pasture use in public lands for additional counties hit hard by climate change.  Scientists told Congress this week that global warming is accelerating to such an extent that it has moved baselines.  In other words, the definitions of what is “normal” are moving.  As the world heats up we’re seeing even more powerful weather patterns emerge:  storms, flooding, drought, wildfires, etc.

The red states in America’s heartland have kept electing radical conservatives like James Inhofe who refuse to accept the reality of the science.  They prefer to seize on a narrow definition of the word “trick” in a Penn State professor’s email years ago instead of accepting the fact the word has multiple definitions and, in the context used,  doesn’t mean what they thought.  Meanwhile now the Midwest is burning up as Texas did a year ago.  Crops are failing and ranchers are sending herds to the slaughterhouse because there isn’t ins’t enough feed.

Farmers are like foolish gamblers flocking to casinos who double down on bad bets.  They keep voting red in spite of the fact the policies espoused by the representatives are destroying their farms and their lives.  They’ll do it again this year even as their crops fail and they ask taxpayers to bail them out.  These die hard “free market” aficionados scream for socialized bailouts when their own votes destroy their farms instead of accepting personal responsibility for their failures.

In a true free market we’d allow them to fail and let the market replace them with smarter, more progressive thinkers.  If voting Republican for decades resulted in their losing their shirts and they then double down on their bet don’t they deserve to lose?  This is no different than how we bailed out Wall Street then allowed them to go and do it all over again.  Stupid is as stupid does as the movie says.  Why are we, as taxpayers, doubling down again on these losers?  End the subsidies and bailouts for farmers who sowed the seeds of their own failure backing idiots in Washington and allow their “free market” to restore some sanity.  

These folks cannot claim to hold these ideological beliefs so dear then abandon them as soon as climate change devastates their livelihoods.  It isn’t like no one saw this coming.  The computer models on climate change have been scarily accurate.  Greenland has melted for crying out loud, seas are rising, the Arctic ice is largely gone and these morons still go around claiming that 97% of the world’s scientists have been wrong.  They want to have their cake and eat it too, at our expense.

The catastrophic costs of climate change are beginning to sink in and it isn’t pretty.  There’s no way we’ll ever be able to cover all the losses so let’s not begin now.  Arguments that doing something would cost jobs and hurt the economy were funded by the oil, gas and coal industries.  They brainwashed these fools into believing their propaganda and now that the shit is hitting the fan they want us to pay up.  I say no.  

Instead of continuing to pay billions in fossil fuel subsidies they screamed that clean, renewable energy firms like Solyndra got some and failed.  In reality we should have been eliminating all fossil fuel welfare programs and shifted those to clean energy as Obama has tried to do.  These Red State farmers objected, elected obstructionists and now their own failures at the polls are costing them their crops and farms.  I say good riddance, your own stupidity and gullibility has brought you down.  Let’s allow new people to go onto your abandoned farms, practice better judgment and move forward, if at all possible at this late date.

Unfortunately the rest of us are paying higher food prices, dealing with future shortages and, perhaps, famine because of the stupidity of the red states.  Let them turn blue from failure.  If you really believe in free markets let the market take you down.

Skeptic Comes Around on Climate Change

With 97% of the world’s scientists already on board about the perils posed by global climate warming one of the last prominent holdouts has come around.  Professor Richard Muller, in a study financed by the Koch Brothers, strayed from their anti-science doctrine and announced it is real and caused by humans.

Climate change deniers have formed their own, small, Flat Earth Society with massive funding from energy billionaires to brainwash America that science is evil and cannot be trusted.  ExxonMobil, the Koch Brothers and other hugely rich financiers have a stake in the argument:  their vast profits from the burning of fossil fuels.  They argue we cannot afford to cut back severely on the use of fossil fuels and that doing so will adversely affect the American way of life.

Yes, it will.  Yes, it will be expensive and hurt the economy but the alternative is the extinction of homo sapiens.  As we destroy our planet the survival of our species is at risk.  Are we really stupid enough to sit around doing nothing and die off because we allowed some idiot billionaires to convince us not to do what must be done?  In the U.S. the answer to that question, so far, is yes.

The conversion of Prof. Muller is important if it convinces some of the brainwashed masses they’re wrong.  Is it too late?  The drought in the Midwest and the wildfires say it might be.  No one knows if we’ve passed the tipping point where nothing we do will change the path we’ve set for our future.  Some people are afraid the tipping point has passed.  All we can do is wait and see.  I fear for the next generation and what they face because we did nothing.