News & Notes July 27, 2012

It was a fairly busy week.  Tomorrow I’m taking a break and going tubing down the Delaware.  It’ll be different floating down a stretch I’ve paddled in my kayaks.  Sunday some family arrives for a week so blogging next week may be spotty.

Mitt Romney showed his foreign policy chops by flying to London and insulting our best allies.  Then he met with the head of MI6, such a secret spy outfit no one who works there acknowledges its existence.  Mitt promptly announced his meeting.  Oops.  If these are his diplomatic skills heaven help us if he gets into the White House.

Speaking of Mitt here’s a funny take on his twisted out of context ads:

Victim 2 has finally surfaced in the Sandusky scandal.  He was the boy Mike McQueary saw being raped in the showers of the Lasch Football Building.  Joe Paterno quashed any reporting of the incident to authorities.  He says he was molested again following that incident.  This is extremely bad because it means four senior University officials, including the high minded coach, allowed a child to be molested because they chose to do nothing.  Don’t put me on that jury.

The EPA says Dimock’s water is now safe and they are discontinuing water deliveries.

Anyone still denying climate change is worse than a fool.  Here’s my opinion:  anyone who denied the science shouldn’t get ANY government help or relief as a result of global warming.  This includes the farmers losing their crops, people losing their houses to wildfires, etc.  These funds should go towards helping everyone else afford food as prices begin to skyrocket due to drought and famine.  Those responsible for nothing being done about this major issue should pay a steep price for their stupidity.  If you voted Republican in the last twenty years you’re eligible for that distinction.  We knew this crisis was coming and did nothing.

It appears Gov. Gasbag signed the VoterID law without first knowing what it said.  He can’t recite the legal ID’s required for voting.  Could it be he can’t even read?  That would require a minimum level of intelligence after all.

In the “tell me something I didn’t know” department the former head of the Florida GOP says the Party engaged in voter suppression efforts against Blacks.  We saw what they did in 2000.  VoterID is simply new election rigging.

When Florida passed its Stand Your Ground Law I warned about going to the Sunshine State because your life could be in danger there.  More evidence after the Trayvon Martin case:  a salesman was shot and killed going door to door by yet another gun nut.  Thank you, everyone who voted Republican.

Another gun nut in Texas (is that sentence redundant?) shot himself and children when his gun went off.  It’s a good thing he missed his nuts, otherwise he’d be facing brain surgery.

Congressional Republicans stuck an item into the transportation bill hurriedly passed at the end of June which will cost 2,000 maritime jobs.  It’s bad enough Republicans aren’t creating jobs but please stop destroying the ones we still have!

Romney keeps repeating his lie that the President told businessmen “they didn’t build that.”  The “that” meant the government infrastructure which enables their success, not their businesses.  Yes, grammar and context matter if you’re intelligent enough to know English.  Why doesn’t the GOP presidential candidate understand clear English?  Is he stupid?  He even then used a businessman in an attack ad who has gotten millions from the government.  He did the same thing here in PA this week when he used a business owner who has gotten government contracts.  oops.