Soapblox Incompetence

The blog went down yesterday because of a billing dispute with my host company Soapblox.  They continually overbill me and I must check every invoice for errors.  While rehabilitating my torn Achilles I fell behind and made a payment to them which they never credited to my account.  Because of their incompetence they blocked my site.  Never do business with Warecorp (which now owns Soapblox).

Clouds Take Down the Cloud

Friday night’s thunderstorms took our blog down.  WareCorp which bought SoapBlox, our host company, last year, moved all of us to Amazon’s cloud servers earlier this year.  The risk to that is losing control of your computer host servers.  I avoided switching my blog until the last minute and since then we’ve had several Saturdays when the cloud went down.  This time actual clouds did the job.

Several major websites like Netflix and Instagram also went down.  I apologize for any problems in accessing information and our worldly opinions on the news.  Thanks to Jamoca, who could access the blog last night, for updating everyone.