Kane Lies Abouts Attacks on Murphy Military Record

Kathleen Kane went on PCN last evening and spoke about the importance of upholding the public trust.  She then violated it to voters by lying to them.  When asked about a campaign staffer questioning Patrick Murphy’s military record she said her campaign had NEVER done so.  She also said she didn’t know where that report originated.  It originated here after a disturbing conversation I had with her Communications Manager Joshua Morrow.

Mr. Morrow called me on March 5 and I called him back.  I recall this clearly, I was parked outside a Wawa in North East, MD at the time.  He threatened me about a press release I had posted about Kane from the Murphy campaign, saying I had to delete it because it wasn’t true.  (I checked and it was entirely accurate.)  I then warned him about the dangerous ground they (the Kane campaign) were treading questioning Patrick’s service record.  I said they were alienating veterans and the blowback was hurting them, especially when Murphy explained he’d prosecuted terrorists.

The Kane campaign not only questioned his military service but his fitness to pass the bar.  Morrow told me the Minnesota test their opponent took to qualify for the bar was easier than Pennsylvania’s and said Murphy took it for that reason.  Morrow then attacked Murphy’s claim to have prosecuted terrorists.  He said, then repeated several times, that since he served for four years he wouldn’t have been assigned such important cases.  Josh went on to claim that Murphy was in the Airborne for two years before joining the JAG Corps and therefore, with only two years experience in JAG, wouldn’t have prosecuted terrorists.

The Murphy campaign then sent me the commendation for his service detailing those cases.

I wrote this article because the Kane campaign lied to me.  They told me the claim by Murphy that she had filed campaign contributions listing herself as an executive with Kane Is Able, their anti-union trucking company, was inaccurate.  I researched the FEC files and found ten contributions where Kathleen Kane listed herself as such.

The Kane campaign lies.  They cannot be trusted and the last thing we need is a liar as Attorney General.  I demand a full public apology from Ms. Kane for lying about me.