Campaign 2012: Romney Wraps It Up

It’ll officially be Obama versus Romney now that Mitt has wrapped up enough delegates to secure his Party’s nomination.  There wasn’t much doubt after Rick Santorum pulled out prematurely.  Conservative Super PACs are prepared to spend $1 billion+ supporting the Mormon from Massachusetts.  The DCCC celebrated the milestone by issuing this ad:

Trump’s Birtherism isn’t keeping Romney away from the $2 million he was able to raise for him and he refuses to dismiss the craziness surrounding the issue.  It is time for Mitt to stand up to the radical extremists he embraced whole heartedly to gain the delegates.  He went all the way to the edge of the cliff of radical Republican politics to pander to Tea baggers and evangelical christians who think his Mormonism is a cult.

There’s nothing Mitt won’t say or do to become president.  The scary thing about the billion dollars is that this is above and beyond what Romney will raise and will come from a select few billionaires attempting to buy the White House.  80% of all Super PAC money has gone to support conservatives.  It has been raised by a very few people.

Romney has but two things on his resume qualifying him to run:  His tenure at Bain Capital and his term as Governor of Massachusetts.  He can’t run on that liberal record as Governor where his jobs record was scant and allegations about why he had his staffers sweep their computers clean and leave nothing for archives after his term ended leave questions about his integrity.  The Washington Post took a look at his record as Governor today:

Romney’s judicial nominees and his ill-fated effort to reform a politicized system offer a window into how he made some of his most important decisions as the state’s chief executive. As a Republican governor in a strongly Democratic state, he started as a good-government idealist, bumped up against an entrenched system and ultimately decided to work within it. And if, as Romney suggests, his time as governor is a key selling point for the presidency, his judicial appointments may be one of the most lasting legacies.

Though he once said people connected to state government would be at a disadvantage in seeking judgeships, Romney ended up appointing seven lawyers from inside his administration.

In his final 17 months in office, Romney pushed through a surge of judicial nominees, some with controversial records, others with the kind of political connections he had once condemned, records show. They included a former consultant for Bain & Co., the consulting firm where Romney made his reputation in business;a former Republican legislator rejected as too political by the screening panel, and a court clerk who had been reprimanded for asking a female co-worker to perform a lap dance at a strip club.

The road to the White House goes through Pennsylvania.  Our 20 electoral votes are critical so both campaigns will be here frequently.  Their surrogates will also pass through so, again, it’ll be an exciting time as the Keystone State again goes into the national spotlight.  Get out there with your video cameras and get more of the Obama monkey moments.  Let’s show the nation how racist and ignorant Romney’s supporters are.

The State of the Republican Party

Today’s Republican Party is full of talented and accomplished leaders, like Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana and former Governor Jeb Bush of Florida. Sadly, not one of these leaders has chosen to run for President.

Instead, the Republican Party is left with the greatest collection of four clowns since Shemp joined the original Three Stooges.

Witness the following:

1.    Mitt Romney. Romney is so awkward and politically tone death that he makes Michael Dukakis and John Kerry look like Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan.  Before our eyes, Romney is morphing from a leading candidate for president into a leading candidate to star in a remake of the “Grey Poupon” mustard commercials. Romney might not be a low-IQ, homophobic bigot like some candidates, but he makes Louis the XIV seem like a man of the people. It seems only a matter of time before Romney announces in a debate that the person who had the greatest impact on his life was Leona Helmsly when she said “only the little people pay taxes.

2.    Newt Gingrich. Where to begin? New isn’t the most detestable politician you can think of; he is the most detestable human being you can imagine. Period! Newt is the sort of person who if he asked for your permission to marry your daughter or sister, you would offer him a large sum of money to leave quietly and move to another state, or else. If you close your eyes and try to imagine a politician who is utterly repugnant at every single intellectual, moral and even physical level, you would not be able to come up with something worse than a Newt Gingrich.

3.    Rick Santorum. Rick Santorum has all the wit, charm and class of that guy in high school who threw your gay cousin in the dumpster behind the cafeteria. The more you get to know Santorum, as the good voters of Pennsylvania did, the more you want to kick him out of office by nearly 20 points, as the good voters of Pennsylvania did.

4.    Ron Paul. Ever meet a Ron Paul supporter, and not just at a Klan rally or Hitler reenactment party? Have you ever talked to a Ron Paul supporter for 10 minutes? Case closed.

While we at AmericanLP are working tirelessly to support President Obama and all Democratic candidates at the Federal level and we are pulling for every tactical advantage we can get, we have to confess that something doesn’t seem right here. This is starting to seem too easy. It’s almost like the Republicans are throwing away the election needlessly. The four remaining GOP Presidential candidates is the greatest collection of political losers ever assembled with the possible exception of when David Duke dines alone.