News & Notes June 27, 2012

I was in Harrisburg yesterday for Planned Parenthood Board meetings, sorry I wasn’t able to post.

The Supreme Court decision on the ACA is due tomorrow, it’ll be a busy day.  Someone Tweeted this week that it would be a good day to release anything embarrassing since ObamaCare and SCOTUs will totally dominate the news and yours won’t be noticed…  Too true.

The State House approved fracking on college campuses.  Haven’t they fracked higher ed enough?

Speaking of fracking it appears that Bradford County has been totally fracked.  There’s now a methane plume and the gas is leaking out of the ground just like in GasLand.  The state’s Northern Tier, where Bradford is, is the center of hydrofracturing in Pennsylvania.  Not only is their water poisoned but now they’re air.

Well, it isn’t like no one predicted it…

More fracking news.  DEP isn’t responding to open records requests about air quality data (maybe they’re breathing that methane plume) and no one at DEP is really examining permits.  This is self-regulating folks, just like Wall Street had before crashing the economy.  We’re supposed to trust all these drillers from Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

The Mike Turzai admission has gone national.  Democrats are talking about launching yet another lawsuit against the Voter ID bill based on his lies to the people about the real purpose of the bill.  Pennsylvania Republicans have been busy passing very bad legislation, much of it resulting in litigation which taxpayers will foot the bill.  Unfortunately for Democrats though there is no legal basis for suing based on the notion that Turzai simply lied.  He IS a politician after all.

Sen. Rand Paul added a personhood abortion bill to a flood control bill.  What does making a two celled organism a legal person have to do with flooding?  Conservatives will do everything except create jobs.

Jerry Sandusky is still claiming his innocence.  Wait until he meets Bubba and his friends at Rockview, he’ll see what it’s like to be on the receiving end…