Kane Divorce Raising Questions

State AG Kathleen Kane is in trouble.  Not just from Seth Williams, the Philly DA is called her out as a liar or that investigation into whether her office revealed secret grand jury testimony.  Yes, she might get indicted for that one but her filing for divorce last week raises some interesting questions.  Her campaign still owes her husband $1,700,000 according to her 2013 year end campaign finance report.  She hasn’t filed any reports this year so it’s obvious she hasn’t paid him off yet.  That would have generated a new report.

So what happens to her stated plans to run for re-election.  Forget for a minute that she’s dead candidate walking.  How viable is she as a potential candidate?  Her ex can very possibly bankrupt her campaign committee with a simple lawsuit for repayment.  She didn’t raise any funds this year and has about $592,000 cash on hand according that year old campaign finance report.  Since she hasn’t filed a report since then this means her committee hasn’t raised or disbursed any funds.  Her 2014 year end report should reflect this if she’s following the law (a big if with this official).

So how does she run for re-election with no money?

How does anyone in their right mind contribute to her campaign knowing they’re really just sending money to her ex?

Is anyone still willing to contribute to her efforts after all this bad publicity?

How many opponents are waiting to pounce knowing she’s politically crippled?

There’s no such thing as an amicable divorce.  The fact Chris Kane doesn’t have an attorney makes me think she blindsided him with this lawsuit.  If I’m him the second thing I do is hire a civil litigator and go after my money.  That bankrupts her campaign.

Questions, questions.

Attorney General Endorsement: Patrick Murphy

I began this primary for Attorney General not having a preference.  I’ve known Patrick Murphy for a number of years and I though Kathleen Kane’s experience as a local prosecutor was impressive.  I soon discovered Kane is a pathological liar and I cannot support her for office.  Murphy, on the other hand, is a Bronze Star recipient for his work as an Army JAG officer in Iraq where he prosecuted terrorists trying to kill our soldiers, served in Congress where he led the fight to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and was one of the first Members of Congress to endorse Barack Obama.

Kane, on the other hand, is married to the owner of trucking firm Kane Is Able, a fervently anti-union company which exploits its workers.  She should be a Republican with that track record and is worthless as a candidate for statewide office as a Democrat.  She simply won’t win crap with all of organized labor against her.  Worse, her campaign lied to me, disparaged Murphy’s military service to me then lied about it all on PCN.  She isn’t fit to deliver my newspaper.

The next Attorney General must be a counterweight to the blatantly unconstitutional laws being signed by Tom Corbett.  Before being Governor he used the AG office for political prosecutions in a way that politicized the office.  He used it as a platform to get the Governor’s Mansion and corrupted it in the process.  While he pursued high profile trials he allowed the Sandusky investigation to linger on the vine while children were at risk.  We need a prosecutor who will return integrity to the office and Patrick Murphy is the person for the job.